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Chapter 346 Misty the Paradise Tokyo Gangsta Great Escape, Part One

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 The owner, a white man with a face like a rock, scowled me.

 Right now, I’m in the center of Thaniya Street.

 Inside the bar which is dimly lit before it opens, and there are a number of dance poles propped up on a stage in the center of the bar, slightly reflected by the light bulbs on the counter.

 After the owner scowled me, he continued to spoke up in English with a dumbfounded look on his face.

“A ladyboy, huh? I don’t know if you’re a man or a woman, but it’s the charm in the middle that counts. I don’t know where you had your surgery, but if you have a perfect body like a woman, you won’t get any customers. Are you kidding me?”

 ”I didn’t choose to be like this either”

 ”I don’t give a damn about your situation. I can’t hire you. But I can introduce you to a Go-Go bar in Soi Cowboy. It’s run by my brother. You can work as long as you’re not a ladyboy and you’re 100% female”

 ”As a waitress?”

 ”Are you nuts!? Did you leave your brain at home, little girl? Of course it’s a Sǒopheenii”


 I tilted my head at the unfamiliar term, and the owner cowered in a gesture of white exaggeration.

 ”A Prostitute. Really, you don’t know anything, huh? You dance in a Go-Go bar and take customers when the stage is cleared. And Soi Cowboy is the only place for foreigners who don’t accept Thais (Krungtheph/กรุงเทพ). The customers are good. It’s close to Sukhumvit. There’s also a lot of Japanese (Khn ỵī̀pùn/คนญี่ปุ่น) on there”

 After he only told me the name of the bar, I left the bar as if I was being driven away, but it is already evening.

 In here, the sun, like a rotten mandarin, mixed with the orange and black of the tropics, is staining the cracked asphalt, and the flashy neon lights, like those of a pachinko parlor or a famous supermarket in the Kansai area, are beginning to glow.

 There are also food stalls on the street.

 But, next to a stall selling deep-fried sweets like Sata Andagi, there is a wrinkled old woman selling adult toys.

 (Adult toys at a food stall…)

 I couldn’t help but laugh.

 Here, anything goes, as long as it sells.

 At any rate, I went into a convenience store and bought a can of coffee and a cigarette.

 But when the clerk talked to me, he looked a little puzzled as I replied “I don’t understand Thai (Mâi Kôi Jâi Pursathai (?)”, after all it was the only Thai I could remember.

 Anyway, I sat down in the back alley and smoked a cigarette.

 ”A prostitute… well, I guess it’s a little late for that”

 That’s right. It’s too late. I don’t feel much resistance to being held by men anymore.

 In fact, I’m glad I’m a woman if I’m going to be thrown into a place like this alone. It is difficult for a person without a family register or a passport to make money.

 It’s a completely different story if I have something to sell or not.

 In the case of the bar I saw earlier, I just entered a bar specializing in ladyboys with a shallow idea that it would be more comfortable for me to pretend that I was formerly a male so that I can do it as a male.

 Well, whether I’m a prostitute or not, I don’t care as long as I can make money. After all, there’s nothing good about being a man when I don’t even have the essential part.

 As I thought that, I looked up at the sky.

 The sky is a rectangle which has been cut off by buildings. And the neon lights are so bright that when the sun goes down, I can hardly see the stars.

 I thought I could see Orion’s triple star, but I didn’t know if Orion itself is visible from this country.

 ”…How did I end up in this mess?”

 Before coming to this street, I found myself in a woman’s body, in a container bound for Southeast Asia. And when I arrived on land, I could smell the slight smell of spices in the wind.

 ”You, this way”

 Then, I’m separated from the girls I’ve been transported with and put in a separate car.

 ”We’re going to the auction. We have a buyer for you”

 The nasty white middleman looks me up and down and then nods.

 ”You’re lucky. Rattori-san is good. He doesn’t enjoy chopping up women, and if he likes you, he’ll probably take good care of you. He prefers white women”

 That’s what the middleman said, but a man who buys a kidnapped woman can’t be serious.

 After arrived, I was taken to a reasonably large mansion and handed over to the local old man, who looked like a fat man with a short beard and bald head.

 I couldn’t understand a word he said, but he seemed to like me very much, and as soon as the middleman left, he took me into his bedroom and started having s*xual relations with me.

 ”I’m a man”

 I insisted in English, but he just laughed at me like a fool.

