Confinement 348

Chapter 348 Misty the Paradise Tokyo Gangsta Great Escape, Part Three

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 The Tuk-Tuk driving us went south to Ratchadamri Road, around the corner from Erawan Shrine. Then after a few moments, we arrived at Jenny’s apartment in the back alleys of Si Lom.

 ”400 baht”

 Water-kun says, holding out his hand, several times the market price.

 But Jenny slapped his hand and said, “Bill this to the bar later, you little prick” and sent him away in frustration.

 Then, we went up the stairs to the far end of the third-floor corridor, where the light bulbs flickered on and off.

 As she said, “Come in”, I followed her to the room.

 Looking around, the room is an extremely plain and dreary one-room apartment, unlike a woman’s room.

 The floor and walls are bare of concrete.

 There are two steel lockers like those in an office.

 A mattress on a pipe bed.

 And on the table is a bottle of Jack Daniels and a handgun that seemed to be in the process of being disassembled and reassembled.

 As I sit down on the bed, Jenny pulls her phone out from her cargo pants pocket and calls the owner.

 After a brief conversation, she hung up and turned to me.

 ”Well, it looks like the case against the bar is settled”

 ”Did they have been killed?”

 ”No, the boss just talked them out of it and reported them to the police. He said they were low-level guys from the South. About drugs”

 (That means the same people who killed the old man are after me… what a bunch of bored people. Why don’t they just leave me alone?)

 ”So, Misty. Do you have any idea what’s going on?”

 ”You could say I do”

 I chuckle, and Jenny shrugs her shoulders in annoyance.

 ”What’s that supposed to mean?”

 ”I mean, it’s almost an accusation”

 ”But it’s more than an accusation. Wielding a gun in a place like that is pretty bad. Before you know it, you might be walking into some pretty bad shit”

 ”I’ll be fine with Jenny protecting me”

 ”Idiot. I’m not your bodyguard. I’m just doing what the owner told me to do”

 ”Don’t be a pussy”

 ”But… if you really want me to protect you…”

 Jenny narrowed her eyes as if she was planning something. Then she smiles and says.

 ”Coffee (Koohii?) (Let me fuck you)”

 It’s a mistake that Japanese people often make in Thailand, but in Thai, “Koo” means “Please” and “hii” means “female genitalia”. In other words, “let me fuck you”.

 In here, if a woman asks for “coffee (Koohii)” in Japanese, a scary man will come out from the back of the cafe and take her into his office.

 ”Oh, Jenny, are you from that side?”

 ”I’ve always wanted to fuck you, you know. So? Koohiittdaimai(?) (Please let me fuck you (Fakku sa sete kudasai))”

 ”I know it’s not always polite to say it, but…”

 As a side note, there are quite a few words for s*x in Thai.

 Like “iett” that Jenny mentioned, and the most straightforward word for s*x is “Aokan”.

 It doesn’t necessarily mean s*x in the open air, but it’s very easy for Japanese to remember.

 I smiled at Jenny, who came at me with the expression of a virgin who just got her first chance to get laid.

 ”Hmm… well, okay. Let’s do it”


 I said simply, and Jenny looked a little puzzled.

 Normally, people would be reluctant to do something between two people of the same s*x unless they had the right reasons. Perhaps Jenny had been rejected many times before.

 I think that’s why she came to me in such a patronizing way.

 But I’m a man inside.

 If a woman asks me to have s*x with her, I feel rather lucky.

 It is true that Jenny is not so beautiful, but to my Japanese eyes, she looks pretty enough.

 To be honest, it’s a pity that she doesn’t have a dick, but the thought of being able to lay a strong, muscular woman and make her moan wildly is exciting.

 ”Well, Jenny, lie on the bed. I owe you. I’ll make you feel good”


 Jenny looked like an expectant, unattractive boy. Her nose is puffed up in excitement.

 Then with a slight confuse, she took off her boots and cargo pants and lay down on the bed wearing only a tank top and shorts.

 ”I’ll take good care of you”

 As I said this, I pulled up the hem of her tank top to reveal her beautifully sculpted six-pack abs.

 ”Wow, you’ve got a cool stomach…”

 ”I-I see… Fuhi”

 Her face smirked sloppily. When I make eye contact with her, she immediately swings her gaze into the air.

 (…she’s like a virgin boy who’s been dragged to a cabaret for the first time…)

 I kiss her navel and insert my tongue.

 When I tickled her navel with the tip of my tongue, Jenny twisted her body and said, “Nnn”.

 I continue to run my tongue along the crack of her muscle, and dive between her legs.

 (I knew it, her body odor is strong…)

 However, it is a little better than that of white men (Hakujin).

 It may vary from person to person, but the fat guy I met the other day is the worst, he smelled like a stable of elephants at the zoo.

 ”Then… let me take it off”

 Jenny gulped as I pulled her shorts off her muscular thighs. She didn’t seem to have much experience.

