Confinement 352

Chapter 352 The Confinement King’s Favorite

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 On the edge of the bed, with my legs wide open–

 ”…nn… nn *slurp* *lick lick*”

 A short cut, rhythmically slurping up my meat stick and moving up and down. And her swaying hair which is rubbed against my inner thighs, slightly tickling me.

 There she is, Nozomi Amemiya on her knees, sucking my cock with all her might.

 ”You’re getting pretty good at this, bitch. How’s my cock taste?”

 Nozomi spits out her meat stick with an enraptured look on her face.

 ”Puha… i-it’s delicious. Master”

 At first, I wasn’t really interested in this girl.

 As far as I was aware, she was an accessory of Kayama-san, the blonde ringlet hair.

 An underclassman I hadn’t had much contact with, and an athlete to boot. If anything, she has a masculine air about her.

 Although her face is reasonably pretty, to be honest, she is not my type.

 But when I held her, my opinion of her changed 180 degrees.

 She is an unbelievably great woman.

 She has a vagina unlike any other.

 And she’s a real masochist.

 If I had to rank her in masochist category, she would be the best in my harem by far. Probably more than Ryoko.

 Her original love interest is a girl, but the point that she has been forced to fall in love with me is high.

 For her, the situation of being submissive to a man is frustrating. However, because she is a masochist, her frustration excites her and makes her go wild, and she is like a PythagoraSwitch.

 That’s why she’s currently my favorite.

 She’s the first person I think of when I’m thinking of who to call when I’m bored.

 So now, I looked down at Nozomi with a twisted mouth, and she looked up at me.

 ”*Pant* *Pant…* Master…”

 She mumbles wistfully and takes my cock into her mouth again, as if she can’t stand it.

 Nozomi is now dressed in a red garter belt and tights. And a red dog collar. The collar is tied to a metal chain and held in my hand.

 Every time Nozomi shakes her head and takes my meat stick, the sound of the chain jingling echoes through the room.

 And as I taste Nozomi’s tongue, I watch her face.

 Her normally strong-willed eyes become molten with pleasure, and her long eyelashes sway.

 Nozomi’s face, a strong-willed woman, had turned into a dumb face with an oddly prolonged hunchback from the nose down.

 Her lips are puffed out to the extreme in order to suck on a meat stick.

 Her cheeks drooped.

 And each time her lips slid over the flesh, the sound of her slurping came to my ears.

 Then, when she still suck my cock, I reach out and grab her bare breasts.


 Nozomi’s expression clouded slightly but she didn’t refuse. However, I suddenly shivered with the excitement of torment as I roughly squeezed her small breasts because I remembered the first time I held her.

 On her first time, Nozomi was a virgin.

 In the arms of a man she didn’t like, she lost her virginity.

 I’m sure she was very unhappy.

 What’s more, it was her beloved Kayama-san who instructed her to be held by me.

 For that reason alone, I can say that I have left a deep mark on Nozomi’s life.

 Later, she came to me asking to be released so that she and Kayama-san could escape from me. But in the end, they could not escape.

 I remember the look on her face when I finally said, “I’ll let you go” after having carved the pleasure into the marrow of her bones with my cock.

 But I had never seen the body betray the mind with such clearness.

 And so at that time, she got down on her knees, tears streaming down her face, with a frustrated expression on her face, and said, “Please… please don’t throw me away”, and it made me want to cum.

 After that, she began to devour pleasure like falling down from a hill.

 And the more violent I was and the more I humiliated her, the more intense her reaction became.

 ”Enough with the cock, Nozomi. Lick my feet”


 Nozomi’s eyes glared at me for a bit.

 But then she looks down and gets down on her knees and kisses my feet.

 Yes, I can’t stand those eyes. Those eyes, so humiliated and irresistible, are the best.

 And then to make her easily lick my feet, I lifted them up, and she carefully took my toes in her mouth and started sucking on them.

 Right now, I’m really dominating Nozomi and doing as I please. It’s like a tyrant reigning over her. And thinking of this, a tingle of pleasure ran down my spine.

 ”Tomorrow, I plan to hold Kayama-san…”

 When I said this, she jolted. Then I continue…

 ”Does it bother you? Nozomi?”

 ”No, not really…”

 The sight of her trying not to let me know how upset she is turns me on.

 And looking up at the angle of my cock, Nozomi’s tongue seems to move even faster.

 ”Nozomi, get up on the bed and I’ll hold you”

 I say, and she looks up at me with a look of shock. Her thick eyebrows, reminding me of her strength of will, now drooped.

 ”Y-Yes… P-Please”

 Then, as she was told, Nozomi climbed onto the bed and got down on all fours to hide her blushing face.

 ”Stick your ass out more. Open your legs more!”


 Nozomi obeys slowly, but her movements are so sluggish that I whip out the rose whip I’ve prepared by the bed.

