Confinement 341

Chapter 341 Pride of Succubus, Part Three

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 With her ugly swollen breasts exposed, the Great Whore licked her tongue with a lascivious expression on her face.

 ”With such poor thing like this, it won’t be very pleasurable even if I put it in, so shall we try something else?”

 ”I-I’ll never give in!”

 ”Do you know that you can die with just one suck from the drain? Count”

 The younger succubus tells me with a grin.

 Even though it’s because of the drug, the fact that I’m getting an erection from these older bitches is annoying to me.

 ”Not to mention the drain, you could die from ejaculation alone, so let’s use this to make sure you don’t accidentally die”

 After say that, she takes out a brown ring.

 ”W-What is that?”

 ”A succubus band… to put it plainly, it’s the rubber band that used to hold the lid of the ball (noriben). Like this…”

 The Great Whore then wraps it around my member, slowly, to the base.


 I bit down on my teeth at the sensation of being squeezed so hard that my blood stopped flowing. And it made my glans swell to the point of being painful.

 ”Now you won’t be able to ejaculate. But, that’s good. You’re not going to die. Shall we begin?”


 The younger succubus nodded at the older succubus’ words, and the two of them lay down on either side of me.

 I felt a soft but frightening sensation pressed against my sides. It’s a completely different feeling from the hard buds of a little girl, and it made me feel scared.

 The succubus wrapped themselves around my body, crawled their fingers over my member, and licked up both nipples with their tongues.

 ”Kuh… Guh…”

 The older ones rubbed up the trunks of my balls with her exquisite hands, and licked my nipples with the tip of her tongue.

 I felt an itchy, frustrating pleasure spreading slowly through my body around my nipples, while an unbearable stimulation continued to be sent to my groin.

 (Kuh, what a humiliation… to be taken advantage of by these old bastards. I, a noble lolicon…)

 Normally, there’s no way that my genitals would respond to such ugly old bitches. I feel as if I’m being defiled from being touched by these women.

 ”*Pant Pant Pant*…”

 But even if I can somehow keep my voice down, I can’t stop my breathing from becoming ragged.

 The older ones licked, sucked, and sometimes bit my nipples as she wished.

 The sensations from the two nipples are slightly different, and my body could not get used to the stimulation.

 And as the older one licked and sucked my nipple, the other made a sound like “Juu!” and tweaks my other nipple.

 I couldn’t help but squirm at the different stimuli.

 ”My dear Count, are you feeling it? You’re squirming so much, it’s shameful”

 ”Kuh… No, I-I don’t”

 ”Kyahaha! Skinny, unattractive”

 The younger succubus shouted in my ear.

 My flesh is being pushed harder and harder. The thing between my legs is wet at the tip and dripping with honey.

 The pleasure raging inside my body tormented me.

 Even so, both of my nipples are being sucked relentlessly, and my member is being squeezed. I’m out of breath, and the desire to ejaculate is swirling in my loins.

 ”Ugh… oh…”

 I am rushing towards my climax. However, the sluice gate that held it back didn’t budge. The agony only grows worse.


 The agony that burned my chest, a torrent that had nowhere to go rampaged in the depths of my waist.

 ”How is it? The sensation of stepping on the edge of climax. Isn’t it wonderful? Isn’t it sad?”

 With a lascivious color in her eyes and her mouth slackened in torment, the Great Whore looked into my face.

 ”I-If it just like this! Ggh, I’m!”

 When I desperately raised my voice, the Great Whore twisted her mouth in a happy manner.

 ”Is that so? Then I guess you can enjoy it for a little while longer.”

 As she saying that, the Great Whore moved toward my legs and grabbed both of my legs and lifted them up.

 ”W-What are you doing!”

 ”It’s nothing serious. Just a little embarrassment for you”

 My hips lifted, and she grabbed my lower limbs and pushed them forward. It’s a really shameful position, as if I’m in the middle of a forward roll. Her ass is facing the ceiling, and the head of the Great Whore is sinking into my twin mounds.

