Confinement 355

Chapter 355 Butaudia (Pigdia)

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 ”Kuh… I never thought this would happen”

 Claudia’s cheeks distorted in frustration.

 Her arms are chained to two chains hanging from the ceiling, and leather restraints are attached to the ends of the chains.

 Her posture is painful, with her toes barely touching the floor, and every time she moved her body, her toes would separate from the floor and her weight would shift to her arms.

 The only way to endure the pain in her arms is to stand on her toes, stretching her back as hard as she can, and her naked body is fully covered with sweat.

 ”Hah! Looks like this is the end of the road for Detective JK”

 I lick Claudia’s body while distorting my mouth in a lustful way, and she gives me a humiliated look.

 ”Still… you’ve got a nice body”

 Her breasts jutted out. Her small nipples, which colored above her white breasts, have already risen halfway up and are trembling as they face the sky.

 ”D-Don’t… Don’t look at me!”

 Claudia cried out, and I deliberately made a lewd expression and looked at her body as if I were licking it.

 Now, the reason why this is happening is…

 ”Fumio, let’s do image play!”

 Because Claudia said something like that.

 And it was like, “Isono, let’s play baseball!” or something like that. (*Note: from Sazae-san)

 ”Image play?”

 When I tilted my head, Nakajima, aka Claudia, snorted proudly, “Hmm, hmm”.

 ”If I’m going to be tortured, I’d like to be captured and trained as a female dog by the little villain who exposed my past misdeeds”

 ”Isn’t that harsh!?”

 But it’s still a pretty intriguing situation.

 I ducked down between Claudia’s legs and split her flesh open with my fingers.

 Her pubic flesh is already wet and glistening with pink.

 ”Hah… you said stop, stop, but you’re already soaking it up… you must have been expecting it, right, slutty detective-san?”

 ”D-Don’t be ridiculous…”

 Claudia turned her head away, but her cheeks are already burning red.

 ”You’re so naive. Your body is so honest”

 I slide my finger into her vagina, and Claudia writhes violently.

 ”Ah, kuh… nahhhhh!”

 My fingertip sinks all the way down. And Claudia’s insides swallow it without much resistance.

 ”Ah, aaah, aaah! No, aaah!”

 I lean in close to her writhing body, grinding her crotch and squeezing her firm breasts.

 And then, I sucked her achingly erect nipple into my mouth.

 ”Kuaaahhh! Ahhhh! No, no, no, damn it… w-why am I like this… aah!”

 ”Heh heh heh… Detective-san, you’re no good as a detective. Your nipples are standing up so proudly”

 The lines are amateurish, but that’s okay.

 In fact, it sounds more like a little villain.

 And *Snap!* I flicked Claudia’s nipple with my finger, and her whole breast trembled.

 ”Oh no…!”

 Claudia turned her face away, but I still grabbed Claudia’s swollen nipple, squeezing it further.

 ”Your nipples are so hard, they’re twitching!”

 ”Hey? Do you need to say that? You’re not very good at that!”

 ”Shut up! You cheeky detective!”

 I licked her nipples up and down, and her dark eyes shook unsteadily from the dual stimulation of her crotch being played around with.

 ”Aaahhh! Ah! Aah, aah, aah…!”

 Sometimes shallowly, sometimes deeply, as I rhythmically pumped her, Claudia gradually began to thrust her hips toward my fingers.

 ”Hah… Your hips are moving greedily, Detective-san”

 ”No… I don’t…”

 But in fact, Claudia’s crotch is already melting into mush.

 Her nectar overflowed and dripped down, soaking my hand, and her whole body burning hot like crazy.

 ”No moreeee… please forgive me, please forgive me…”

 Claudia screams.

 Her chains jingled, and Claudia’s joints creaked.

 ”Be honest with me. You already want it, don’t you?”

 ”I-I don’t… of course not!”

 ”Why don’t you just admit it. Your dirty little body wants a real cock”

 ”W-Why would I want that…”

 ”Well, how about this!”

 I bend my fingers inside her and rub up against the sensitive spot in her honey pot.

 ”Nhah? D-Don’t do that! That’s… ah, ah, ah, ah, aaaaah, aaaaah!!”

 Suddenly, a gush of honey juice shot out from between Claudia’s legs.

 This surprised me, too. It’s like a fountain, splashing from between her legs.

 (Wow… really? It’s awesome!)

 ”Hyahahaha, you’re squirting, you dirty detective!”

 ”Ugh… stop it… don’t embarrass me any more… stop… hey, I-I’m really embarrassed… “

 Somehow, I feel like she’s actually embarrassed, but I continue acting anyway.