 Crack! a sharp, dry sound, and the whip cracks on Nozomi’s hip.


 As I watched Nozomi’s back arched, I swung the whip two or three more times.

 This type of whip, often seen in variety shows, is loud but not so painful.

 But even so, Nozomi’s tightly toned buttocks soon turned pink.

 I slapped her even harder, making her squirm.

 ”P-Please forgive me! I’m sorry. Ah, please… Hii!?”

 Nozomi screamed in the rain of whips. Then, in a panic, she does as she’s told.

 She opened her legs fully and stuck her hips out in a bitch pose.

 She is on all fours, but her body is down so low that her face touches the floor.

 ”You should have done that from the start, bitch”

 ”S-Sorry… M-Master”

 Then, I stand behind her, imagining what her face will look like when she’s down.

 My bare cock is already pointing upward, painfully tense.

 Nozomi’s ass also raised as she crawls.

 And with a red garter belt and tights on her back, she is a sight to behold.

 It’s the kind of beauty that makes me want to burn it into my brain for as long as I can.

 (…I can’t get enough)

 Her pubic region is ripped open, and a single vertical crack runs through it, revealing bright pink soft flesh.

 Then, without thinking, I thrust my finger into her flesh.

 ”Hauun… aaah”

 With a slurping sound, a string of highly viscous love juice begins to flow.

 Her insides are completely moist.

 She must have been wetting herself since she is sucking on my cock.

 And so, after I confirm the wetness, I got down on my knees behind Nozomi and placed my cock on her pussy.

 Slowly, I inserted the tip.

 ”Ah… Nnn…”

 Nozomi twitched.

 I let the tip slide in and out shallowly, and began to poke around in her shallows.

 ”Uh, uh… ah, ah…”

 After a moment, Nozomi begins to wriggle her hips in frustration.

 ”D… Don’t tease me, please…”

 ”Shut up. You shameless bitch”

 ”Kuh… Uuu…”

 She turns around and her face is covered with shame.

 However, despite her frustrated expression, her hips seemed blatantly greedy, and she began to move.

 ”If you want it, ask for it. I taught you that, right?”

 ”Kuh… N-Nozomi is a perverted bitch who can’t live without her master’s cock. So, please give this miserable bitch your cock. I’ll be your cock-sucking hole for the rest of my life, so please, stick your cock in me and make me a mess”

 She only looked uncomfortable for the first moment, but as the lewd words poured out of her mouth, her breathing became more and more ragged, and her expression became more and more debauched.

 Then, I finally grabbed Nozomi’s hips and thrust my cock into her.

 ”Nhaaaaaaaaaa!? Aahh, ah, ah, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

 A scream bursts from her throat. And it a dramatic reaction. Nozomi screamed like a beast as I thrust deep inside her at once.

 ”Does it feel good, Nozomi?”

 ”Auuu… i-it feels so good… hiinh, ahi, ah, ah…”

 As I listened, I pumped my cock hard.

 And she couldn’t even respond to my thrusts.

 ”Come on! Come on! Come on!”

 I shouted teasingly, thrusting deeper into her with increasing force.

 ”No, no… I-It’s so rough, ahn, M-Master… S-Stop, ah, ah, ah, ahi, aaaah…”

 Nozomi’s body is gradually pushed forward and the sheets crease like waves.

 Her vagina feels the best, after all. It’s as if she is born only to pleasure men.

 ”Nhi, no!? Ahi, aaaaaaaaaaaaa!!”

 As I’m thrusting into her, Nozomi’s voice suddenly changes tone.

 Nozomi’s eyes are closed tightly and her teeth are clenched. Both hands are clenching the sheets as hard as they can.

 She’s definitely cumming.

 But I grabbed Nozomi’s hips and started pumping even harder.

 ”Nozomi, tell me when you’re cumming! You understand!”

 ”Y-Yes… Aaaaah, ah, ah, ah! I-I’m gonna cum again…”

 I slammed my hips as if to punish her. And because it’s so hard, Nozomi’s body is thrown forward.

 ”I-I’m cumming! Cumming! Cumming, cumming, cumming, cumming, cumming, cumming! Aaahhhhhhh!!!”

 Nozomi let out a high-pitched scream and arched her back, her vaginal flesh instantly tightening around my cock.

 And with a scowl on my face, I unleashed my semen into her inside.

 *Spurt!* *Spurttttt!* *Spurtttttt!*

 The hot torrent that was swirling around the base made a sound, and flowed into her inside.

 ”Uah… ah, it’s so hot, ah, ah, ah, hyaaaaaaa!”

 And then, with one last high-pitched scream, Nozomi lost her strength and fell flat on her back.

 Eventually, as I finish filling her trembling body with my cock, I let out a sigh and pull out my load.

 Then, grabbing her by the hair and pulling her upright, I thrust my dirty cock into her mouth and make her suck it clean, moaning and not looking at me.

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