 Then, without realizing it, the tip of her tongue reaches into the narrowing of my twin mounds.


 It felt hot and wet. And my hips trembled as she carefully licked up the ring of flesh.

 Then I felt a tickling, numbing sensation that was hard to describe, it’s happened when my insides contracted with each movement of the older bitch’s tongue.

 Because of the position, my member is trembling painfully in front of me.

 ”Haha! You’ve done a lot of reckless things with loli in the past, haven’t you? How do you feel? How does it feel to be blamed?”

 The younger succubus grabbed my cock and started squeezing it slowly from the base while making fun of me.

 The urethra at the tip of my p*nis is cracking open like a carp running on fumes in front of me. It’s telling me that it wants to come.

 I was being tortured from the front and back, and the pleasure was burning me. But there is no place to let it go.

 ”Gwaaaaahh! No, no, I don’t want to! No, please stopp!”

 I writhe in agony from the overwhelmingly intense s*xual sensation. Seeing this, the younger succubus opened her mouth.

 ”Hey, Obaa-san, the Count wants me to stop”

 ”The lord’s “Stop” is the same as “More”. He’s just hiding his embarrassment”

 ”I see! Then I’ll have to work even harder!”

 The younger succubus wraps her palm around the tip of my member and rubs it while making a playful little joke.

 My s*xual senses are already heightened. If she rubs the most sensitive part of it, there’s nothing I can do.

 ”Guh, guoohhh! Ooooooohhhh!?”

 The feeling of climax rises in me. But I can’t reach the last rung because the tied-up base is in the way. I can’t ejaculate. My body, which could not move, trembled helplessly.

 However, the succubus still relentlessly tortured me back and forth, causing me to scream hoarsely. After a while, the Great Whore finally looked up from between my ass.

 ”It’s about time”

 As soon as she muttered this, she inserted her hand across the space and pulled out a hideously shaped taut form.


 As I widened my eyes in astonishment, the Great Whore attached it to her crotch with a belt and puffed it out as if to show it off.

 ”Fufu, how is it? Isn’t it magnificent? It’s a dildo about the same size as a Fumi Fumi-sama that I secretly molded while he was sleeping”

 ”W-What will you do with it?”

 ”I’ll do “something””

 I could feel the blood drain from my face. I try desperately to move my body, but the best I can do is shake slightly. There’s no escape.

 ”O-Okay. I give up! I-I give up!”

 ”What are you talking about?”

 The younger succubus tilted her head, and the Great Whore laughed at me.

 ”Surrender? You must be joking. After all, it is unacceptable for a mere kitten to stand against Ohime-sama. Your punishment is yet to come”


 As I twitch my face.

 A hard touch mercilessly touched the entrance of my rear hole. I shuddered at the cool sensation, and the Great Whore’s mouth twisted in amusement.

 ”Now, it’s time for you to lose your virginity”

 With that said, the protruding tip pried open the ring of my flesh, and a hard object forcefully entered me.

 ”Hiii! Aah, aah, ugh…”

 The relentlessly loosened flesh cavity swallowed the inorganic tautness without much resistance.

 But I felt a cold sweat break out all over my body, and my body trembled.

 My breath choked.

 Then, my insides contracted, strangling the inorganic mold irrespective of my will.

 ”*Pant Pant Pant…* T-Take it out, please, I beg you!”

 ”You still don’t know how to talk, do you?”

 ”No, don’t…”

 I don’t know what will happen to me if she moves. However, the older bitch didn’t give a damn and ruthlessly pushed up inside me.

 ”Ah… Agh… Agh…”

 My eyes widened and my body stiffened. My voice is choked in the back of my throat. I can’t speak, just a faint sound escapes.

 Despite the fact that I’m being pushed deep inside, there is no pain.

 And to my horror, the pleasure is greater.

 Every time the Great Whore moved her hips, an obscene sound that made me want to cover my ears leaked out from the joint that accepted the taut shape.

 ”Gah, ah, ah, ah, ah! Hiii!? Aaahhh!”

