Confinement 344

Chapter 344 Reconciliation trip, Part Three

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 ”It’s so frustrating, please… take care of Kyoko…”

 Kyoko looks up at me with her drunken eyes.

 The way she raised her eyebrows sadly, the gap between her and the usual, honestly excited me. I can’t wait to insert my cock inside her. That’s what she made me think.

 So to fulfil my excitement, I pressed the tip of my cock frustratingly against her wet pussy, and her lips let out a hot *Pant…*.

 I want to penetrate her all at once. But I pushed down my desire and pushed my hips out slowly.

 When penetrating, I felt the tip of the spear catching in the folds.

 The elasticity of her labia sucking at the glans.

 It’s moist and wet, and felt rubbery as if it would slide into place if I applied too much pressure.

 ”Ahhh… it’s coming inn….”

 When I touched her body, it’s burning hot as if on fire, probably because of the alcohol in her body.

 And when she tried to move immediately, I held her hips back and took my time, sinking my cock inside her, as if caring for her.

 ”Plese, hwurry up…”

 Kyoko wrapped her hands around my neck as if begging me, and made a frustrated face.

 (Telling me to be gentle, telling me not to rush… she’s really a selfish woman, isn’t she?)

 But I can tell that she’s excited beyond control.

 The amount of nectar gushing out of her. The pressure of the vaginal flesh around my object is tremendous. Even now, it’s tightly clamping down on me, as if it’s going to bite me off.

 ”Haaaa… Nnn…”

 Kyoko caressed her own lower belly with her fingertips.

 She was doing it as if to loved it and as if she wanted to check the feeling of something entering there.

 Then she twisted her lips slackly and looked up at me with drunken eyes.

 ”Please, more, go deeper…”

 (Why is she acting so cute…?)

 Because of that, I couldn’t help but lower my upper body and cover her up.

 Then, while hugging her fleshy body tightly, I thrust my hips at once.

 ”Hiun!? Aaahhh! Ah… *Pant* *Pant* *Pant…*”

 With my cock in her womb to the base, our crotches locked together tightly.

 The vaginal mucous membranes are on fire, squeezing tightly.

 As I slowly pulled my hips back, savoring the luscious stimulation coming from there, I let out an involuntary moan at the tugging of the numerous folds of flesh.

 The stroke is so long as if savoring it. And as I gently brushed my sweat-stained bangs off my forehead, Kyoko smiled happily at me with her alcohol-induced debauchery.

 ”You’re even cuter than Ryoko today, Kyoko”

 ”Ehehe… cute?”

 It’s obvious flattery, but Kyoko smiles like an innocent child.

 (What? Is… she really this cute?)

 I slowly move my hips back and forth, laying my hands on her breasts and giving them a nice shape.

 ”Ah, ah, ah, ah… again, breastttt, aaah!”

 I know very well what part of her is weak. And her breasts still have a core of pleasure left in them from all the playing with them earlier.

 When I rubbed her nipples with my fingertips, she easily turned over and arched her back, causing the bed to creak and squeak.

 ”You’re squeezing me so hard, Kyoko”

 ”Ah, ah, ah, ah! I-It’s not that tight, it’s not…”

 Despite her words, her honey pot is twitching hungrily.

 Every time I move my cock back and forth, the bulge scrapes the vaginal passage, and the friction makes her hips lift.

 ”Kyoko, we’re having s*x right now…”

 ”Huh? …Shex?”

 It may sound like an obvious statement, but all I’ve ever done to her before is just a torture and make her cum mercilessly.

 So, I don’t think I could call it s*x at all.

 I don’t know if she understood what I was trying to say. Even so, her face, which is already red, flushed up to her neck, and she wrapped her hands around my neck and hugged me tightly.

 When I repeated the pumping, the juice from the flowers scraped out by the goose neck (frenulum) dripped from her vulva as a spray.

 ”Ahh, ah, ah, ah, it’s good, it’s good! Ahhh…”

 She’s drunk, and her voice is lispy.

 But now, I felt a certain emotion mixed in with it, something that couldn’t just be from rubbing our aroused genitals together.

 ”Doesn’t it feel good, Kyoko?”

 ”Aun, aun, it feels, so goooooooood! Ahh! Aah, aah, aah…”

 I can’t take it anymore, and the more I pump, the hotter it gets.

 As I continue to knead her for a long time, her clit tightens in pleasure, and the back-and-forth movements that push her womb apart become more and more daring.

 ”Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah! Amazwing, Amazwhinngg…”

 Kyoko raised her eyebrows, let out a weak voice, and shook her head from side to side.

 Before she knew it, her initial cautiousness was gone, and her hips began to move faster and faster.

 ”Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah! Ahhhh! Oh…?”

 ! Aaahhh!”

