Confinement 335

Chapter 335 There are some things in this world you don

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 ”Master will be back soon, so Kyoko, prepare the meal”

 ”Eh, what? Doesn’t he eat at his own place?”

 ”Okaa-sama is not at home for the neighborhood association meeting. I heard she’ll be eating here today. And today, Master and Ui-sama would share a bed”

 ”Tsk, what a pain in the ass… Hey, kemomimi, you must help me with this”

 ”Ulrich is better at it than Kyoko!”

 ”Shut up, you idiot!”

 ”Just hurry up, both of you!”

 As the door closes, the noisy voices of the women are ceased, and a painful silence descends on the room.

* * *

 (…Traveling to and from the demon world? Does that mean there is a way to do that?)

 Ruminating on what the girls had just said, I let my thoughts wander.

 This is unexpected luck.

 I’ve found a way to solve the sense of urgency I’ve had since I was reborn, the burning desire to return to the demon world, to serve my master.

 And now, I’m in a building that looks like Fumio Kijima’s hideout. I have no idea where it is, but I was brought here by sheer chance.

 But this is too good for me.

 However, I’ll wait for my body to finish regenerating so I can take Ryoko-san in and make her mine forever.

 Then, I’m going to kill that asshole Fumio Kijima.

 After that, I’ll copy Fumio Kijima’s form and devour all the other women in this place.

 That is the plan.

 But if there’s a way to get to the demon world, that’s a whole different story. All I have to do is figure out how.

◇ ◇ ◇

 On saturday morning.

 I’m on my way to the local hospital, two stops away, with Tashiro-san who had spent the night with me.

 ”Fumu, going out alone with Confinement King… it’s kind of embarrassing”

 While holding the strap, she smirked slightly.

 It’s not a date, so Tashiro-san is wearing wide hemmed jeans. And on her torso, she is wearing a black French Sleeve T-shirt.

 When I look at her again, she is as dignified and cool as ever.

 But to think that just a few hours ago, she was crying out in a lewd voice while I was on top of her, naturally makes me bend forward.

 Now we are on our way to the hospital where Taka-chi and Kobayashi-sensei are hospitalized.

 The purpose is to visit Taka-chi and find out how to punish Kobayashi-sensei. Fortunately, Ryoko had told me where she is hospitalized.

 ”But… I never thought Kobayashi-sensei is such a bad guy…”

 Tashiro-san muttered with a sigh.

 I’ve told her about Kobayashi-sensei’s misdeeds, about my plans to punish him, and all that, but since he’s the homeroom teacher of her class, I guess she can’t believe it.

 ”Well, it’s like having his skin peeled, isn’t it? Though I can’t say the same for myself”

 When I said this in a self-mocking tone, Tashiro-san’s face became puzzled.

 ”No, it’s different. At least I’m happy”

 ”Haha, thanks”

 At my reply, Tashiro-san’s lips pouted in disapproval, as if she thought I was letting her down.

 Then, as I looked out the window of the train at the city flowing by, I began to think again.

 I knew I could not forgive Kobayashi-sensei.

 But he deserved it in his own way. He lost Taka-chi, and Shibata-san is now mine. And he’s injured to the point of wandering in the line of death.

 The only things I can take from him are his assets and his wife.

 I heard that he was adopted by a wealthy family, so the wealth will come to me if I take his wife.

 The problem is what happens after I get his wife.

 It’s fine to take her away but whether I can still love her afterwards is a different story. I take her for vengeance, but then I throw her away. If I do that, there will really be no difference between Kobayashi-sensei and me.

 The same thing can be said about Shibata-san.

 So, I hesitated.

* * *

 To put it simply, it’s not my style.

 It’s not that she’s not pretty, and my strike zone is quite wide.

 Even so, there are times when I just don’t feel the same way.

 Nevertheless, I now believe that Shibata-san is cute and I can love her once I actually hold her.

 In fact, I’m even looking forward to holding a meat festival where I’ll be sandwiched between Masaki-chan and Shibata-san after bringing her to [Enslaved].

 (It would be nice if I could make casual contact with his wife at the hospital…)

 After getting off the train, we walked for about five minutes to the general hospital. When we arrived at the hospital, we first asked the receptionist which room Taka-chi stayed in.

 The answer we got is that she has already been discharged.

 Apparently, Claudia’s report is just an exaggeration, and it was actually not that serious.

 When I asked her about Kobayashi-sensei, she said that he was still in the intensive care unit and that she was not allowed to see him.

 (This is a complete failure. Since I’ve come all this way, I might as well go somewhere with Tashiro-san and go home…)

 As I was thinking such a thing, Tashiro-san asked the staff at the reception desk.

 ”So, are Kobayashi-sensei’s family members here?”

 ”Oh, his family just arrived. The visit time starts at 13:00, and I think the family is in the ICU waiting room now…”

 ”Um… I’d just like to say hello, is it okay if we come to the family waiting room?”

 When I said this, the receptionist looked a little bothered, and picked up the phone, saying, “Please wait”.

 ”It’s okay, you may go to the waiting room now, the place is…”

 After putting down the phone, the staff member took a map of the museum and showed us the route to the waiting room. Tashiro-san and I bowed to the staff member and followed her directions to the waiting room.

