Confinement 356

Chapter 356 Unidentified Assailant

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 ”You can do it if you try”

 ”I got my reward in advance, so I worked so hard”

 Eventually, on the following Saturday night, Claudia found out who owned the motorcycle in question and reported it to me.

 Well, the reward is a lot of work, from training a detective JK pig, to selling her off to a dirty old man, to a mattress play in a local soapland.

 She even gave birth to a baby that she didn’t even know who it belonged to, took a man into her rundown apartment, and sold herself for a small fortune in order to survive… It was really worth the four hours of image play.

 (She’s got a strong desire to get herself ruined…)

 She’s a saint, and she’s probably used to being given hardships, but even so, she’s too much of a newcomer in the masochist world.

 ”And the owner of the motorcycle is… a college student. Akira Nishida, a third-year university student in the Faculty of Science and Engineering at Nishitou Institute of Technology. To put it bluntly, he’s a bad guy. He’s what’s called a “Hangure”, or at least a potential one”

 ”Uwaa… from Yaridai?”

 Kyoko frowned, as if she didn’t like it.

 There must have been something that made her look like that.

 And now, sitting around the low table on the sofa in the bedroom is me and the so-called resident group.

 Ryoko, the acting head maid.

 Kyoko, who looks so funny in her maid uniform.

 Ulrich, who is too cute in her maid outfit.

 And then there are the nude detective sisters who wear only collars.

 Nishitou Institute of Technology (Nishitou koka daigaku), which was mentioned earlier, is a private university in a neighboring prefecture.

 Nishikodai for short.

 Or, alternatively, Seikodai.

 Hence, it was commonly called “Yaridai”.

 Contrary to the image of a single science university, it is said to be at the bottom of the deviation scale, and is even said to be a waiting place to spend four years as a moratorium period before entering the society.

 ”Just for the record, I looked into the relationship with this Hanabusa girl, but… there is no connection at all. They’re strangers, at least from what I can gather. Not even a hint”

 ”Are you sure this isn’t just a random act? I mean, the guys at that university are idiots, so it’s not surprising that they would do something like that just for fun”

 It seems that Kyoko doesn’t have a good impression of that college students.

 And because of that, I crossed my arms and thought.

 ”It was a two-seater, wasn’t it? Who’s the other one?”

 ”Well, I don’t know who was riding with him… Nishida seems to be hanging out with some bad guys using the touring club as a front, so I think he’s one of them”

 Then, Ryoko interrupted.

 ”I checked with Detective Inomoto, and the police are investigating this as a hit-and-run case, so even if Master doesn’t take the trouble, I’m sure they’ll make an arrest soon”

 ”Well… if they do arrest them, what kind of charges will they face?”

 I asked, and Ryoko answered without hesitation.

 ”In this case, it’s a combined charge of manslaughter by negligent driving and breach of the duty to provide first aid, so the maximum term of imprisonment is fifteen years. However, if the injuries are minor and it’s their first offense, also the victim appears in court even if it’s late, there’s a good chance they’ll be given a probation”

 ”Probation? What does Jolanda think?”

 ”Depends on how the master feels”

 ”Then I guess I’ll have to tear them to pieces”

 Claudia gives a weak, troubled smile, “Haha…”

 She probably thinks that if she is involved with Saori-chan, she might get the same fate.

 ”Well, let’s just say they won’t be able to recover without dying. So, Claudia, do you know where they are?”

 ”Of course. They usually hang out at the warehouse till late on weekends”

◇ ◇ ◇

 Shinji, sitting on a drum under a bare light bulb, tilted his mohawked head.

 ”So, Akira-kun, are you going to submit yourself?”

 Right now, we are in an abandoned warehouse that we call our hideout. And I threw my legs over the sofa we’d brought in there and opened my mouth.

 ”Well, my dad’s lawyer, I think I just got a probation. Besides, if the other side’s parents agree to settle the case, it might be lighter”

 ”Haha, that’s the son of distinguished businessman for you. He’s a lawyer, after all”

 On the sofa across from me, Yousuke is laughing hysterically with a bottle of Johnie Walker Black in his hand.

 ”My father is annoying. He said I should settle up with those who pull strings when I take over the business”

 I spit out as I smoked a cigarette.

 Thanks to my father’s efforts to cover up everything, I’ve never been convicted of a crime, but I’m sure it’s impossible this time.

 ”What I’m going to say to Kito-san is more important than the police… my head hurts”

 This time, it was Kito-san who gave the order.

 He wanted me to seriously injure that Hanabusa girl, that’s what he said.

 At first, I did not intend to hit and run, but to make it look like a mere accident.

 Call an ambulance, call the police, get the insurance company to settle the case, and that was it. It was supposed to be.

 But when I hit the wrong person, I panicked and ran away. Not only did it become a hit-and-run accident, but also Kito-san’s instructions failed. The thought of what the OBs would do to him made him feel uncomfortable.