 That’s true. My body is completely female. I guess he thought I was just telling stupid lies because I didn’t want to be raped.

 Anyway, why are women’s bodies so weak? I can’t push away even a small fat man.

 Kissing an old man who smelled of cigarettes was the worst. Being held by an old bald man was hell.

 Above all, although I had ripped girls’ virginity membranes many times, I never thought it would be so painful to have my membranes ripped off.

 Every day, the old man spent a lot of time with me. And the only thing that saved my life was that he gave me a pill, because he didn’t want me to pregnant.

 I am put in a collar, dressed in a pretty see-through baby doll and kept in a bedroom. Those are the days.

 On top of that, he forced a tattoist to tattoo a completely unreadable Thai word on my back, claiming that it was “my love”.

 But, it must have been his name, but thankfully it was invisible with my clothes on.

 Still, habit is a terrible thing. After the first week, I started to feel more and more comfortable having do it with him, and the sooner I could make him come, the sooner it would be over. Thinking so, I continued to actively serve the old man.

 I think the reason why I began to feel more or less intimate with the old man was because my mind was influenced by the woman’s body.

 But one day, after about a month of such a life, I was awakened by the sound of gunfire.

 In the middle of the night, a group of people with machine guns came into the house. I myself escaped by hiding under the bed, but the old man, who was trying to run for his life, was blown up like a firework by the limousine.

 I found out later that the house I was brought to was located near the border of Malaysia and Thailand, and the man who bought me was a rich old man who had made a fortune in drugs.

 Apparently, he had been caught red-handed cheating on his sales and had been purged.

 And from that time, from among the confused servants who had lost their master, I seduced a young gardener who had been showing signs of interest in me and said, “We’re going to be killed too. Let’s run away together” then he gave me a pair of jeans and a T-shirt to change into and brought me to Bangkok.

 Then, the night we arrived in Bangkok. While he was sleeping, I took his wallet and ran away from the hotel.

 It must have been all he had. But, although he had a good amount of money in his wallet, it would not last long.

 In fact, the contents of his wallet were about to run out.

 I wanted to go back to Japan, but I had no money, no passport, and no family register.

 ”If you don’t have a family register, you can buy one. A Japanese family register is so expensive that it will make your eyes pop out of your head, but as long as you have the money, you can get one”

 That’s what the bar’s owner said to me before, and I fully understand that this is a place like that.

 (Anyway, money. All I need is money. Money is everything…)

 ”Well, let’s go to the bar he introduced me to…”

 Soi Cowboy is a street right next to Asok BTS station. As the owner said, it is a red-light district for foreigners.

 The ridiculously bright neon signs are a mixture of English, Japanese and Hangul.

 There are almost no locals among the drunks who pass by, and many of them are Japanese businessmen.

 The sound of the Japanese language, which I had not heard in a long time, made me feel a bit nervous, but looking at the Japanese people from the outside, they seem to be full of good-natured atmosphere. There is too little sense of crisis.

 (No wonder… I am a dupe)

 For a moment, I thought of asking for help from some random Japanese, but the best I could do was to be taken to the embassy. I couldn’t imagine what would happen to a person without a family register.

 Then, feeling the stares of the women touting in broken Japanese as they lined up chairs in front of the bar, I walked down the street.

 The bar I was introduced to is a place called “Paradise Tokyo” in the center of the street. Very funny. Compared to this place, Tokyo may indeed be a paradise.

 I told the door staff the name of the bar on Thaniya Street, tipped them to call the owner, and soon a burly black man in a suit appeared.

 ”I’m here through your brother. I want you to hire me”

 Because of his brother’s introduction, the bar serves Japanese customers. I have to say, I’m quite beautiful as a woman. On top of that, I can speak Japanese, so there’s nothing to be said about that, and I was hired immediately.

 ”So, what’s your name?”

 ”Kirito… Kirito Hikami”

 When I said this, the owner gave me a troublesome look.

 ”Japanese names are hard to pronounce. Well, what does Kirito mean?”

 ”Meaning? It means fog (mist)”

 ”Then your stage name should be “Misty”. I’ll have you work tonight. Do you need a place to live?”

 ”Yes, thank you”

 That day, I became Misty of Paradise Tokyo.

Kirito Hikami makes a surprise reappearance. It’s a very typical interlude.

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