 As we walked, I smelled disinfectant and passed an old man in a wheelchair. Looking around, a ringing sound can be heard and an appointment number is displayed on the LCD screen. And there’s a sound of slippers pattering on the floor.

 At last, after a few moments, we reached the waiting room at the far end of the first floor, in front of the ICU, and Tashiro-san knocked on the door and heard a woman’s voice behind the door saying, “Come in”.

 When I looked into the waiting room, I saw a very plain room with a folding conference table and pipe chairs.

 At the far end of the room, a woman stood up and put the thick hardcover book she was holding down on the table.

 Her hair is trimmed above her eyebrows like a Japanese doll. She is a small woman with a round face and a soft atmosphere.

 (So this is Kobayashi-sensei’s wife)

 She looked much younger than I had imagined. If I didn’t know it, I would think she is a child instead of a mother.

 Her appearance was exactly as Ryoko had told me, but her atmosphere differed greatly from what I had heard from her.

 After all, Ryoko had described her as a hysterical woman who would yell at her with bloodshot eyes.

 ”Um… we’re here to visit Kobayashi-sensei, but how is he?”

 When Tashiro-san opened her mouth, his wife narrowed her eyes slightly.

 ”Uh, I’m sorry, but who might you be?”

 ”I’m sorry. We’re Kobayashi-sensei’s students. I’m Tashiro, this is Kijima…”

 ”Oh, men are fine”

 His wife brushed off Tashiro-san’s words.

 To be honest, she doesn’t seem very welcoming. Although she is smiling, she seems to be overtly wary of Tashiro-san.

* * *

 (Well, her husband was having an affair with a student…)

 She probably thinks that Tashiro-san might be the person. Well, I would like to ask her some questions, but…

 I’ll pretend to be an idiot and open my mouth so that I can say something out of context.

 ”We were on a date when I was abruptly recalled that Sensei was in the hospital. So I thought we’d stop by”

 ”Date? Are you two in love?”

 ”We’re in love!”

 ”Hey… Don’t say that in public”

 When I hugged Tashiro-san, she panicked.

 But it worked.

 His Oku-sanwife must have thought there is no need to be careful.

 Because seeing Tashiro-san’s red face and embarrassment, her attitude softened clearly.

 ”Ufufu, it’s wonderful to be young. Let’s see, the condition of my husband. He survived, but the doctors say there’s a high possibility that his lower body will remain paralyzed”

 Tashiro-san and I looked at each other as his wife smiled and then seamlessly and despairingly said, “Isn’t it wonderful to be young?”

 ”Well, that’s… I don’t know what to say”

 ”I’m sorry to have caused you so much worry. I know that my husband will not be able to return to teaching, but I will take good care of him…”

 Rather than returning to teaching, what awaits Kobayashi-sensei is a future in which he will be judged as a criminal. Of course, there is no way that his wife does not know this. It’s simply not something she would tell his students, that’s all.

 ”I-I’ve heard that rehabilitation technology is remarkable these days, and he may be able to recover, so don’t give up hope”

 When Tashiro-san said this to her as if to encourage her, his wife smiled and muttered to herself.

 Perhaps Tashiro-san did not hear her well. After all, she tilted her head slightly. But I heard her voice clearly.

 ”I don’t want him to get better”

 That’s what she said.

 And the next thing I know, I casually look down at the table and get a chill down my spine.

 (Oh, no…)

 ”W-W-We can’t stay here long! So have a good day!”

 When I said so…

 ”Wait, wait a minute, hey…”

 I grab Tashiro-san who is confused by her arm and hurriedly leave the waiting room.

 ”What on earth is going on? Isn’t that rude to her!?”

 Tashiro-san asks me in a reproachful tone as we hurriedly walk away from the hospital room.

 But, after going outside the hospital, I stopped and let out a deep breath.

 I see, the reason why his wife is no longer hysterical is because she no longer has anything to worry about.

 (It’s not good. It’s not a matter of winning or not winning, it’s just scary)

 ”Hey, Confinement King, that’s enough, I don’t get it!”

 Tashiro-san stared at me in frustration as I took a breath of relief. Apparently, Tashiro-san didn’t notice the thing.

 ”Well… what I know for sure is that Kobayashi-sensei will get into a lot of trouble if I don’t do anything about him”

 ”What’s that? You’re not going to mess with his wife?”

 I shook my head.

 ”I don’t want to. I’m too scared. I can’t even get it up”

 His husband is crippled.

 She also said, “I don’t want him to get better”.

 And the title of the book lying on the table was “Misery”. (*Note: Stephen King Novel?)

 Yes, it’s a work by a famous overseas author, and it’s been made into a movie.

 If one knows the contents of the book, it is easy to imagine what the wife is going to do.

 As a result, there is no possibility that he will go to another woman. And since he is a wealthy man, he can afford to live comfortably.

 And his wife would be in a good mood.

 There is still a question mark in Tashiro-san’s mind. But at any rate, she understood that I’m not going to touch his wife.

 ”I see… But I think his wife is Confinement King’s type”

 ”How so?”

 ”Well, she reminds me of the First Favored Princess”

 ”Stop it!? Don’t say that!”

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