Confinement 343

Chapter 343 Reconciliation trip, Part Two

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 Kyoko drank another beer while soaking in the bathtub.

 If I may say so, her face is as red as a boiled octopus. Her eyes are dilated, and she is completely prepared.

 ”Oi, you, Testicle King….!”

 ”…Confinement King!”

 She screamed at me, who is sitting with her spread legs and with her eyes completely fixed on me.

 ”You… hiccup… you, hiccup… you fat bastard… who do you like more, me or Nee-chan?”

 (Uwaa.. What a troublesome way to get drunk…)

 If she’s asking which one I like more, it’s Ryoko, of course. At least Ryoko doesn’t bother me in this way.

 On top of that, she obeys me absolutely, though it’s probably because she’s been brainwashed the hardest out of all my girls. She’s so obedient that if I tell her to die, she’ll die for real, so how can she not be cute?

 But today, I’m taking this trip to please Kyoko.


 ”No way! T-There was a pause!”

 (Damn it! For a drunk, she’s got a sharp sense of humor)

 ”Hiccup… your heart isn’t in it, idiot. Then! You! Tell me what you like about me more than Nee-chan”

 ”Compared to Ryoko?”

 I thought, but I tried my best to think.

 ”Well, you’re… younger than Ryoko”

 ”…Of course I am”

 Kyoko, then, clicked her tongue and drinks the rest of the beer in one gulp.

 After that, she threw the empty can away carelessly, grabbed my hand, and pushed it against her breast.

 ”What the hell! You’re so horny! I-I’ll give you a reminder, Hiccup, how is Kyouko-sama’s nice body?”

 ”…I think it’s wonderful”

 This is not a compliment.

 In fact, Kyouko and Ryouko have the exact same body, Kyouko’s breasts are slightly larger than Ryouko’s, and both of them are extremely stylish.

 ”Hahaha, yess, yess. I’m better than Nee-chan”

 Kyoko proudly shows her breast.

 Well, if it’s okay to touch them, there’s nothing to be afraid of. I squeezed her breasts without hesitation.

 ”Hiccup, you’ve got some obscene hands…”

 I don’t know if it’s the pleasure in her eyes, or the alcohol, but she seems to be enjoying herself.

 But it’s not entirely uncomfortable.

 I know that Kyoko is an open-minded woman, but would she ask a man she doesn’t like to take a bath with her or rub her breasts with him just because she is drunk?

 What’s certain is that she’s leaking her complex about Ryoko because she’s drunk and her reasoning is weakened.

 (Maybe this is just another attempt to impress Ryoko?)

 While I was thinking about this, Kyoko stood up with a splash of hot water.

 ”Alright… I’ll show you… that I’m better at s*x than Nee-chan”


 ”Come one… let’s go to the bed, Cock King”

 ”Confinement King!”

 I can’t accept a name that obscene.

 ”Hahaha… Fu~n, fufu-♪…”

 ”Wait, wait a minute!”

 Kyoko walks back to the room, humming a tune and walking unsteadily. I hurriedly got out of the tub and followed her.

 When I stepped into the room, Kyoko had already laid down on the bed without wiping her wet body.

 ”Seriously, this girl…”

 At any rate, I wiped myself off and walked over to Kyoko, with a bath towel in my hand.

 ”The innkeepers are going to be mad at me for this…”

 After all, the futon is soaked. Anyway, I wiped Kyoko’s body with the bath towel and let out a sigh, as she kept giggling for some reason. This is intended to be a good time, yet it’s rather than likely nursing care.

 ”Hey… you, come here…”

 She pulls my arm and I fall down on top of Kyoko.

 ”Don’t dawdle, if a man and a woman are naked… Hiccup, there’s only one thing to do…”

 Really, she’s drunk. But I’ve heard of people getting girls drunk and screwing them, so I guess it’s okay to screw her…

 While I was wondering what to do, Kyoko pulled my finger.

 ”Hey… be nice to me too…”

 Kyoko’s face is sulky, and her eyes are moist.

 (Huh? She’s kind of cute… but…)

 When she acts in a sullen manner, the gap between her normal attitude and that of Kyoko’s is so strong that it makes her look even cuter.

 It’s easy to forget because she’s so cocky, but even Kyoko is an extraordinary beauty.

 When she’s lying naked on the bed with her eyes moistening as if saying, “You can do whatever you want”, I can’t help but think that I should respond to her.

 So, I bring her head firmly toward me, and kiss her deeply.

 (…Let’s try it like a lover…)

 This is mainly preferred by Masaki-chan. Lovers’ play. So, while recalling that feeling, I gently run my fingers over her breasts. I caress the area around her nipples, trying not to touch them, and lightly touch her lips with my lips.

 For a moment, the smell of alcohol almost makes me revert to my normal state, but I hold back. I listened to her pleasurable breaths and timed my attack on her nipples.

 ”No… don’t rush… why, why~, it’s swo exciwing…”

 She is clearly not speaking clearly but her hips writhe in frustration. However, it’s about time.


 When I rubbed up her nipples with my fingers, Kyoko made an unexpectedly cute noise and turned her chin up.

 There is no need to hold back now. All I had to do was to give her a full throttle. I know how good her breast feels, and how tight her pussy is.

 Unlike the fluffy breasts of Masaki-chan, her breasts have a hard core. If I push my fingers hard enough, the breasts themselves will push back against me.

 Not only are they soft, but they also sway in a way that makes me feel their weight and elasticity more than enough. And yet, the cherry-red top is so hard and pointed that I could tell just by looking at it.

 As I sucked on the nipple, Kyoko turned her chin up again.

 ”Aah, aah, you’re like a baby, it’s so good, aah… aah…”

 I licked around the hard nipple with the tip of my tongue, and her red-hot body began to jump and jerk.

 ”An… that’s good, ahn..”

 Kyouko continued to pant and moan with a happy look on her face.

 ”Don’t tease me… I told you to be gentle, not just with my breasts, my pussy is already sad…”

 Apparently, the lover-like torture is too frustrating for Kyoko. Perhaps it’s because she’s drunk, but she’s not shy while I running my fingers over her clit.

 ”You’re so unbearable”

 ”Umm… it’s because you keep playing with my breast”

 ”I’ll be nice to you, so you can beg me nicely”

 When I whispered this in her ear, Kyoko raised her eyebrows with her drunken eyes, and sucked her own little finger.

 ”It’s so lonely, please, take care of Kyoko…”

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