 There are a few places where I feel like crying out with each thrust, and it’s hard to bear being rubbed there.

 I guess she knows that. Every time I writhed, the Great Whore kneaded me more and more there.

 In addition, the younger succubus began to rub up my member again with a very skillful hand.

 ”Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah…”

 An intense feeling of pleasure hit me. I feel like I’m going crazy. I’m about to reach my climax, but I’m held back by the heat swirling around my waist.

 (I-I can’t take it anymore…)

 ”Let me come! Please make me cum! Please!”

 ”But if you cum, you’ll die”

 ”J-Just kill me, please kill meeeeee!”

 I scream out in despair.

 ”I have no choice. Then please cum”

 With that said, the Great Whore cut the elastic at my base, and at that moment…

 *Spurt!* *Spurttt!* *Spurt, Spurttttt!*

 An unbelievable amount of muddy white liquid arced in the air and dripped down onto my face.

 ”Haha! Self-bukkake is a fresh idea…”

 The young succubus shouted.

 And in my pleasure-induced stupor, the Great Whore looked into my face.

 ”I’m surprised you’re still alive… Shall I give you one more play?”

 ”Uh… ah… f-forgive me… s-stop…”

 I can only moan and groan, but the Great Whore tells me.

 ”If you swear eternal allegiance to Ohime-sama, I’ll stop it right here. But for starters, why don’t you order your entire army to withdraw?”

 There was no way I was going to be able to resist her.

◇ ◇ ◇

 A metallic sound of swords clashing. The dull sound of crunching flesh is echoing in the distance.

 It felt like surfacing from the bottom of a deep sea.

 As my consciousness gradually takes shape.

 My whole body aches. It hurts like I’ve been torn apart.

 On my back I feel the dry ground. And I could smell the earth tickling my nostrils.

 ”Nn… ugh…”

 I opened my heavy eyelids and saw the red sky of the demon world, high and far away.

 (I… I’m alive?)

 I can’t move a single finger. I can’t feel my limbs, the pain is terrible, but I don’t know where it is.

 ”Eri HottaTapeworm! Are you awake?”

 ”Tsk! You’re late!”

 I move my head to look around in a foggy state of consciousness.

 Surrounding me are SaitoCockroach, MakoEarthworm, and KishijoCentipede, each wielding a weapon. And surrounding us are countless monsters.

 All three of them are wearing tattered maid’s uniforms, covered in blood and scars.

 Earthworm, though covered with scars, is relatively better off, but Cockroach has been split open and its intestines are hanging out, and Centipede has one of her arms rotting off.

 ”Don’t stand there all by yourself. You’re really bothering me”

 Centipede says in her usual unpleasant way, then Cockroach tells me in her usual preachy tone.

 ”We don’t want you to die. But we don’t have enough manpower”

 ”Well, well, let’s just say that all four of us are safe, for now”

 Earthworm and Cockroach said in unison when Earthworm said this as if interceding as usual.


 Apparently, the three of them are protecting me.

 I hurriedly tried to raise myself up, but my hands are bent in a direction they shouldn’t be, and to my great regret, I have no legs. I remember that I cut off one leg by myself, but the other leg seems to have been crushed when I landed.

 (What a pity…)

 As expected, there is nothing I can do about this. The three of them are out of breath, and it doesn’t look like they’ll last much longer.

 (So this is the end… it’s a dreadful thing…)

 Almost at the same time as I’m thinking this, a sound like a trumpet echo out.

 Like a tide receding, the monster retreated. And the three of them looked at each other in confusion.

 ”Is this…”

 ”Yes, it means that The Head Maid has won”

 Immediately, I let out a big “Haaahh…” and throw out my weapon, and the three of them slump down on the ground.

 Then, they all lay down on my body as if they were using me as a pillow.

 ”I thought I was going to die…”

 ”Really, it’s not funny…”

 ”I mean, if we don’t ask Torture-sama to come soon, we could really die…”

 ”Haha… I can’t die yet”

 We laughed and laughed like that.

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