 When I gouged her in the deepest part of her body with increasing force, Kyoko gasped and moaned without a care in the world.

 Both of us are covered in sweat, and her hair is stuck to her sweaty face, exposing her sloppy, drunken face in all its glory.

 When I bend down to meet her lips, she thrusts her tongue into mine as if she wants me to.

 ”Nmu, chuu, slurpppppp… more, suck on my tongue… chuuuu…”

 The kiss is so pleasurable that it tingles the core of my brain. The tongue is so soft.

 And while devouring my lips, Kyoko wraps her legs around my waist and pulls me tightly against her.

 ”*Slurp…* nchuu, puha, chuu, chuu…”

 Inviting my cock deep inside of her, Kyoko became absorbed in the sensation of our union. She lost herself in the pleasure, tears streaming down her cheeks as she indulged in the heat that burned her.

 ”Ahh… what’s this, it’s wheird, I’m gwoing crazy, anh, anh, anh…”

 When she parted my lips, her black eyes began to dart left and right in the wrong direction, repeating that she is going crazy as though in a whisper.

 (Kyoko seems to be at her limit, but I’m about to cum too…)

 A moment later, the lump of flesh buried in her womb swelled, and Kyoko let out a “Hii!?” .

 ”Kyoko, I’m going to cum!”

 ”Y-Yess, I-I want to cum too…”

 As I repeatedly thrust in and out of her throbbing slit, Kyoko tightened her grip on her entwined legs. Her act is as if to say that she would not let me go, and her body is pressed tightly against mine without even a minute gap.


 And with a final thrust, the lust swirling deep within my hips exploded with great force.

 *Spurt, Spurttttt!* *Spurttttt!*

 ”Ahhhh, it’s hot, it’s so hotttttt!”

 Kyoko clawed at my back and arched her back as a torrent of sticky heat surged toward my uterine opening.

 ”Ah… ah… ah…”

 Her moans become fainter and fainter.

 Her body shakes involuntarily, and then she weakens as if she’s exhausted.

 ”*Pant… Pant… Pant….*”

 Our breathing is the only sound in the quiet room.

 Then, as I rested my cheek on her breast and closed my eyes, Kyoko stroked her hair while breathing hard.

 ”I hope you can be nice to me again…”

 ”Shut up, don’t be like your sister… you’re drunk”

 ”Ahaha, stupid, I’m better than you… I’m the older one”

◇ ◇ ◇

 After a night, we checked out of the inn.

 We were not told anything about the soaking wet bedding, but we might receive a bill later.

 (I’d better apologize to Chihiro…)

 When I finished the formalities and went out of the inn, I found Kyoko who had already gone out in the fresh sunshine, looking like she is dying of a hangover.

 ”You look terrible”

 ”Shut up… you look terrible too, in a different way”

 ”If you say so, I won’t be nice to you anymore”

 When I sarcastically said this, Kyoko’s cheeks immediately turned red and she became upset.

 ”Ugh, shut up! I didn’t do that yesterday! S-Stupid, stupid!”

 Her words were not clear, probably because she was too hungover to think clearly.

 (Well, that’s embarrassing…)

 After all, on the last night, as we were repeatedly kissing afterwards in bed, the waitress knocked on the door and said, “It’s time to get ready for dinner”.

 Of course, I hurriedly put on my yukata and went out into the corridor, and somehow managed to get away with it by saying, “My companion is not feeling well” and asking for another hour’s delay in the meal time, but when it came time to eat, Kyoko, who was still sober, clung to me in a good mood.

 ”Eat it yourself”

 ”No, ahhh”

 Without paying any attention to the indescribable expression on the face of the waitress serving me, Kyoko, who was sitting on my lap, opened her mouth as if to say something sweet.

 This is like caring for the elderly or feeding a baby bird.

 I had to feed Kyoko from the beginning to the end of the meal, and I was really tired.

 Fortunately, Kyoko fell asleep immediately after the meal, and I was able to enjoy the hot spring alone.

 Back to the current time, after leaving the inn, I opened a “door” in a deserted alley.

 ”We’re going straight home by “the door”? But isn’t that’s not very elegant?”

 ”What? Did you want to take a leisurely train trip with me?”

 ”Wh!? O-Of course not, idiot!”

 ”Aww, Kyoko was so cute yesterday, but she’s such a spoiled brat”

 ”Kuh…You’re the worst. You’re dead!”

 Kyoko yells at me, her face turning red, and quickly walks into the open door.

 But I can at least tell if she’s hiding her embarrassment.

 As proof of this, as soon as I entered the room, I heard the electronic sound.

 [Kyoko Terashima’s state has changed to [Subjugated]]

 I had hoped that she would become [Enslaved], but it seems that I’ll have to deal with her complex about Ryoko.

 ”Let’s just let her compete with Ryoko…”

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