Confinement 332

Chapter 332 The Beloved Girl Part One

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 After school, I put my hand on the door of the counseling room, listening to the noise of the students echoing from around the shoe box.

 ”Excuse me…”

 I peeked fearfully into the room, and saw Kobayashi-sensei sitting on a sofa in the back.

 (I’m glad… he’s here)

 I let out a sigh of relief.

 The vice principal who had been in charge of the morning homeroom had told me that “Kobayashi-sensei would not be attending school today”, but I had been quite worried when I heard some of my classmates whispering about his involvement in an incident or his hospitalization.

 [Sensei, he is coming to school. He asked me to tell Minami that the counseling would go on as usual]

 If Camilia hadn’t told me that, I would have been distraught.

 ”…You’re late”

 Sensei looked up and narrowed his eyes at me.

 ”I-I’m sorry!”

 I couldn’t possibly have come any sooner since I came right after homeroom ended, but I honestly apologized.

 Sensei still looks strict, but he’s much kinder than before.

 What’s more, since I started being held in this counseling room, I haven’t been hit once, which is incredible.

 However, Iscouldn’t be too happy about it.

 The first day we had s*x in the counseling room, I was terrified that he hadn’t hit me.

 I was afraid he’d given up on me.

 After all, he hit me because it was my fault.

 I thought he was trying to discipline me by hitting me because he didn’t want to let me go.

 So the fact that I don’t get hit means that I’m not worth getting angry at anymore. I feared that he might have given up on me.

 But my fears proved unfounded.

 The next day, he embraced me with more passion than ever before.

 I felt… that I was loved in this s*xual act with him. Such a feeling was there.

 I felt that he was not only treating me as a s*x toy, but that he was caring for me, trying to make me feel good.

 (Kobayashi-sensei is the only one who loves me)

 As soon as I walked up to Sensei, I put my hand on the hook of my skirt and unhooked it. Sensei is short-tempered. I don’t want to keep him waiting.

 My skirt slips to the floor, and feeling his eyes on my chest, I reach for the buttons of my blouse.

 After taking off my blouse, my socks, and all my underwear, I kneel down between his legs.

 And then–

 ”Excuse me”

 I put my hand on his belt and unfasten it, then carefully unzip it.

 I slide down his tented boxer shorts, revealing his muscular cock, bouncing as it plops.

 ”Oh… it’s already so big, Sensei… it smells like a day’s worth. It’s burning me up”

 The smell of rotten food poking at my nose. It’s a lewd man’s smell.

 Sensei said he’d had an operation, but his cock had taken on a far more obscene shape and size than before.

 Even if it’s an exaggeration to say that his p*nis has changed from a child’s to an adult’s, its thickness, length, and height are all on a different level from before.

 Now that I’ve tasted it, I’m sure that no other cock can satisfy me anymore.

 (Now… I’m going to get fucked like crazy again today…)

 When I thought of this, my throat made a gurgling sound.

 My pussy is already soaked to the brim.

 I was completely turned on just by the lewd smell of this cock.

 I think I’m making a very lustful face right now.

 ”Oh… that’s nice…”

 I rubbed my cheek against his cock, and he looked down at me and quietly opened his mouth.

 ”Shibata, do you like my cock?”

 ”Yes… I love it. I really love it”

 ”Compared to before… how is it?”

 He asked me exactly what I was thinking right now, and I was a little happy because I felt as if our minds were connected.

 ”There’s no comparison. The cock you have now is much, much better”

 As I said this, I took up my breast and squeezed his hardening cock between them.

 ”Oh… your cock is so hot…”

 Sensei’s cock throbbed between my breasts.

 The soft flesh of my breasts contorted along his cock, enveloping it completely.

 Only the nape of the goose (frenulum) peeked out over my breasts, and the sight is so lewd that it made my heart pound so fast that it hurt.


 I dripped the saliva from my mouth onto my cleavage and began to shake my breasts with both hands.

 Taking advantage of the slickness of the saliva, I squeezed his cock with all the love I could muster. And then…


 As if he felt my affection, he raised her eyebrows in a pleasant manner.

 (I’m happy. I’m so happy! Please feel better and better!)

