Confinement 357

Chapter 357 Go Back to Being a Boy

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 ”Well then…”

 After sending off Ryoko, Jolanda, and Ulrich to punish whoever had done such a terrible thing to Saori-chan, I left “The Bedroom” and returned to my room.

 I spread out my notebooks and reference books on the desk and let my thoughts wander.

 (I may have exaggerated a little…)

 To put it bluntly, it is too much force to deal with five delinquent college students. Ulrich alone would have been enough to make up the difference.

 (But still… there’s nothing better than being careful)

 There is also the example of the handsome uncle.

 Nowadays, we never know where the demon nobles who oppose Lili will get involved.

 The fact that I let Ryoko go with them is a kind of protection, so to speak.

 Ulrich has a tendency to go too far, and if I let her go alone, she might kill everyone.

 That said, if I sent Jolanda with her, Ulrich would not listen to her.

 So, as a lookout, I set Ryoko, who is one of the sensible people in my harem (though lately, even she is a bit questionable…), as the team leader.

 Aside from Ulrich, who is a devil, Jolanda and Ryoko usually have normal jobs and live their lives, so their faces must not be seen by any chance.

 So, I ordered them to disguise themselves, and they came dressed in tight-fitting rubber suits, like American comic book heroines.

 ”And we’ll put on masks before we go in, so that they won’t recognize our faces or voices!”

 (No, that’s not what I meant by disguise…)

 I thought about it, but since they were so eager, I didn’t bother to give them any comments.

 In the end, I opened “the door” and sent the three of them off to the vicinity of the site.

 (Well, with those three, I don’t think there’s anything to worry about…)

 While I was thinking about this, my phone suddenly vibrated on my desk.

 I picked it up and looked at the screen, and saw a message from Shima-san on the SNS.

 [Tomorrow, I’m looking forward to it]

 I couldn’t help but smile and relax my mouth.

 Tomorrow, I’m going to spend the whole day with Shima-san in the library to study for the exam because–

 ”Oh no… I’m in trouble. Help me, I really don’t understand”

 She cried that to me. So, I’m going to teach her how to study, and now I’m preparing for it.

 At any rate, Shima-san has to pass the entrance exam to the same university as us.

 Because the thought of living together with Tashiro-san without Shima-san is so awful that I can’t help chuckling.

 Besides, the reason why we study in the library is because when we are alone together in a secluded place, we soon lose interest in studying.

 Although Shima-san is an easy-going person, she sometimes has a very innocent attitude, which stimulates my desire with a rather high probability.

 And so, after I replied, “I’m looking forward to it too”, a message from Shima-san appeared on my timeline.

 [Oh right, there’s a message from Shiratori. Today, she told to take care of her sister, and she’ll drop her on Monday]

 (No, I thought I said no to that clearly…)

 While I’m raising my eyebrows, the following message appears.

 [And she says she’ll pay for the three apple pies that Takasago ate]


 It’s true that I bought Kei-chan an apple pie because she wanted one, but I was supposed to pay for the extra one after I left.

 (Oh no… before I knew it, Kei-chan has become my dependent)

 I was so shocked that my phone was shaking in my hand again.

 [I don’t mean to sound old-fashioned, but borrowing from Shiratori is worse than a bad loan. I recommend you to pay back as soon as possible. If you leave it alone, she’ll sell your organs]

 I’ve never seen selling any organs for the price of a fast food meal, even in a financial manga.

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”*Groan…* *Groann…* Ah, it’s annoying”

 I took off my ball gag and threw it on the floor.

 Until now, I was happy to have the ball gag in my mouth at Jolanda’s suggestion, but to my great regret, I could not communicate with the other person, which was an unexpected mistake.

 I have to ask this Nishida why he did the act, but if I can’t communicate with him, it’s literally impossible to talk to him.

 ”I mean… why did you wear it?”

 I can’t help but be amazed at the man who mutters with a blank look on his face.

 ”After all, if it’s a rubber suit and a rubber mask, it has to be a ball gag! That is what I mean when I talk about missing the finishing touches, you idiot!”

 I shouted at him, and Jolanda nodded and shouted next to me, “*Groan* (That’s right!) *Groan* (That’s right!)”.

 However, the Mohawk shouts, “That’s enough!” and attacked Jolanda, swinging his iron pipe.

 The pipe swung down with a whooshing sound.

 But Jolanda dodges it with a slight tilt of her head, and slams a sharp hook into the Mohawk’s head.

 And just as the Mohawk staggered in pain, Jolanda slammed her heel into the back of his head in a swift movement.


 The other men’s eyes widened at the instantaneous loss of their comrade.

 But then Ulrich suddenly got down on all fours and jumped at the man at the far end, who was holding a bottle of liquor, and clawed at his chest with a roar.


 With a scream, five red streaks are roughly etched into his chest plate, and the man with the liquor bottle collapses onto the sofa, writhing and moaning in pain.

 ”I-It hurts… A-Ambulance!”

 ”Shut up!”

 Ulrich silences the crying man with a troublesome headbutt, then turns her head to face the cowering man wearing a baseball cap while digging her nails into his neck.

 ”Ryoko, can I eat this?”


 ”Just one bite…”

 ”No means no. Or I’ll tell Master”


 Ulrich puffed out her cheeks and struck the man under the nose, right in the midsection, the vital point of the human body, with all her might, and knocking him unconscious.

 Finally, there is only one man left.

 I turn my attention to the man with the metal bat in his hand whose face is contorted.

 His hair is different, but his face is the same as the one in Claudia’s file.

 This is the fool, Nishida, who got his hands on Master’s things.

 ”Tell me the truth, and I’ll spare your life. Why did you target Hanabusa-san?”

 For a moment, Nishida’s gaze swam as if he didn’t understand, and then his voice trembled.

 ”W-What? I also wondered why targeting a female student like her… and I wonder she had a bad backer… I-I mean… it was an order from Kito-san, the leader of the circle, and I was just doing as I was told. .”

 ”What’s the purpose of this Kitou guy? Where is he now?”

 ”I don’t know! I haven’t been told anything! Kito-san is the president of an entertainment company, and he’s usually in Tokyo…”


 I said, and Nishida let out a sigh of relief. But, of course, I don’t intend to end it there.

 I walked up to Nishida, pulled out my gun, and held it to his nose.

 ”I have no more use for you”

 ”A pistol!? You’re kidding, right…?”

 At that moment, I kicked Nishida’s crotch as hard as I could.


 The metal bat hits the floor with a loud crunch, and Nishida collapses, moaning, clutching his crotch.

 Jolanda, on the other hand, kicks the temple of the lolicon who’s sprawled out on the floor with her toe, and that’s it.

 It took less than a minute to silence everyone.

 ”Hmph… it’s no big deal”

 ”Bohea (Well then)… Fubobo (Let’s), Fubobe-fubo (get ready for punishment)”

 ”Oh! I guess we’ll just have to undress them…”

 The three of us split up, strip them naked, and tie them up behind their backs.

 Then, we forcibly pulled the foreskin of their pricks back on, and glued the skin and glans together.

 But there is one of them, the lolicon, did not have his skin peeled off, but I pulled it off and poured the glue into it.

 This is an execution method designed by Kyoko.

 Although she is my sister, she has a very bad temperament.

 And it’s simple.

 Of course, this is not the end.

 We split up and carried the limp, unconscious men out of the warehouse.

 The title means that the skin has returned to the boy.

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