Confinement 345

Chapter 345 Idol Start

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 ”Even an outsider can enter the backstage more easily than I thought”

 ”Haha, You’re not an outsider. You’re my manager today, aren’t you? Anyway… it’s been a while. You are dressed like that”

 My reflection in the backstage mirror is a loose suit.

 Plus, I’m wearing a weird tie and round glasses.

 This is the man who hasn’t appeared in a while, Fumijima “The Pheasant Man”.

 I’m here because I received a phone call from Chihiro this morning.

 She asked me to act as a manager for Akira Mizuki for one day only.

 She said that today is the first live performance of Akira Mizuki, and that she is currently trying to promote Akira as a unit separately from Kurosawa-san.

 The performance will be held at a community center outside of Tokyo, with a capacity of several hundred people.

 Akira is well known as a model, but she is still in her early stages as an idol, so this is probably not too crowded.

 Akira had already prepared for the concert by taking singing and dancing lessons. However, she is still very nervous, so Chihiro asked me to encourage her by her side.

 And now, thirty minutes before the performance, Akira is waiting for me in the backstage, dressed in a pink tartan check, with a silhouette like a school uniform. On top of that, her hair style is twin-tailed, which makes her look much younger than she actually is.

 ”Oh, man… You’ve got the aura of an idol”

 ”Really? I’m glad to hear you say so, Master”

 Akira smiled happily as I said that.

 Before coming here, there was a long line and a large crowd. There were the usual idol geeks, but there were also Akira’s fashion magazine model fans. There were also some young females.

 Akira, who is a famous model to begin with, is a beautiful girl, much more beautiful than the idols around her. So, it’s easy to imagine her rising to stardom from here.

 ”Are you nervous?”

 ”Y-Yeah. It’s totally different from being a gravure. There will be an audience…”

 Akira looks a little uneasy at my question. Then she looked up at me.

 ”Master… I’d like to have s*x with you. I think it would help me relax”

 ”What!? Right now?”

 I looked around the backstage area and saw a simple table and chair in the center of the room, with a few mirror stands lining the walls.

 The door is locked, and although it’s a closed room, the walls seem to be thin, and with such a thin door, it’s easy to hear the voices in the corridor.

 ”No, no, no, that’s impossible, isn’t it?”

 ”Don’t worry, President Chihiro has made all the arrangements. She said that no one was allowed to go near the backstage from thirty minutes before the performance because I wanted to concentrate”


 Apparently, Chihiro was planning to do that all along.

 However, if my cute pet, Akira, looked at me with those desperate eyes, I couldn’t help but surrender as her owner.

 ”Geez… What a helpless bitch you are”

 As soon as I called her so, Akira’s eyes lit up as if a switch had been turned on.

 ”You look like you want something”

 ”Y-Yes! I-I want to be tormented by Master’s cock. And maybe before I go on stage, I’m just… in the mood”

 With that said, Akira takes off her panties, stands in front of the mirror, puts her hands on it, looks at me in the mirror, thrusts her ass at me, and pulls up her skirt.

 Then she turns around and opens her mouth flirtatiously.

 ”Master… please discipline this miserable bitch to your heart’s content”

 She looked at me passionately in her cute stage costume. The idol that her fans couldn’t get, no matter how much they wanted, is looking at me with a passionate gaze.

 I wonder if I should call it a feeling of superiority. An inexplicable feeling spread in my chest, and I felt my crotch suddenly harden.

 ”Please, Master, please take care of your pet idol Akira…”

 I don’t know how excited she is, but her honey is dripping from her secret parts, as if to claim that she doesn’t need foreplay.

 Seeing that, I hurriedly pulled down my pants and underwear, grabbed my erection, and walked up to Akira from behind.

 Her vulva is shallow and dripping wet, and as I hold the tip there and don’t move, she lets out an urgent cry.

 ”Please… master, don’t tease me… hurry up, hurry up… make me cum…”

 ”You really are an insufferable bitch. Don’t be so pushy, I’ll insert it…”

 As I pushed my hips forward, my cock slid into her already ripe vagina.

 ”Nhiiiiiiii! It’s here! Master’s cock! Nah, hah… Kuh, ah, it’s coming in, it’s hot, mmm, cock, ah, ah!”

 As soon as I insert it from behind, Akira arches up like a roaring beast, and her vagina’s hole around my cock.

 The flesh of her vagina sucked my rod as if it would never let go, and the folds of her vagina squeezed to pull my cock deeper and deeper.

 ”Ahhhh, Master’s cock is so good… it feels so good…”

 What I see in the mirror is the face of an enraptured female in heat. Not the face of an idol who is expected to be pure and innocent.

 Then, as soon as I started pistoning, she looked at her own face in the mirror and let out a lewd sound.

 ”Anh, anh, Master’s cock is the best, your cock is the best, this cock is divine… anh, aaah…”

 Every time I slammed my hips into her, her ass shook from the impact.

 And the more I looked at her trembling ass, the more unbearable it became. And while I keep pounding her, I slapped her ass.

 *Slap!* Akira lets out a scream as her ass makes a dry sound.

 ”Nfuah! M-Master!”

