Confinement 358

Chapter 358 Little Devil in the Library

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 ”What the hell is that…?”

 It’s a Saturday morning and there’s a crowd.

 When I got the call, there were five naked men hanging in the air with ropes, as if being exposed from the pedestrian bridge.

 There are many sounds of shutter. Although it must be inappropriate, I can understand why people would want to take pictures. They can’t wait for it to spread on social media.

 ”Look at that! Wow! Their groins is still covered with foreskin!”

 ”There are five of them and not one of them has peeled off… You should call the Shin* Clinic instead of the police!”

 Apparently, the people don’t want to report it to the police.

 And among the crowds, I’m a little shocked to see some of the madams firing their phones at each other with uncanny expressions.

 ”The size is about the same, isn’t it?”

 ”Ohoho, their groins are like pure innocence”

 As a man, this is too pathetic. I definitely do not possess phimosis, but I do possess a pseudo of it.

 After all, it is a sorrow that when I change my clothes in a public bath, I must gently peel it off and I almost get an erection because of the sensitivity of my foreskin, even though I am surrounded by old men.

 And because of that, I can’t help but feel a kinship of sympathy for those who are being exposed here.

 I would like to put them down as soon as possible, but first of all, it is necessary to block the road to stop the traffic and ensure their safety.

 Even if the rescue vehicles arrive, it will take at least another 30 minutes.

 Just as I’m about to step forward to take care of the crowd, Kutaragi, who is with me, shouted, “Oh!” .

 ”What’s wrong?”

 ”Inomoto-senpai! That guy in the middle! It’s Nishida, the guy who reported the hit-and-run case this morning. Nishida!”


 After this, Nishida is arrested after being rescued, but the spread of the news on social media is unstoppable.

 In the same day, the names and profiles of the men are also compiled and spread on the net, and it became a big hit on the summary site as the “4K5 hanging incident”.

* * *

 ”Sorry to keep you waiting”

 As I was waiting in front of the city library behind the station when it opened at ten o’clock, Shima-san whispered into my ear from behind.

 ”Shima-san, when did you get here?”

 ”What are you talking about? I’ve been here all along”

 No wonder I didn’t notice because–

 ”Well… you’re wearing glasses, so I didn’t think you were Shima-san”

 ”Fufu, don’t I look smart? It’s just for show, though”

 Right now, she wears glasses and a tote bag over her shoulder. With a knit cardigan on top and a long skirt on bottom, which is very uncharacteristic of Shima-san and made me think she is a college girl.

 ”I’m really sorry. I’m sorry you had to come with me on your day off…”

 ”No problem at all. I heard you got a C on the mock exam the other day”

 ”Yeah, you’re right… I should at least get a B or so”

 ”Yeah, so I’ve made a notebook of past exam questions and the trends, so let’s work hard”

 ”Wow! You’re the best! I like you, I love you”


 ”No, just let it go… you’re embarrassing me”

 It’s cute that Shima-san is embarrassed after saying it herself.

 ”When you say you like me… You make me want to do something to you, Shima-san”

 ”I know, I know, everything’s fine. I’ve packed a lunch for you. It’s a nice day, let’s go to the park for lunch”

 ”No, what I want to eat is…”

 I’m about to say that, but Shima-san presses her finger to my lips.

 ”I know exactly what you mean. But first, we need to concentrate on our studies, and not do anything erotic”

 ”Yeah… I guess so”

 Despite all the talk, Shima-san is still a very strong person. Surprisingly, she has a high level of femininity and communicative power.

 She is also competing with Fujiwara-san for the first place in the ranking of potential good mothers in my harem (according to Fumio).

 Incidentally, Masaki-chan seems to be a surprisingly good educational mother. What about Kurosawa-san and Tashiro-san? I can’t imagine them.

 I should also point out that this is not the same as the ranking of girls I want to get pregnant.

 I think it’s quite sinful that Kei-chan is in the top of the list in that ranking.

 Anyway, we enter the library and head for the study room.

 As it is just after the opening of the library, there is almost no one in the library except for the staff.

 Even though it’s secluded, we have just been nailed.

 And so, we sit down next to each other and spread out our notebooks and reference books.

 ”If there’s nothing in particular that you don’t understand, how about if you solve the past exam questions and ask me what you don’t understand?”

 ”Yes, please do that”

 ”What about subjects?”

 ”Math! I’m really bad at math. I’m good at counting money, but…”

 She sighed and shrugged her shoulders.

 It’s off to a good start. Even though she said she was not good at it, Shima-san had a good grasp of the basics, and I got the impression that she mainly struggled with the application of formulas. With this kind of situation, I can expect to improve her score a lot in one day.

 And by the time an hour had passed, there are more and more people in the study room.

 I was about to say, “Shall we take a break?”, but then I heard a hysterical voice behind me.

 ”Ah! Isn’t that you, Senpai?”

 I turned around to see Rin Fukuda, my junior, with her hair braided on either side of her head and a cocky expression on her face.

 She is wearing a pink mini-skirt and a cutaway dress with a wide open collar, which is inappropriate for the calm atmosphere of the library. Perhaps influenced by Taka-chi, she looked quite gal-like.

