Confinement 334

Chapter 334 Love Handle

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 ”What… happened?”

 The mattress is gone, the dull marguerite curtains on the wall are gone, and the desk is dusty.

 When I returned to the dormitory, I found that my sister’s belongings were gone, all of them.

 I’m confused. She didn’t come home last night after all. Is it because they were so in love that they couldn’t stay apart until morning?

 I thought it’s quite possible, so I tried to make it look as if she went out early in the morning and I didn’t really care about it.

 But this situation is not normal.

 I hurriedly ran down the stairs and called out to the head of the dormitory who is in the common room.

* * *

 ”Ah, umm! Onee… I mean! Takata-senpai’s luggage is missing!”

 As soon as she realized that it was me who called out to her, the head of the dormitory made an obvious expression of annoyance.

 ”You don’t have to speak so loudly, I can hear you. You mean Takata-san. She quit school”

 ”She… quit?”

 ”Yes, she did. Last night, Kobayashi-sensei and she were attacked by thugs while they were downtown”


 ”I just heard about it, so I don’t know for sure, but it sounds like she is injured. But more importantly, her parents thought it was a problem that she was with a man, even if it was a teacher. And so, they’re taking her home. And this afternoon, a messenger came to pick up her belongings”

 ”That’s outrageous!”

 I shouted, and the head of the dormitory gave me a disapproving look.

 ”I’m not sure what you’re thinking. But if you have a daughter in trouble, you wouldn’t leave her there, would you?”

 That’s not what I’m saying.

 I mean, she ran away to this place, crying to her father to let her be free at least during high school. At least that’s what she said.

 After all, she was brought up in a strict house in a strict way. And that’s the only way she can live. Despite her desire to fall in love at least once, she can only be strict with others.

 But, just when she was about to give up on the idea that she would be forced to return to her parents’ home and marry a man whose face she did not even know, she fell in love with Kobayashi-sensei.

 Kobayashi-sensei also said that he wanted to leave his strict wife, and that he was going to register the marriage at the same time as my sister graduated from high school, and make it an established fact.

 Maybe, this is not her intention. This is the worst accident.

 ”Umm… do you know Takata-senpai’s family’s address?”

 I ask, but the head of the dormitory shakes her head nonchalantly.

 ”I do, but I can’t tell you, not to an outsider. It’s private information”

 There’s no way she can help me, and I don’t know if she wants to.

 As I bit my lip, the head of the dormitory said, as if remembering.

 ”Oh, and you’ll have to move into a single room today. I can’t let you use the double room by yourself”

◇ ◇ ◇

 I looked down at Shibata-san, who fainted, and with the tips of my fingers I pinched a bit of flesh from her stomach.

 If I did this when she was conscious, I’d probably get beaten up.

 Pinching a girl’s belly is, despite the softness of the word, not much different from putting my finger on the button of a nuclear weapon.

 Incidentally, it is said that in other countries, these chubby bits, especially the ones on the sides, are called “Love Handle”.

 Well, I guess it means that it is easy to hold her when I do it her from behind.

 (Shibata-san is comfortable to hold…)

 Not fat, but plump. Her body is exactly what you’d call a meat cushion.

 All girls want to lose weight by dieting, but in fact, many men find such a sloppy body more erotic and like it.


 I look at my watch and let out a sigh.

 ”For today… time’s up”

 In the end, she fell into a state of [Submissive] after the first shot, and after that, no matter how much I tried to make her climax, she wouldn’t say a word, and after the fourth shot, she finally reached her limit and fainted.

* * *

 I’m confident that I could make her fall into [Enslaved] state. But, unfortunately, she wasn’t quite easy.

 However, I do have self-esteem.

 I can’t just end up being called ugly. I’m going to make her melt and say, “How is it? I’m starting to look handsome, aren’t I?”, but though she was out of breath, she judged me to be lower than her, saying, “In the u-ugly world… handsome”. Well, it was a long way to go to become handsome.

 ”I guess I’ll just have to take my time and let her fall slowly…”

 But still, Tachioka-kun. Having a girlfriend with such an erotic body and still trying to get your hands on Fujiwara-san is nothing short of extravagant.

 (…No, it’s because of a girlfriend like this that he was targeting Fujiwara-san…)

 As I looked at her breasts, I couldn’t help but be convinced.

 I’m not saying this to everyone, but it’s like when someone eats steak all the time, they sometimes want to eat Kaiware Daikon (Daikon Radish Sprout). Maybe.

 And the reason why he gave up this erotic body is probably the fact that he has become one-third feminine.

 I think he was afraid that his girlfriend would give up on him when she saw how small he had become.

 If that’s the case, Tachioka’s feelings for her must still be burning inside him. Making her mine is no small thing.

 Then for now, I’ll summon Jolanda and ask her to take Shibata-san to her home.

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”Noooooooo! Don’t follow meeeee! Ryoko, Ryoko! Help meeeee!”

 A kemomimi maid came running into my room, screaming like crying.

 ”What? What’s wrong?”

 As she clung to my waist in fear, I turned my head towards the door and saw my little sister walking towards me with her fingertips wriggling in a perverted way.

 ”Why not, let me play with your fluff, hehe, it’ll be quicker if you stay still, hehehehe”


 I made a face of disgust, and Kyoko’s mouth twitched.

 ”It’s fine, just a little. It’s not like it’s going to make her any less fluffy!”

 ”No, Ulrich-chan is Master’s property!”


 Kyoko cowered in frustration. And probably thinking she was saved, the kemomimi maid lets out a sigh of relief.


 ”If you want fondle her, you’ll need Master’s permission”

 ”I see!”

 Instantly, the kemomimi maid looks at me twice, as if she can’t believe it.

 It’s probably not that Master doesn’t like it. In fact, I’m sure he’ll join in and try to fondle her.

 ”No! I’m going back to the demon world! Let me go back!”

 The sight of the kemomimi maid flailing about like a spoiled child had the opposite effect, to say the least, and Kyoko and I both became warm and fuzzy.

 ”Oh, speaking of the demon world, Lili just came back”


 I tilted my head at Kyoko’s comment.

 ”Well, it seems she had some business with Confinement King, but she went right back to the demon world”

 ”What do you mean by business…”

 ”Well, don’t worry about it. It didn’t look like it was serious”

 ”Well, that’s good”

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