Confinement 339

Chapter 339 Pride of Succubus, Part One

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 After entering from the top floor of Count Ose’s castle, we divided into two groups in front of the door of the Lord’s room.

 ”Freesia, you’re in charge of Count Ose, Devi”

 ”Oh, may I?”

 ”I don’t mind, Devi. Because I get chills just thinking about that perv look in his eyes, Devi”

 Maybe she’s remembering something.

 But Ohime-sama is shuddering in disgust.

 (C’est Bon! I welcome the perv gentlemen)

 I’m really looking forward to this. A man who can make Ohime-sama disgusted just by the look in his eyes… Really, that thought suddenly makes me more excited.

* * *

 ”Lili will sweep up the remaining force in the castle, Devi. Lolisla! Torture! Follow me, Devi!”

 With that said, Ohime-sama leads them down the corridor, walking quickly.

 And the only ones left behind are me and Nefuterra, the ElderHigh-rank Succubus.

 At the moment, we are both dressed in bondage, the formal attire of a succubus.

 ”Haha, it’s been a while since I’ve worn this outfit”

 ”…Indeed, it has”

 When I’m on Earth, I’m mostly in maid’s uniform. As for Nefuterra, she uses a blazer-type uniform, and it’s been decades since she wore bondage.

 For succubus, bondage is like a folk costume. We wear it every time we take a bath, every time we go to the Shichi-Go-San[1] bondage ceremony, and every time we come of age, but after I have been living on the earth for a long time, the lack of cloth made me feel uneasy. (Shichi-Go-San is a traditional rite of passage and festival day in Japan for three- and seven-year-old girls, five-year-old and sometimes three-year-old boys, held annually on November 15 to celebrate the growth and well-being of young children.)

 I am a little worried that I might needlessly show my body when there is no need to.

 Porori is only possible with demand. After all, I would like to do it at the right moment. (Something falls down from somewhere. Or if you find it in some erotic manga, it means flashing)

 After all, it is a little disappointing to do it when no one is watching.

 After I thought that, I tell my badly behaved niece.

 ”Nefuterra, he’s a count, whether how thin or short he is. You must brace yourself”

 ”Yes, yes, I know”

 Having turned my back on Nefuterra, who shrugs her shoulders in annoyance, I push open the double doors.

 There is not a single window in the room.

 But as I look at the flickering light from the candlesticks lining the stone walls, there is a figure in a luxurious chair at the far end of the room, resting languidly on his elbows.

 He is a nobleman of the demon world with a magnificent body and a leopard head. His name is Count Ose. But as his feline eyes caught sight of me, his pupils narrowed.

 ”It’s a pleasure to meet you. Count”

 ”A succubus… I don’t know where you came from, but what does a lowly devil like you want with the noble me?”

 I felt Nefuterra grow angry behind me.

 It seems that she is still too young because she is upset by this.

 ”My Lord, I have come to ask you to explain why you have broken your pact with Liliamos Laplace. Did Lord Andras approach you?”

 ”So you are Miss Liliamos’s man… Well, I don’t care what happens to that doll fetish. But my reason is simple, I have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take custody of Miss Liliamos, that’s all”

 ”The custody of Ohime-sama…?”

 (What if… he knows Ohime-sama’s secret?)

 My expression tenses unconsciously.

 If word gets out that Ohime-sama is an ancestral return, there’s no doubt that all the nobles of the demon world will rush to take custody of Ohime-sama.

 But… it seems that this isn’t the case right now.

 ”She’s such a gem. Isn’t it natural that I’d want to keep her with me and look at her all day?”

 ””… Yes?””

 Nefuterra and I looked at each other without thinking.

 (Look? What does he mean?)

 Without caring about us, the Count’s cat-like eyes became enraptured and he spoke.

* * *

 ”I love little girls”

 (Oh, I see…)

 I get it. He is lolicon.

 But if Ohime-sama heard that, she’d be outraged. She will say, “Who’s a little girl?”.

 Still, to break a pact for such a reason is beyond appalling.

 I don’t know what kind of expression I have on my face right now, but the Count continued to talk in a theatrical tone, while we are watching.