 ”I can’t wait to get drunk… Hey! No girls today?”

 Normally, I would be drinking and making a fuss with the light-hearted girls in the circle, but today, there are only a man, and it’s really a shabby situation.

 Next to Yousuke, Tatsuo shrugged his shoulders.

 ”Those guys are involved with Kito-san. Those guys are being rented out for Sakura’s Konkatsu party[1]” (“Konkatsu-party” is a party with systematic operation.

 The organizer control the flow. There are many people at the party (the number is less than machi-kon) and they have to introduce oneself 1 on 1. And after a few minutes, they have to move to next seat. (It looks like conveyor belt sushi)

 Most people think about marriage seriously than machi-kon.

 The end of the party, you have to write the number(everyone have own number) if you find some good person.

 And if the person likes you too, you can get her/his contact information.)

 ”I don’t care how many OBs there are, he’s using them too much”

 At about the same time as the mohawked Shinji was saying this, a woman’s voice came from the entrance, “It’s here”.

 ”Oh, looks like the wedding party is over, huh?”

 To be honest, the voice was unfamiliar to me, I couldn’t tell who it was, but it sounded a little sad.

 ”Hey, we’re here! Come in!”

 As I called out, the large horizontal door of the warehouse slowly opened, probably because I was too drunk.

 We all tilted our heads at the same time when we saw a person pushing open the door and coming in, letting out a *Sniff…*.


 It’s a kid.

 An elementary school-aged girl with ochre-colored hair, wearing a headband that looked like dog ears. And for some reason, she is wearing a maid’s uniform.

 (What’s with her?)

 Almost at the same time as I was thinking this in my heart, Tatsuo stood up with a strange voice behind me.

 ”Ngyaaaa! It’s so cwuteeeeee!!!!”

 Apparently, he had been struck hard.

 ”Calm down, lolicon…”

 ”Sit down, lolicon…”

 Shinji and Yosuke grab Tatsuo’s shoulders and force him to sit on the sofa.

 Elementary school kids aren’t supposed to here.

 In any case, it’s not a good time for kids to wander in.

 ”Hey, little girl, this place is dangerous, so you’d better go home”

 As I said this, I turned my attention to the girl.

 But I am taken aback when I see two figures entering the warehouse late, behind the elementary school girl.

 They are two women wearing rubber masks with only the mouth opened, and full-body rubber suits (latex) that look as if they cannot breathe.

 ”Ko-ho… Ko-ho…”

 Both of them had ball gags in their mouths, drooling and leaking breathing sounds like cyborg superhumans.

 ”A pervertttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!”

 No matter how I looked at them, they are perverts.

 But it didn’t make sense.

 A kid in a dog-eared maid and two perverted women in full body rubber.

 I couldn’t imagine how I could explain such a situation.

 ”Isn’t it a surprise?”

 ”It’s too much of a surprise!”

 ”I-Is this some kind of prank?”

 ”We can’t air this on TV!”

 While we are confused, only the lolicon Tatsuo is brave.

 ”Ojou-chan, you are so cwute! L-L-Let Onii-chan lick you!”

 But just as Tatsuo grabbed the dog-eared maid’s hand and tried to pull her closer…

 There is a dull thud.

 The dog-eared maid grabbed Tatsuo’s hand back and forcefully bent it in a direction where it should not be bent.

 ”Don’t touch Ulrich, you lowlife…”


 The dog-eared maid spat coolly, causing Tatsuo to scream and roll around on the floor.

 ”What, what are these guys doing?”

 ”Hey, something’s wrong!”

 We grabbed our weapons, such as metal bats and iron pipes, and prepared ourselves in a panic.

 No matter what we looked like, this is not normal.

 No, it’s obvious that it’s not normal…

 ”You guys! What the hell are you! What do you think you’re doing? Damn it!”

 Shinji shouted, and the perverts in rubber masks answered him.

 ”…*munch*… *munch* *munch*!”

 ”*Groan*… *Groan*, *Groan*!

 They’re saying something, but with the ball gag in their mouths, of course they can’t say anything.

 But the dog-eared maid nodded and stuck out her chest.

 ”Got it? That’s it!”

 ”What do you mean!?”

 This is bad. It’s too dangerous. It doesn’t make any sense at all.

 What’s scary is that it makes no sense at all.

 ”Really… this is why I hate you lowlifes. Ryoko-sama and Yolanda said they’re going to execute you!”


 I don’t know what it is, but I’m pretty sure they’re ready to kill us.

 ”Hyaha! That’s great! I was just looking for a woman. So, I’ll beat you to a pulp!”

 Behind me, Yosuke shouts cheerfully.

 It’s true, if I may say so.

 They’re only women.

 All we have to do is beat them back and torture them.

 But at this point, we didn’t realize that we would regret our decision.

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