 ”You’re moaning too loud”

 ”Because… nhaa… It’s too loud… oh no, it’s not good… *Pant pant pant* M-Master, p-please slap me once again… “

 She looks at me as if she’s clinging to me, and I can’t help but twist my mouth.

 ”You’re a helpless bitch, getting pleasure from being slapped”

 Once again, I slapped her firm ass, and the sound is just as good as before, and at the same time, her vaginal flesh squeezes my cock.

 ”Hey, you perverted idol. Don’t you feel sorry for all your fans?”

 ”I’m sorry, I’m sorry. B-But I like it, because I’m a masochist and Master was the one who made me like this! Please, slap me harder and harder…”

 Akira’s expression is becoming more and more pleasurable despite her words of apology.

 (As an owner, I have to respond to her properly…)

 From there, I pounded her ass repeatedly while thrusting hard from behind.

 I enjoy the cute screams that come out with each slap, and the feeling of her vaginal flesh tightening with delight.

 ”Ohhhh, no, no, oh no… it’s getting in so deep. Master’s cock is so big, I want to keep it in… ahhh, ahhh, no…”

 The more I pounded her ass, the redder it got.

 And the thought of playing with an idol’s ass as I please, made me more excited and can’t stop my hand.

 ”Come on, swing your hips more!”

 ”Yessss! I’ll do it. Please feel so good and cum using Akira’s raw onaholeeee…”

 Akira’s face is already sweaty and dripping with drool and tears, and she looked incredibly erotic. On top of that, she must have gotten excited by the sight of herself begging for s*x, after all, her face became more and more foxy.

 (But she’s going on stage later… is it okay? I’ve got to get this over with…)

 With that though, I inhaled lightly and shook my hand, then exhaled and slammed my hand down on her ass with all my might.


 I could feel my sweaty skin on my hand as I swung down. But the sound is dull. I must have lost control of my hand and hit her tailbone.

 But Akira’s body twitched, as if the blow had made her come lightly, and she tightened my cock even harder.

 Then, to finish her off, I grabbed her waist and started to move my hips violently.

 ”*Pant Pant* Aaah! Amazinggggg! I love you, Master! I love master’s cock! I’m happy that I can make you cum. aah, aah, aah…”

 Her vagina folds undulating. And the way Akira’s hips move with me is as wild and bold as a wild animal. Naturally, the feeling of ejaculation is rising madly.

 ”Ahn, ahn, ahn, ahn, aaaaaah!”

 Akira is panting uncontrollably, and thinking that the bitch I’m fucking will be on stage in just a few minutes, my excitement suddenly increases.

 ”Then, it’s time to cum!”

 I shortened my movements and began to thrust hard into her.

 ”Aaaaah! I-It’s so intense, Master’s cock is amaziiiiing, amaziiiiiiing”

 ”Akira, can you see in the mirror? Don’t you think it’s embarrassing for an idol to show her face like this in the backstage?”

 ”I’ll only show it to you, Master!”

 ”You pervert!”

 I slapped her ass again, and her face in the mirror slackened.

 ”Aaahhh! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’m going to cum while Master watches me do it… I-I’m cumming”

 ”Akira, I’m going to ejaculate on you, so stand on the stage like this!”

 ”Oh, I’m so happy, Master’s cock is twitching… please fill me up with Master’s semen!”

 As she said that, I thrust deeper into her with even more force. And when the glans dug into her cervix, Akira’s legs jutted out.

 ”I-I’m cumming!”

 She says briefly, and I spew my desire into the deepest part of our connection.

 *Spurt!* *Spurttt!* *Spurtttt!*

 ”Nnaaaaaaaah! Igiiiiiiiiiiii!”

 Akira gasped and arched her back, and I spat out the white slime into her, savoring the sensation as if my back would give out from the tremendous pleasure.

 ”Ah, ahh… i-it was amazing…”

 As I pulled out my cock from her fully ejaculated pussy, she slumped against the mirror stand and collapsed with semen dripping from her open pussy.

 ”Aahn… It’s left open in the shape of Master’s cock, hahn, the semen’s dripping…”

 In the mirror, I see Akira’s face in a state of debauchery, as if her soul had been drained from her climax, and she smiles happily when her eyes meet mine.

 ”Akira, I mean… I fucked you pretty hard… are you okay?”

 ”Yes, I’m fine. …It was really good. But the audience has no idea that my stomach is full of semen… *Pant* I’m getting excited again thinking about that”

 Akira then tried to reach for my cock again.

 But at that moment, I heard a knock at the door.

 ”Mizuki-san, please stand by!”

 ”Yes, I-I’m coming!”

 Akira replied outside the door with her lips pouting, “Too bad..”.

 Then, she starts to get ready hurriedly, but she looks visibly unhappy, which is so cute that I can’t help but reach out my hand to her head.

 ”When the stage is over, I’ll take care of you until morning, so do your best”

 ”Really?? Then! I’ll do my best!”

 Akira’s smile is as bright as the sun coming out of a clear sky.

 Then I saw her go out of the backstage, and I moved to the audience seats.

 From this point on, I’m just an audience. But

 ――Akira kept winking and waving at me from the stage, as if to show that I’m special, and I ended up getting a lot of quizzical looks from the audience around me.

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