Confinement 351

Chapter 351 The Perverted Act in Classroom

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 With the sun already setting and the schoolyard empty, I follow the Confinement King to the end of the first floor, to the first year’s classroom.

 ”…It’s been a long time”

 ”Classrooms are the same as anywhere else, aren’t they?”

 Confinement King says something irritating when I’m feeling sentimental.

 ”What are you talking about? The view from the window is different, the atmosphere is different. Don’t you understand? This is the first year’s fresh air”

 ”Well, the view is different, that’s for sure”

 First-year students are on the first floor. And it is our school’s custom to move to a classroom on a higher floor as the students advance in grade.

 This was the classroom that Confinement King and I had used when we were first-year students.

 ”But why are we here?”

 I asked, and Confinement King, with a slightly distant look in his eyes, pointed to a seat in the middle of the classroom.

 ”Tashiro-san is sitting in that seat, right?”

 ”How can you remember someone’s seat? Umu, that’s right, during the third semester of the first year”

 ”And I’m sitting diagonally behind you”

 ”What!? Y-You were that close to me!?”

 I’m surprised to hear that.

 I tried to remember, but the most I could remember is that Shima was sitting right behind me. At that time, Shima still had long hair.

 And at the same time, regret welled up inside me.

 ”What a blind eye I have… If I’d realized the existence of the Confinement King in my first year, I could have spent my second and third years together with you in love”

 Confinement King laughed as I gnashed my teeth.

 ”I don’t think that’s possible. You don’t even know I’m here. Back then, Tashiro-san was the center of the class, the leader adored by everyone, and I admired you… and I was happy to be seated near you… and I kept looking at you”

 ”You should’ve confessed to me! Then maybe…”

 I really thought that the past me would have seen through this best man’s true nature and accepted his love.

 ”If I do that, you’ll probably think, “What the hell is he talking about?”. And I’d probably end up being labeled as disgusting”

 ”T-That can’t be true!”

 ”Tashiro-san is so gallant, I couldn’t imagine her wanting to go out with me”

 ”No, it’s… it’s embarrassing!”

 ”But I didn’t think you’d be this clumsy”

 ”Stop raising and dropping me!”

 I shouted, and the Confinement King suddenly turned serious and took my hand.

 ”That’s why… I wanted to make Tashiro-san mine in this classroom. It’s like a story of shady mob made the princess of the class his property”

 ”That’s… that’s kind of perverted”

 ”Yes, but…”

 He guided my hand to his crotch.

 I felt it hard through the fabric of his pants and I couldn’t help but widen my eyes at the feel of his fully erect cock.

 ”I’m so excited that even you are surprised, right?”

 (I-It’s so hard and tense…)

 I couldn’t help but feel my cheeks heat up.

 (Oh, it’s so tense. That must mean he’s going to screw me hard…)

 When I thought about it, I felt as if my heart would burst with anticipation.

 ”I-It can’t be h-helped, right? Aha, ha, ha, ha. All right! Fine, y-you can throw all your desires at me!”

 ”Then… take it off, Ui”

 With that said, Confinement King’s eyes turned cold and he suddenly changed the way he called me. He’s switched to master mode.

 (Oh… Confinement King, I love your eyes. It’s thrilling)

 As I was told, I took off my jacket and unbuttoned my blouse. Each time I unbutton it, my favorite mugwort-colored bra is revealed.

 Then, I take off my blouse and put my hand on the hook at my waist. My skirt falls to the floor, exposing my panties of the same color as my bra.

 Once again, I glance up at him.

 And the look in his eyes said, “Take everything off”.

 I always wonder whether he is a different person when this happens. But I like Confinement King.

 So, I take off my bra and panties, and he also takes off his pants.

 In the moonlight shining through the window, I see the silhouette of his magnificent, towering cock. He is breathing hard and throbbing.

 Without saying a word, he pulls my hand and leads me to the window.

 ”You don’t need foreplay, do you?”


 He fucks my mouth in the library, fondles me until it’s time to leave, and then leaves me to it no matter how much I beg.

 I guess that was the reason he wanted to fuck me here.

 (What a horrible man. Isn’t this the work of a devil? Still, I can’t hate him… I guess that’s the weakness of love…)

 ”Put your hands on the window”


 I’m confused by that.

 Even though it’s pitch black, the window is completely visible from outside.

 I don’t know how often the guards makes their rounds, but I’m sure they’ll notice me if they pass by.

 As I hesitated, Confinement King whispered me in my ear.

 ”Do you want me to throw you away?”

 An electric current tingle down my spine. I know there’s no way he’s going to do that. But if that happened, I probably wouldn’t be able to live anymore.


 I moaned, putting my hand against the glass of the window and sticking my ass out towards him.

 My reflection in the window is completely lustful and sallow. By all appearances, I am aroused in anticipation of being penetrated by his muscular cock.

 ”You want it, don’t you?”


 When I said that, his reflection in the window shuddered and trembled. Maybe I’d imagined it.

 When I was a freshman, I imagined him raping me.

 But when I still thought so, he silently grabbed my buttocks, aimed at my pussy from behind, and thrust his hips forward at once.

 ”Nhi, nnn… aaaaah!!”

 My narrow canal is pushed open, and the raging tension fills my body.

 And because my pussy is already completely wet, his tense rod penetrated to the base without much resistance.

 (This is it… this is what I wanted).

 The joy of the union washed over me.

 This is what I wanted yesterday, and now, because I’ve been kept waiting so long.

 (It’s bigger than usual… Confinement King, is he too excited?)

