Confinement 333

Chapter 333 The Beloved Girl Part Two

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 I get down on all fours on the bed, look back at Sensei, and raise my ass high in the air.

 ”U-Uh… Sensei, do you want me to stay still?”

 ”Yes, I’ll fuck you from behind today”

 I’m confused, but Sensei tells me so.

 Normally, I’m supposed to shake my hips in the cowgirl position until he finishes ejaculating.

 If I didn’t do so well, Sensei would yell at me and push me up from below, but basically, the agreement was that I would serve him unilaterally.

 Yesterday, however, Sensei’s operated cock was so strong that I quickly fell into a state of exhausted tuna, and I had to ask him to move.

 If I had to burden him for two days in a row, he might have given up on me.

 This is the day I will shake my hips!

 I had made up my mind to do so, but I found myself in the Doggy Style.

 ”But, Sensei… I can’t move well when I’m in the back…”

 ”No, I forbid you to move today”

 ”Y-Yes… I’ll do as you wish”

 Having said that, this position is quite embarrassing.

 Even my asshole is in full view, and when I become aware of Sensei’s gaze, my arms and legs quivering on all fours.

 When I turned my eyes toward Sensei again, even though he had just ejaculated, his crotch iss already hard and bent over.

 (Oh… I wonder what will happen if he thrusts me like that…)

 I’ve never had s*x with a teacher in the back before.

 I’ve had s*x with Masahiro a few times, so I know how deep it goes when he thrusts me in the back.

 (However, if he thrusts me with that size…)

 Without thinking, I gulped.

 ”Sensei… please enjoy Minami’s body”

 I shake my hips and invite him to come.

 But he just stares at my vagina and doesn’t move.

 He’s making me nervous.

 Just as I think this, a trickle of my love juices drips down and makes a nasty polka dot pattern on the sheets.

 ”What a petty bitch you are”

 He said disdainfully, grabbed his erect cock, walked up to me from behind, and pressed his hard-on against my crack.

 ”Nn, nnaaah!”

 As he thrust his cock, the heat is like a hot iron being pressed against me, and I involuntarily arch my back.

 Then, with a watery sound, Sensei’s muscular cock entered my vagina.

 ”Ahh! Sensei’s cock, it’s going in… nnuu…”

 I shuddered with delight.

 But then…

 He suddenly stopped moving just as he inserted the tip.

 ”Going in… huh? Sensei, your cock… hurry, please hurry up…”

 It’s not acceptable to make demands on Sensei.

 I knew that. But I couldn’t resist.

 It’s so frustrating that I rub my thighs together and scream.

 But still, Sensei doesn’t move at all.

 I can’t wait for the sensation to hit me deep inside. It’s too much to stop at this point.

 Before I knew it, I’m moving back my hips out even further, ready to welcome Sensei’s cock.

 But he held my hips and wouldn’t let me.

 Instead, he began to swing his hips in small increments and gouge the entrance area.

 ”Nnn… ah, ah, ah…”

 But still, no matter how long he stood there, it wouldn’t come in deeper.

 ”Hiii, ah, ah! Nnnah, please hurry up and thrust into me. I-I can’t take it anymore, my insides are so tight”

 That doesn’t mean it doesn’t feel good. But it’s just not enough for a woman who’s already experienced the feeling of being penetrated.

 ”P-Please, insert it, please, let me have a strong cock deep inside!”

 I shouted desperately, but the next moment…

 ”Are you sure you want me to insert it?”

 From behind me, I heard a voice different from Sensei’s.


 The blood quickly drained from my face. I fearfully looked back at the person holding my ass, and saw a person who didn’t look anything like Sensei standing there.

 ”W-Why? Captain BusaikuUgly…”

 ”Who’s ugly!”

 (No matter how he looks, he’s ugly!)

 I shouted inside my chest as I hurriedly tried to stand up.

 But somehow, my body doesn’t move at all while I’m still on all fours.


 ”I told you not to move”

 To my dismay, he replies without answering my question, and sways his hips to stimulate the entrance again.

 ”Nn, nn, W-What happened to Sensei?”

 ”There’s no Kobayashi-sensei here from the start. I’m the only one here. Shibata-san was abandoned by Kobayashi-sensei. I just picked up the poor, abandoned dog”

 ”Aaah, ah, s-stop lying!”

 ”I’m not lying. Did the surgery make all dicks bigger? How can that be? The one who was holding Shibata-san here was me the whole time. Did you see me as Kobayashi-sensei? Did you? It felt good, right?”

 ”No, it didn’t feel good at all!”

 My mind was in chaos.

 (He mean he wasn’t Kobayashi-sensei yesterday and the day before yesterday? What does that mean? It was Kobayashi-sensei no matter how I looked at it…)

 To my dismay, Captain Ugly pats my ass.

 ”Huh? It’s not like before. I thought you said you loved me”

 ”No, you coward! You’re dead! I just thought you were Kobayashi-sensei! You just tricked me!”

 ”But you know… unfortunately, I don’t think Kobayashi-sensei’s stuff can satisfy Shibata-san anymore, right? You know that, right?”

 ”Ugh… that’s not true…”

 I sagged involuntarily.

 That’s right. I know it.

 I’m sad, I need stimulation, I need to invite that muscular thing in, and my body is shivering.

 When I think I can’t move, I feel the pressure more clearly.

 I can’t get enough of this. That’s what I’ve been trained to do in just two days.

 ”Nn, nnnn… oh, don’t move”

 Captain Ugly continues to move his cock back and forth in small increments around the entrance, as if to incite my lust.

 ”You want to be loved, don’t you? You’re a miserable bitch who was abandoned by Tachioka-kun and also by Kobayashi-sensei. But I won’t abandon you. I’ll take care of you for the rest of your life”

 ”Why of all people… Ugly”

 Captain Ugly looked hurt.

 ”Get used to looking at ugly people!”

 ”…get used to seeing them? That’s a new kind of torture”

 When I turned my head away, Captain Ugly looked puzzled for a moment, then growled and slapped my buttocks in annoyance.


 That’s when it happened.

 An inexplicable feeling of pleasure crawled up my spine.

 ”Ah, ah, ah, ah… w-w-what is this…?”

 I can’t help but be confused. But I remember feeling something vaguely similar when Kobayashi-sensei hit me.

 Seeing me clench my teeth and shudder in pleasure, Captain Ugly’s mouth twisted into a smile.

 ”…I see”

 He begins to slap my ass forcefully, torturing my entrance in small increments. And every time he did, my eyes flickered.

 ”No, ahnn! Nooo! Ah, ah, ah…”

 My body, which had been tormented so much, shivered in pain. Although I was puzzled, I was sure that I was being tormented by an unusual amount of excitement.

 ”Ow, ah, i-it feels, aaah! Noo, ah, ah!”

 As my ass swelled to a bright red, lust overflowed from deep within my chest.

 ”Be my woman, and I’ll give you as much pain and pleasure as you want!”

 My head is spinning. I want to cum. I want to cum and feel better…

 ”Put me in… please… put me deep inside you…”

 ”Swear you’ll be my woman. Swear you’ll be mine forever!”

 I was at my limit.

 ”I will! I swear it! Insert it!”

 At that moment… A strong object pushed away my vaginal flesh and penetrated the center of my body, deep inside.

 I felt as if my body had been skewered.

 My eyes flashed blankly before me.

 I realized that there is no turning back now.

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