 In fact, her vagina is rather neat and unused. Like most white people, she had her pubic hair neatly trimmed and shaved.

 ”Ahaha, it’s a cute pussy”

 When I say this, Jenny tries to say something back, but before she can, I pinch her clit between my lips, peel off the skin, and roll it around with the tip of my tongue.

 ”Oh! Oh! Oh my God! Oh, my God!”

 Immediately, she holds her head and starts writhing wildly.

 (Yes, the sensitivity is good… but her voice is loud)

 Still, I always think that the reaction of western people, both men and women, is just “Oh my God”. I think their vocabulary is too small.

 As I sucked her clitoris relentlessly and continued to tease her private parts with my fingers, her white skin gradually turned red, and beads of sweat began to appear on her forehead.

 ”Ohh, ahh, oh my god! Ohhh!”

 Judging from her reaction, Jenny is quite sensitive. Moreover, as I continued to work on the shallow part of her vagina, thick honey dripped down my fingers and onto her wrist.

 (She’s so cute…)

 I’ve been making women cum as a man, and I’ve always been confident in my fingering skills, but now that I’m in a woman’s body and I’ve experienced firsthand how and where to stimulate the woman’s body, there are no blind spots.

 With my fingertips still inside her, I do not move them as if I am trying to hurry her.

 But still, Jenny’s eyebrows are lowered into a c shape, and she makes a “Sshh, ssshh” sound as if she’s pushing air out from between her teeth.

 Her sound, which I’d heard before in Western AV, started to amuse me.

 ”Do you want me to make you cum?”

 I asked, and Jenny gave me a shy look and nodded her head like a virgin.

 ”Yes, please. Purizu”


 Her face turns red and her eyes water, and I begin to move my fingers faster.

 ”Nnah?! Hiiiiii, ah, ah! Ohhhhhh!”

 I bend my fingertips and rub up her clitoris with my thumb while tormenting her G-spot.

 After a short while, Jenny’s moans turned high-pitched, and her hand tapped the bed as she struggled.

 ”Nhiiiiiiiii!? Cumming! I’m Cummming, no! Aah!” (*Note: in English)

 It looks like she’s about to come, but that is too much for her.

 (Haha, if I can get her to cum tonight at this rate and make her crazy about me, I’ll have a handy pet and bodyguard)

 But while I was thinking about this, there is a sudden noise downstairs.

 ”Sorry, Jenny”


 I stopped playing. I pull my finger out of her vagina, get off the bed, and look down through the window blinds.

 Then I let out a big sigh.

 ”Jenny… I’m sorry, but I think we’re done here. There’s a bunch of guys with guns coming up this way”

 I saw a line of cars on the not-so-wide street in front of the apartment building.

 And I saw Thai people with guns in their hands getting out of their cars one after another.

 (It’s not funny. How did they know we were here?)

 My question is answered by a pissed-off Jenny, who silently put on her shorts and put her cargo pants.

 ”Water… I’ll kill you”

 Well, that’s all we can think of.

 Apparently, we’d been sold.

 But that’s not the point right now.

 We’ve got to find a way out of here.

 ”Jenny, is there a back door?”

 ”Nope” (*Note: in English)

 ”What are we gonna do?”

 Glaring at my panic, Jenny screamed.

 ”Shut up, bitch! I’m pissed to death! If you don’t want to die, go stuff your mouth with gramma’s roast and cower in the corner of the room!”

 It seems Jenny is pissed off because she was interrupted just before she came.

 So with that situation, she opens the steel locker with all her might and pockets two handguns.

 She then carried a shotgun on her shoulder, and finally took out a large steel cylinder-like object, loaded it with a diamond-shaped warhead, and carried it up on her shoulder.

 ”No way…”

 I’m speechless at this.

 I know what it is when I see it.

 I’ve seen it in the movies.

 It’s a Russian-made anti-tank grenade launcher – an RPG7.

 (Why the hell does she have one of those?)

 Jenny pushes the stunned me away, holds it up to the convoy outside the window, and pulls the trigger at once.


 Unconsciously, I crouch down and covering my ears.

 Immediately, the warhead shoots out with a tremendous sound and white smoke.

 The impact of the propellant nearly dislocates Jenny’s body, but the gas shot from the rear of the cylinder cancels out the impact.

 The gas is so thick that it covers Jenny’s entire body.

 Then, following the violent sound of the explosion, a tremendous explosion echoed simultaneously with the impact.

 (This is crazy!)

 I stared up at Jenny, who had started the war all by herself.

 She threw down the tube she is carrying carelessly, reloaded the shotgun with a clang, and turned to me and said.

 ”Alright! The pest extermination has begun! Follow me!”

 This is the beginning of a long journey for Jenny and me.

 It would be a long time before we could destroy the drug traffickers and land in Japan.

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