Confinement 342

Chapter 342 Reconciliation trip, Part One

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 On Sunday, the day after I visited Kobayashi-sensei’s wife at the hospital.

 I asked Chihiro to arrange a trip to a hot spring resort for me.

 Monday is a national holiday, so the trip is two days and one night.

 And now I was on my way with a ticket for the Shinkansen and a shuttle bus to the nearest station. As expected of Chihiro, all the arrangements are perfect.

 ”So… why me?”

 ”I’m trying to make up with you”

 I smiled back at Kyoko, who gave me a questioning look.

 Yes, it’s just me and Kyoko on this trip. Or rather, I made this trip on purpose in order to make Kyoko happy.

 The reason is simple. Because Kyoko’s status has dropped from [Subjugated] to [Submissive].

* * *

 Yesterday, as I was leaving the hospital where I visited Kobayashi-sensei, I suddenly heard a frightening electronic sound that I had never heard before, announcing that Kyoko’s status had dropped.

 When I checked, it was true that two functions, <SightVisual HackPossession> and <Good or BadLove ScaleScale>, had been disabled.

 Aside from <Good or BadLove ScaleScale> which I have never activated properly, the loss of <SightVisual HackPossession> is quite painful.

 Come to think of it, ever since I had the maids surround her and let them play on her recklessly, Kyoko has been reclusive and I’ve completely neglected her.

 I had assumed that she would be fine since the maids had gone to the demon world and Ryoko was with her, but it seemed that her feelings for me had gotten worse.

 I can always force myself on her, but I’m afraid that the way I’ve been treating her, trampling on her pride, is a dead end.

 That’s when I changed my mind.

 And so, I’ve planned this trip to explore a new relationship with Kyoko.

 ”Are you sure? If you let me out of “The Room”, I’ll run away”

 ”I don’t think that’s possible”

 ”I might even call the police”

 ”If you want, go ahead, be my guest”

 ”…What are you up to?”

 ”I just want to enjoy the trip with Kyoko”


 We repeated this exchange two or three times before we left, and even after we left, Kyoko kept repeating, “What are you planning?”. And the more I keep repeating that I just want to have a good time with Kyoko, the more wary she becomes.

 (She doesn’t trust me, does she?)

 I suppose that’s true. I’ve repeatedly given her hope and then trampled it. Naturally, there must be hell waiting for her after this. That’s what she must think.

 So I persuaded her.

 ”I’m not trying to do anything. But if you’re going to get hurt later, wouldn’t it be better to have fun while you can?”

 Then, in desperation, Kyoko drank four 500mm cans of beer and ate Atarime and a pork cutlet sandwich (Katsu Sando) on the Shinkansen. Of course, I paid for it. I’m really thankful that I borrowed some money from Chihiro, just in case.

 So our destination is a remote hot spring town in the Chubu region of Japan.

 It takes an hour to get off the Shinkansen and take a local train. Then, it took another hour to the microbus to pick us up.

 In the microbus, there are only two of us. Inside the bus, I talked to Kyoko, and she occasionally clucked her tongue in reply.

 I’d like to praise myself for not losing my temper and holding back. I don’t deny that I’ve been thinking about going back to the “S” route.

 Soon, as the bus made its way up the meandering mountain road, the green trees that had occupied my view until then disappeared and I saw a scene of hot spring resorts lined up in front of me.

 After arrived, the time is already close to evening, with the setting sun in the background and the clouds of steam rising from the hot springs.

 We got off the bus at the joint parking lot near the entrance to the hot spring resort, and walked down the street with a leaflet in our hands. Even though it is early autumn, it is a bit chilly on the mountain. Turning my attention to Kyoko, I saw her rubbing her arms in the cold.

 Perhaps because I hadn’t told her what to wear, she is dressed in an Ed Hardy rock-style T-shirt, leather hot pants with laced-up sides, mesh tights and long boots, like a dancing girl in an LA metal music video of the 1980s.

* * *

 (Of course, it’s cold…)

 So, I took off my windbreaker and put it on her shoulders, but she froze with a surprised look on her face, as if she had been tricked by a cat.

 As expected on a holiday, there are a surprisingly large number of tourists. Most of them are groups of elderly people, and occasionally we saw a group of university students.

 However, all of them looked twice at Kyoko as they passed each other.

 It’s not surprising. After all, her bright red hair and metal fashion stood out from the scenery of the hot spring resort.

 After a short walk, we checked into the ryokan (traditional Japanese inn_ for the night.

 It’s not a big inn, but it’s a stylish Japanese style inn.

 Mainly because of Kyoko’s outfit, we received a few quizzical glances, but I signed in on the guest register, pretending to be a married couple. Then the okami[1] leads us to our room. (the okami is the owner of the ryokan or the wife of the owner, which means that the okami, as the representative of the ryokan, attends to all external affairs such as business matters and cooperation with the local community)

 ”This is the best room in the inn”

 As the okami proudly said, the room with the nameplate “Kikyo-no-ma” on it is quite luxurious.

 The room seemed to have been recently renovated, and every part of it looked brand new.