 ”Because of you, I was fired from my job, and my family was separated. My savings have run out, my electricity, gas, water and cable TV have been cut off, and now I’m sharing cat food with my cat. I’d feel better if I could at least turn you into a bitch!”

 And then, with all my might, I rubbed up against the G-spot again.

 ”Nnooo, a, again……”

 I don’t know how weak she is, but in just a few seconds after I stimulated her, Claudia squirted violently, and twitched.

 (I mean… isn’t she more developed than before?)

 My guess is that after Claudia has lost her virginity. She must have been indulging herself in pleasure and enjoying herself to the fullest since she had been living an ascetic life as a saint.

 ”Ah… ah…”

 I twisted up her hair and yelled in her ear.

 ”Come on! Tell me you want my dick! Ask me to put my dick in you, you bitch!”

 ”Why… why would I…”

 ”Oh yeah, you want another squirt?”

 I bent my finger inside her vaginal canal again, and Claudia screamed in panic.

 ”Hiii! I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you, don’t do it again!”

 ”Come on, say it, say it like you want to!”

 ”Kuh… p-put your dick in me… please”

 Claudia moans out with a good look of humiliation on her face.

 She’s already drenched in sweat. Her hair is a mess. As expected of a detective, it’s a true performance.

 ”Claudia will stop being a detective and become a miserable bitch who only makes my dick feel good. Go ahead, say it”

 ”Don’t… get carried away”

 ”You still don’t know your place, do you?”

 I grab Claudia roughly by the hair and twist it up.

 ”Kuh… uggghh, Claudia… will stop being a detective and become a miserable bitch who only wants to make your cock feel good…”

 ”Repeat after me! Please, “put your dick in me”. Say it!”

 ”…ugh, please, put your dick in me…”

 ”Hehe, well said, bitch! Here’s your reward. Eat up”

 I grab her waist and plunge my cock headfirst into Claudia’s vagina. Immediately, she flinched back and screamed.

 ”Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii!? Oh noooo! It’s going innnnn!”

 From that point on, there is no holding back. I thrust my hips violently, devouring my miserable prey in a state of suspended.

 It’s a quick but long stroke that penetrates the deepest part. And there is a dull thud as her pubic bones collided with my own.

 ”Aaah! Ah! Ah! Ah, ah, ah, ah, hih, ah”

 The unsteady position in which she was held by the waist and suspended by the chain must have been very painful. I can see her arms twitching and trembling. But I’m not going to let her off the hook here.

 I thrust in further, and the meat stick went all the way in.


 Claudia clenched her teeth, turned her chin away, and tensed up. Her mouth drooled and dribbled onto the floor.

 ”Doesn’t it feel good, bitch!”

 ”That’s… that’s not true… not true…”

 ”You dirty bitch! You still need more!”

 ”N-No!? Nhiiiii!”

 I’m moving my hips even faster. Thrusting relentlessly. Pulling out and thrusting in, pulling out and thrusting in again.

 And while slamming my hips hard, I grab Claudia’s blond hair and yell at her.

 ”Hey! Be honest! Tell me it feels good, Detective-san!”

 ”Hiiiiiiiiiiii! Ah, ah, ah, ah, aaaaaaaaaah!”

 ”See! It feels good, right!? Come on! Be honest, bitch!”

 And at last she fell.

 ”So goood! I-It feels so goooddd”

 After a few more thrusts, my ejaculation is getting stronger and stronger.

 ”Come on! I’ll cum! Beg me to put it in your vagina! Tell me you want me to impregnate you!”

 ”Ohhh, let it out inside, please! In my vagina, in my vagina! Please impregnate Claudia! Impregnate me like a pigggggggg!”

 ”Hahahahaha! Detective-san! Now you’re my bitch for life! Go ahead and cry!”

 ”Buhiiiiii! Buhiiiiiiiiiiii!”

 With the pain of ejaculation already reaching my perineum, I thrust the finishing blow deep into Claudia’s vagina, right into her womb.

 ”Kuh! I’m going to cum!”


 I give her a full-throated blow that just pierces her womb. And Claudia’s eyes widened, and she thrust her tongue into the air with a scream.

 At that moment…

 *Spurt*! *Spurttttttt*!

 White muddy fluid spurts out like a shower into her womb.

 ”Uah! It, it’s coming outttt, ah, it’s hot, y-you’re gonna make me pregnant, you’re gonna make me pregnant, buhiiiiiiii! Buhiiiiiiii!”

 Claudia gasped as she arched her back.

 Then, after pouring every last drop into her, I pulled out my cock and she sagged limply in her suspended position.

 From her inner thighs came a steady stream of white liquid.

 And when I grabbed her by the hair and made her look up, there is no longer that cheeky detective.

 ”Ah… ugh… meshu-butani… rah-rah-ah… buhiii…”

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