 I squeezed his cock from both sides between my breasts and put pressure on it.

 I quickened the movement of my breasts, pressing them against my palms to scoop up the spilling breast, and lovingly massaging Sensei’s cock.

 ”No, nn, ahh… your cock is twitching. It seems to have ejaculated so much when it warped like this”

 Sensei’s eyebrows are furrowed as if he’s trying to hold back the pleasure, and he’s starting to move his hips as if he’s getting frustrated.

 If it had been a while ago, he would have screwed me over and forced his cock into me, but now he seemed to be enjoying even that frustration.

 ”*Pant* *Pant…* your p*nis is so great. In class, when I was talking with my classmates, I was thinking about your p*nis all the time… I wanted to drink your semen, I wanted you to impregnate my vagina… I was full of thoughts like that… “

 ”Shibata is such a pervert”

 ”It’s only in front of Sensei… that I become a pervert”

 After say that, I change the way I move my breast from a wide pistoning movement to an alternating up and down movement.


 Sensei’s eyebrows furrowed, and it’s so adorable.

 ”*Pant* *Pant…* you’re really jumpy. *Pant* make me feel better”

 As I’m asked so, I bent forward to cover him from above. I squeezed my breasts from both sides and started to piston up and down from the nipples to the base.

 The erect nipples rubbed against the stem of his cock, and with each movement, the pleasure radiated from my nipples.

 (Ah… I love you, Sensei, I love you, I love you…)

 I finally couldn’t take it anymore, and kissed the tip of his cock.

 I looked up at him, searching his expression, and rained kisses down on the glans peeking out from between my breasts.

 Then, with a nudge, I extended my tongue and stimulated the urethra at the tip of the cock with the tip of my tongue. The taste on the tip of my tongue is bitter and salty. It’s the taste of Sensei, the taste of his juices.

 (…It’s delicious…)

 Then, without thinking, I put my mouth on the urethra and sipped it up.

 ”Kuh… Shibata…”

 I could tell from watching him that he is nearing his limit.

 When I put my mouth on the glans again and sucked it up, he shuddered and spat out.

 ”You bitch, your face is so vulgar…”

 ”I’m sorry, Bwut… Senshei’s jwuice is delicwous…”

 Actually, I feel like a dog who’s been put on hold.

 I wanted him to ejaculate quickly, and I wanted to drink it.

 Before I knew it, my tongue is moving faster, and my hands which are rubbing up against my breast are moving faster.


 As Sensei moaned, his cock quivered and jerked.

 Feeling that he is about to ejaculate, I take the tip of his cock into my mouth and squeeze the goose neck with my lips to release the air in my mouth. When I sucked up the tip with a “chuuuuuuuuuuck” sound…

 *Spurttt!* *Spurtttttttt!*

 Suddenly, as if a dam had been broken, semen gushed out.

 The hot gush hitting the back of my throat made my eyes black and white.

 (It’s so much… I’m drowning…)

 The sticky stuff stuck in the back of my throat and the foul smell of s*x escaping my nose.

 I desperately gulp down the white liquid into my stomach.

 Eventually, after the last pulse, the ejaculation subsides, and I release my mouth with a plop, freeing Sensei’s cock from my breast.

 Then, while handling the slightly deflated object with my hand, I rub it against my own nipple.

 (This is… very lewd…)

 I was taught yesterday to do this when I let him ejaculate in my mouth.

 It’s a very perverted idea, not something I’ve heard from the previous sensei.

 In the past, he would insert me immediately without any foreplay, even though I was not wet enough, but the current Sensei seems to be enjoying making me do something nasty.

 In fact, the sight of the glans rubbing against the entire areola, including the nipples, is indecent. The cherry-red protrusion rubbing against the glans brought me sweet pleasure.

 (…I’m being turned into a naughty girl more and more…)

 It’s not that I don’t like it. It’s just that I’m happy that I’m being changed to Sensei’s liking.

 While I was thinking about this, Sensei turned his chin toward the bed.

 ”Then, get down on the bed on all fours and turn your ass to me”


 I nodded obediently.

 The thought of being penetrated made me feel as if my heart was welling up.

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