 I am amazed at how much more magnificent it is than usual. Even though I didn’t move it, the tip is hitting the innermost part of me, and it’s even a little painful.

 It made me feel proud to think that this man had longed for me to be so excited.

 ”Oh, please fuck me. Make me into the mess you’ve always wanted, Confinement King”


 He replied shortly and began to move his hips slowly.

 ”Ah, nn… nn, ah, nnn…”

 I close my eyes and feel all the sensations.

 (Uuu… it’s still bigger than usual)

 The widely opened shade of his glans rubs up my vaginal hole which is covered with countless folds.

 Each of the rubbing caused my legs to tremble in pleasure.

 ”Nn, ah, nn… ah, ah, ah…”

 Gradually, the movement of his hips accelerated, and his thrusts became more powerful.

 ”Aah, C-Confinement King…”

 Along with the change in the use of his hips, the pleasure swelled up at once, and the glass in front of my eyes turned foggy from the heat of my breath.

 (Oh, it feels so good… this is Gekokujo, Gekokujo s*x, right?)

 I didn’t mean it that way at all, but if Confinement King is right, I am an object of admiration, while he is a bottom who is not even noticed. I guess it can be called Gekokujo (an inverted social order when the lowly reigned).

 (Confinement King gets the pleasure of making me fall, and I get the pleasure of falling… What a win-win relationship, as expected, Confinement King and I are the best couple!


 ”Ah, nnah, ah… haah, nnn…”

 As he thrusts into my innermost region, a shock runs up my spine, making my head numb.

 ”What’s the matter Ui, you’ve been tightening up so much. Did you really want to be fucked that badly?”

 Confinement King says to me, as if he’s making fun of me.

 ”E-Even though you know it, y-you’re so mean, Confinement King…”

 Confinement King then thrusts his cock deep into me and twists it even deeper with a lot of force.


 I couldn’t help but shake my head and let out a scream.

 ”O-Okay. I’ll tell you! I’ll tell you! I wanted to be fucked! I really wanted to be fucked! I wanted your brawny cock so badly, I couldn’t help it!”

 ”You’re so cute when you’re honest”

 Then he grabbed me firmly by the waist and began to fuck me fiercely.

 ”Ah, C-Confinement King! Hiah, nnah, haah, hyaaaannnh…!”

 I let out a high-pitched scream that surprised even me, as he thrust into me so hard that I felt like I was on fire.

 (Oh, it’s so intense… I-I-I’m being fucked…)

 The tormenting sensation of Doggy Style aroused me.

 I didn’t know when the guards would come around. So, I’m trying to keep my voice down, but every time I’m penetrated, a sweet cry comes out of my mouth.

 ”Nn, nh! Ah, nnn! Nnah, haan, nn, fuuunn!”

 I hold my mouth with one hand and try my best to keep my voice down, but Confinement King wickedly squeezes my waist and starts to move it in a circular motion.


 The pleasure of having my cervix rubbed by the tip of his glans made me involuntarily cower and scream loudly.

 ”It’s irresistible when I rub your pussy like this, isn’t it?”

 ”I-It’s not fair, Confinement King!”

 ”Not fair? I’m the gamebook!”


 ”…I mean it’s a rule book”

 Really… He’s such a tightwad.

 But he’s cute when he gets it wrong at the critical moment.

 I can’t help but love the Confinement King.

 Just as I thought this, Confinement King, perhaps hiding his embarrassment, started to grind on my inside even harder.

 ”Oh, it’s no good! *Pant* the grinding is too… ahh! Ahh, nhahh! Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

 I moaned with my mouth wide open, as he tortured me to the hilt.

 And eventually, his hips shifted from a circular motion to a back and forth motion, and he began to pump even harder than before.

 It made the dark classroom reverberate with the dry sound of flesh colliding with flesh.

 ”Ooh, it’s so intense! I can’t do this again, I feel too much, nnn! Ah, it’s so good! ahh, no, nhah, ahhn!”

 ”Ui, who do you belong to? Tell me!”

 ”Confinement King’s! I’m the Confinement King’s property! Poke me harder! Make my insides a mess with your stuff!”


 After I say that, Confinement King covers me from behind, grabs my breasts and starts to shake his hips even harder.

 ”Yes, you’re mine!”

 ”Mhm, I love you! I love you, Confinement King, nah, aaahn!”

 He thrusts into me hard, and the waves of s*xual sensation rise in a rapid upward curve.

 In the pitch-black classroom, my sweet cries and the sound of the water rushing in and out of me echoed fiercely.

 ”Oh, Ui! Ui! Kuh!”

 Then, with a final thrust, the rod explodes in the deepest part of my body.

 *Spurt!* *Spurt!* *Spurttttt!*

 ”Aaah, I’m cumming, I’m cummiiiiiiing!”

 I let out a high-pitched squeal of ecstasy, and arched my back to reach the peak of arousal.

 (It’s amazing… it’s throbbing… a huge amount is coming out…)

 His cock pulsed intermittently, flooding my womb with a thick stream of semen. I felt like I knew how excited Confinement King was.

 After a while, when the pulsing stopped, Confinement King looked into my face.

 ”Ui, thank you. I’m sorry for making you go through all this”

 ”*Pant pant pant…* C-Confinement King… if you’re feeling bad… then I want a reward”


 ”I want you to… pat me… I mean… on my head”


 Actually, I’ve always wanted to ask him for a favor myself, ever since I saw Takasago begging for one.

 ”Is this okay?”

 As he gently pats my head, a feeling of happiness spreads in my heart.

 For a while, he just kept stroking my head.

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