Confinement 340

Chapter 340 Pride of Succubus, Part Two

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 In the depths of a dimly lit room, the Count approaches with a relaxed air, rotating the slender swords in his hands.

 The feeling of intimidation is so strong that it tingles. As expected of a member of the aristocracy of the demon world, the King of Beasts.

 Behind me, I heard a small sound of gasping.

 This pressure from the Count must be quite unbearable for someone like Nefuterra.

 ”I’ll wait for you to pick up your weapon”

 The Count said with a generous smile.

 I think he is smiling amusingly, but frankly, I don’t know the expression of the cat family.

* * *

 ”That’s very kind of you. But it’s not necessary”

 ”*Sigh* a succubus’ unique skills are useless on me”

 That’s probably true.

 In fact, charm and other unique skills are almost useless against high-ranking demon nobles.

 However, I let out a breath and cast a barrier to cover the room.

 ”What do you think you’re doing?”

 The Count narrowed his eyes at me quizzically.

 Unlike on earth, in a place where magic elements are as dense as the Demon World, I can deploy a perfect barrier.

 However, what I have just deployed is not a protective barrier.

 It’s just a way to block all outside interference so that no one knows what’s going on in the room.

 ”I just don’t want Ohime-sama to know…”

 ”You make no sense. Fine. If that’s how you want to die, I’ll give you a quick death!”

 Before he could finish his sentence, the Count made his move.

 And within that moment, I heard the sound of a kick on the cobblestone floor and two short sounds peculiar to beasts, and before I knew it, the Count is raising his sword at close range.

 The speed is terrifying.

 From a biased point of view, lolicons target weak children because they are afraid of adult women. That is the image I have of lolicons. However, there are some strong lolicons in the world, like this one.


 A high-pitched, animal-like scream is echoed. And I saw the two swords reflecting the candlelight in my eyes.

 No matter whether I jumped to the right or to the left, I probably wouldn’t be able to dodge it. As expected of a high-ranking devil, he must be planning to decide the game in a single blow.


 On my left eye, there should be a thorn symbol (crown of thorn).

 I’ve already released the power I’ve been holding back.

 All that remains is for me to speak.


 Immediately, the Count’s body, which had been leaping, fell limply in midair.

 The swords fell from his hands, hitting the cobblestones with a high-pitched clang.

 And unable to land on his feet, the Count slumped to the floor.

 ”…W… What happened? What did you do to me? I…”

 While trembling on the floor, Count Ose looked up at me with a shocked expression.

 If this is a game, his HP would be 1, and he could die by hitting the corner of the wardrobe with his little finger. He is in such a state.

 ”That’s nothing worth talking about. I just went easy on you. Because if you die, I can’t squeeze anything out of you”

 ”Y-You fool… There’s no way… I can lose to a mere succubus. T-There must be some mistake…”

 ”…Well, the previous Demon Lord said exactly the same thing”

 Instantly, the Count’s eyes widened even more.

 ”D… Don’t tell me you… You’re the harlot of babylon!? Why? Why are you serving that little bitch!”

 ”Because she’s a worthy master… isn’t that enough for an answer?”

 The previous Demon Lord.

 I happened to be able to drain part of his power when I brought him to his death. And that was the beginning of my misfortune.

 Normally, when a demon lord dies, the nobles of the demon world rejoice in spite of their outward appearance. There is a possibility that they themselves will sit on the Demon Lord’s chair.

 Therefore, the usual stance of the nobles of the demon world is that they don’t care who kills the demon lord, apart from their beloved ones.

* * *

 However, there are seven skills that are inherited by those who have the special status of Demon Lord. One of them was taken away by me.

 As a result, I was targeted by nobles all over the demon world.

 I repeatedly fled to the earth and other worlds, and at the end of my arduous journey with death, the one who rescued me when I collapsed was Ohime-sama.

 And thanks to her prayers, I was able to receive the protection of Lord Laplace, and here I am… that’s how it is.

 ”Well then Count, it’s time for the fun”

 I smiled at him, and the Count let out a pained exhale and made fun of me.

 ”If you are going to rape me, it will be in vain. I have no desire for old, ugly women like you. I can’t get it up I can’t move a muscle. Why don’t you just kill me?”

 ”With the pride of a succubus, I refuse”

 ”Yes yes, that’s why I’m here”

 Nefuterra peeks out from behind me.

 ”An erection occurs when the smooth muscle relaxes and blood flows into the corpus cavernosum, and the substance that relaxes the smooth muscle is called cGMP. Then, there is an enzyme called PDE5 that breaks down this cGMP and stops the erection… that’s how it works”

 Nefuterra takes out a syringe and relaxes her mouth with a grin.

 ”I’ve made it! A drug that completely eliminates PDE5. It’ll keep you erect for a long time”


 Finally, the Count let out a frightened cry.

 ”No, no, don’t! That’s right. The succubus tribe has young girls too, right? I-If you’re going to squeeze me, at least let it be little girls…”


 ”N-No, don’t…”

 ”Well then, I’ll inject it!”

 Nefuterra inserts the needle into the Count’s neck, and after a beat, the Count begins to breathe hard.

 Nefuterra and I then roll the Count onto his back and strip him of his underwear.

 ”Oh my… this is…”

 ”…This one seems to be made for little girls, too”

 Although the erection is erect, it’s short and tiny, like a little white fish that is gentle to little girls.

 Of course, it would be impossible to satisfy an adult woman with this. As a result, a lolicon is born. What a sad story.

 ”Kill me! Kill me! Kill me all at once!”

 I can hear the sorrow in the Count’s voice.

 ”Count, don’t worry. The heavens don’t make a yours out of nothing, as the deceased said, even a carrot is a carrot. In other words, no matter what kind of thing you have, if you have one, you can conceive someone”

 ”I-I don’t get it!”

 ”It doesn’t matter what it means”

 After said that, I lift up my skirt and spread my fingers over my private part, which has been wet for three hundred and sixty-five days and twenty-four hours.

 ”D-Don’t show me such an ugly thing!”

 ”How dare you! The previous Demon Lord said it was like a flower”

 When I say that, Nefuterra adds, “But it’s a Rafflesia”.

 Well, I’ll punish her later.

 ”Well then, Count. Let’s enjoy the party”

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