 There room is a half-western room with twin beds and a Japanese-style room.

 Looking out the window, I can see a small Japanese garden, and there’s even a private open-air bath there.

 (Oh… I forgot to tell Chihiro that a normal room is fine)

 But as soon as Kyoko saw the luxuriousness of the room, she said, “Whoa!” and her excitement went up a little, so this might have been a good thing.

 Then, after the okami left, we sat down in the Japanese-style room. Even though it’s dusk, the sun is still high and we still have some time before dinner.

 ”Hey, Kyoko, why don’t you go take a bath? I heard that this inn has a very good bath”

 Then Kyoko looked surprised.

 ”What’s with that face?”

 ”Well, there’s a room bath too… I thought you’d order me to take a bath with you…”

 ”I’m not going to do anything you won’t like”

 Then, Kyoko shows a slight sign of thinking.

 ”Hmm… it’s not that I don’t like you. It’s not that I’m embarrassed to be seen naked after all this time, and I don’t like you, but it’s a hassle to go to the bathhouse before eating, and then come back to get ready”

 ”…You just said you don’t like me”

 I pouted my lips, and Kyoko fluttered her hands, looking a little amused.

 ”So, I’m going to let you use the bathroom in my room”

 ”If you’re not embarrassed, I’ll stare at you”

 ”No, thanks. Just grab a beer from the fridge. I’ve always wanted to do that. Beer in an outdoor onsen”

 ”…You’re still going to drink? But, didn’t you drink a lot on the shinkansen?”

 ”I’ve already urinated my pants off”

 ”What kind of girl says that? I mean, if you’re going to drink in the onsen, why not sake? Normally”

 ”Oh, you mean the one with the floating tray. Well, if I do that, the tray will easily turn over, and it will be quite a disaster. The smell of vaporized liquor will make the bath unusable for a while. The source is me and my sister”

 ”Real story!?”

 ”Yes, later, the place you’re staying at will charge you a surprising amount of money”

 ”Don’t do that, don’t do that!”

* * *

 Laughing at my panic, Kyoko headed toward the outdoor onsen with a beer in her hand.

 The private outdoor onsen is outside the window surrounded by a bamboo wall. Of course, it’s completely visible from here.

 As she walks, she takes off her T-shirt, her bra, and her leather hot pants.

 When she reached the window, she took off her mesh tights, kicked off her shorts that got tangled in one of her legs, opened the window with a beer in her hand, and jumped out into the outdoor onses.

 I looked at the clothes left behind like bread crumbs in Hansel and Gretel, and was taken aback.

 ”You should at least take a bath towel…”

 While I was sighing and picking up the scattered clothes, Kyoko called out from behind the open window, still lying in the marble bathtub.

 ”Hey, Fumio!”


 ”Another beer”

 ”You drank it already!?”

 ”Hurry up!”

 ”Sure, sure…”

 I can’t help but think that she’s getting carried away, but today I at least wanted to entertain her.

 So, I take out another beer from the refrigerator and walk out the window.

 The marble tub, set in the middle of a small Japanese garden, is large enough for us to stretch my legs.

 ”Here you are, Ojou-sama, your beer, please”

 ”Umu, it’skuru-shu-nee”

 I jokingly handed her the beer, but Kyoko’s face is already red.

 ”Are you drunk?”

 ”No, I’m not. There’s-no-way I can get drunk with just one beer, don’t be stupid”

 Well, I don’t know.

 The redness is not simply the result of being warmed up in the bath. I think her blood circulation is getting better, and the alcohol is circulating more easily than usual.

 Thinking about this, I observe Kyoko’s condition.

 She doesn’t seem to be embarrassed. Her large breasts are floating in the bathtub. Her skin is sweaty, and her waist is curled gracefully beneath the surface of the water, and she regains her plumpness when it reaches her hips.

 (She’s got a great body, huh?)

 ”Puhaa, delicious! A cold beer in a hot bath is just too good!”

 ”Um… Kyoko, don’t you think you should stop?”

 ”Huh? Don’t be silly. Well… whatever, you should join me”


 ”I said, come talk to me, you idiot. Oh, go get me another beer first”

 ”Oh, sure”

 (I think someone said Kyoko is a strong drinker, so I guess she’s okay…)

 I took another beer out of the fridge, grabbed a small towel, took off my clothes, and walked out the door again.

 The can of beer I had brought earlier is already empty and thrown beside the tub.

 ”Give me the beer!”

 Kyoko snatches the beer from me, and I quietly soak myself in the tub.

 Facing each other. I sit down with my knees between her legs, which are spread wide apart.

 ”Um… are you sure you’re okay?”

 ”Yeah, I’m… fine. Don’t put your towel in the bathtub, you’re hiding your thing like that, you know that, you’re a virgin”

 (She’s not okay at all!)

 ”Ahaha… you’re a virgin kid. Here, let me see your dick, you little prick”

 Kyoko snatched the towel that covered my crotch in the hot water and slapped me on the shoulder while laughing like an idiot.

 Yeah… I’m getting a little pissed off.

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