 ”I’ll tell Fujiwara-senpai about the library date”

 ”Hey, I’m seriously studying for the exam, don’t interrupt me”

 When I waved my hand away, Rin made an annoyed face.

 ”That’s terrible! Senpai, why are you being so mean to me? I sent you a message but you didn’t even read it. What do you do to your cute kouhai?”

 ”Shut up, please be quiet in the library. Understand? You’re my kouhai, but you’re not a cute kouhai”

 Then Rin’s cheeks puffed up and she pointed at Shima-san.

 ”Hey you, that person is no good! Kijima-senpai looks like this, but he’s an unbelievable scum! If you let him get to you, he will make a hole in you right away!”

 ”Wait, wait…”

 Immediately, all the people in the study room’s gazes pierced me at once.

 ”Haha… I’m already covered in holes, though”

 ”Shut up! Shima-san doesn’t have to answer either!”

 Fortunately, Shima-san’s comment is blocked by my voice, so the people around me can’t hear much. And Rin is the only one who looked at me like, “Seriously, this guy?”.

 ”I mean, why the hell are you here!?”

 To be frank, Rin is the last person I would expect to find in a library.

 ”Of course, it’s because Senpai didn’t take care of me… It’s hard to stay in the dormitory, Onee-chan is gone, it’s lonely to go out alone, and I don’t have money… But I can stay here until evening for free…”

 ”Stop, don’t look at me like that. I’ll feel guilty or something!”

 ”Of course, that’s what I’m trying to do”

 She’s pretending to be coy, but I already know that she’s just trying to be tough. She’s really not being honest.

 ”Speaking of which… has Takata-san contacted you?”

 ”No, she hasn’t”

 Rin shook her head, and Shima-san interrupted her.

 ”Takata, the chairwoman of the Public Morals Commission?”

 ”You know her?”

 Rin widened her eyes, and Shima-san smiled.

 ”We’re in the same class. I was also surprised when she suddenly disappeared, but… is she your sister?”

 ”No, no, we just shared a room in the dorm”

 When she shakes her head, Rin makes a crying face, and adds her own words.

 ”*Sob* now that Onee-chan is gone, I’m back in the storage room at the dorm. *Sob* Moreover, Senpai ignores me, Senpai doesn’t care about me, and Senpai is a douchebag”

 ”Isn’t that the last part a normal swear word?”

 ”Because if you treat me so poorly, I’ll think that you only wanted my body”

 ”Isn’t that right…?”

 ”I mean, Kijima… that’s not right”

 Shima-san’s face twitched as I replied her with a puzzled look.

 Then, Shima-san, who is too nice a person, offers a helping hand to this rotten junior.

 ”Um… Rin, right? Would you like to study with us?”

 ”Wait, Shima-san!?”

 ”Are you sure?”

 ”Yes, I don’t mind”

 ”Um… you’re Shima-senpai, right?”

 ”I’m Natsumi Shima, nice to meet you”

 ”Then, can I call you Natsumi-oneechan?”

 Apparently, she’s gotten a taste for the sisterhood at Taka-chi.

 ”Yeah, sure. I’m the youngest, even though I look like this. I feel itchy when people call me “Onee-chan”, though”

 ”Then, I’m sorry to bother you! Natsumi-oneechan!”

 Rin sits down next to me and spreads out her reference book and notebook. It seems she’s trying to study.

 ”Shima-san is studying for the entrance exam, so don’t ever interrupt her”

 ”Yes, but Senpai, you should teach me how to study too. I don’t have anything else to do, so I’ve been studying a lot lately, but I don’t have anyone to teach me what I don’t understand”

 ”Ah, I get it, I get it”

 Really, right now, it’s like a private tutoring school with one instructor for two students.

 ”Kijimaa… I don’t understand this part…”

 ”Oh… use the formula for that”

 ”I see! That makes sense”

 While Shima-san is solving the problem, I glanced at Rin, who smiled and opened her breasts.

 Of course, she held up a reference book so that the seat opposite her could not see it.

 (Get serious and study!)

 When I scolded her with a look, Rin put her lips to my ear.

 ”Hah… Senpai, it’s obvious that you’re hard”

 As she says this, Rin begins to play with my thing.

 ”I told you to stay out of my way…”

 I whispered, and Rin whispered to me with an irritating smug face.

 ”But I didn’t interfere with Natsumi-oneechan. What? What is it? Don’t tell me you can’t stand this kind of thing? You’re really not as good as I thought you were”

 (This girl is really…)

 But I know what she’s trying to do. She’s trying to incite me like this, to get me to do something.

 ”Kijima, I’m sorry. I don’t understand this place either…”

 When Shima-san looked up, Rin is tracing a reference book with her finger, pretending not to know anything about it.

 ”Oh, yeah, that’s…”

 ”What’s wrong? You seem a little restless…”

 ”Don’t worry! I’m fine!”

 Shima-san is puzzled.

 But in fact, I was thinking of taking Rin into the bathroom and silencing her, but that would be just what she wanted. And it would be annoying.

 (I’ll hold out until closing time… and remember it when it’s all over)

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