 ”Miss Liliamos is an ideal young girl. Yes… a little girl. Really a little girl. The crystal of beauty that shines brilliantly in the world. Eyes as beautiful as the stars twinkling in the night sky which are all gathered in one place. A body odor as fragrant as freshly squeezed milk. Velvety, puffy skin, short limbs, and a body that incites the desire for protection. Also, beautiful, unkempt hair, childish gestures, a voice, an expression of little knowledge, and an innocent, pure heart.”

 ”Obaa-san… he’s lolicon…”

 Nefuterra whispers to me, but it’s too late. I don’t need to be told that.

 ”So you’re saying… you had s*xual desires for my Lord so you despised our pact”

 ”Yes. If I could have her, I would have no reason to care about the pact. And it’s now or never”

 ”It’s now or never? Why?”

 ”Miss Liliamos is indeed beautiful. She has all the qualities of a little girl. But she’s on the edge. She’s like a rotten fruit. If she grows any more she’ll lose her value. There’s only one time to put my child in that squishy belly!”

 ”Holy… he’s a pervert”

 Once again, Nefuterra whispers in my ear. Well, I guess it’s enough to make a succubus want to leave.

 ”You want to take her as your wife…?”

 ”Wife? No, I don’t want that. I’m a true beauty seeker! Loli is the perfect combination of everything. Miss Liliamos has a pure and innocent heart with a protective personality and behavior. She has the status of a little girl, and there is no one who does not feel s*xual attraction and love for her! I can say that she is a loli that captures my heart and is worthy of my endless love! After she gives birth to my child, I want to stuff her and keep admiring her.”

 Perhaps on the time of signing the non-aggression pact with this pervert, Ohime-sama posed as a pure and innocent loli in order to catch him off guard. But, as a result, she has struck a blow against this pervert’s s*xuality.

 ”But, Count. Generally speaking, a lolicons are gentlemen. I’ve heard the code that says “Yes, Lolita, no touch”. So, isn’t it against the lolicon’s code to impregnate a little girl and then stuff it? If you want a child, shouldn’t it be a normal woman?”

 ”This is ridiculous. It’s because of love that I want to give birth to a child. Is it abnormal to love a little girl? That’s just a difference of opinion. In the first place, men have larger and stronger bodies than women, and it is normal for them to have a protective love for women who are physically weaker. In other words, it is not pervert to have a deep affection for a little girl, who has more of these elements than an adult woman! It is just a difference in the interpretation of s*xual desire. Sexual desire is the greatest desire based on the genetic instinct to leave offspring, and it forms the basis of various desires. And from the fundamental interpretation of this desire, the object to be s*xually desired should be a woman who is weak and has a healthy body, and the former factor should be greater the younger the child. “Yes, Lolita, no touch?” That’s bullshit. Lolicons who claim that it is bizarre and forbidden to have s*xual desire for little girls are hypocrites. The reproductive function of animals, especially females, gradually declines as they age. Therefore, it is natural for animals to reproduce with young females, and if we consider that the young female is a person who is a little over-aged, then lolicon is not a disease! In retrospect, I suppose–“

 ”Stop! Stop, sir! Please wait!”

 I stopped Count Ose, who is about to continue talking if I let him, and asked him.

* * *

 ”What you say may be true, but we cannot just give up our Lord. Therefore, why don’t we take the place of the Lord, and let the rest of the army go with us?”

 ”Huh? Are you stupid? What kind of torture is that?”

 Count Ose made a very unpleasant face.

 ”The woman in the back is fine, but what’s with your ugly tits? They’re hanging down so sloppily. Flat chest is the ultimate in beauty. Swollen chests are like tumors. You ugly bitch! You should know your place. It pains me to look at an expired ugly woman. Get out of my sight now!”

 I shouldn’t be upset by this.

 But, it seems…

 I’m still like a young now, naive, like hipster.

 ”It can’t be helped. We were hoping we could maintain a cooperative relationship like Baron Moho, but it seems we have no choice but to use force”

 ”What? Use force?”

 ”Yes, Count. I’m afraid we’ll have to ask you to leave and take this entire territory. I don’t want to provoke my Lord’s sister too much by doing something rash…”

 But with that word, the Count smiled broadly and rose from his seat.

 ”Interesting! Very well! Shave off those ugly breast and turn back into a little girl, at least on the breasts”

 Then he pulled out the two swords that are mounted on both sides of the luxurious chair. It seems that he has a lot of confidence.

 We, too, need to brace ourselves a little.

 (Well… this is the demon world, so it’s okay to release some of my power, right?)

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