Confinement 359 1

Chapter 359 Critical Lover

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 From the speaker of the library, a violin solo “Hotaru no Hikari (Glow of Fireflies)” is playing, and Shima-san says, “Nn…..!” and stretched out.

 ”It’s closing time, huh… I worked really hard! Hey, Kiji…! Hey, what kind of face are you making?”


 ”Your eyes are bleeding like crazy!”

 Of course, I’m bloodshot.

 I’ve been seduced by a crazy little devil for a long time.

 I’ve been acting as the Confinement King, but have I ever been forced to endure so much?

 No, there isn’t! (antonym)

 My testes are now swollen. If I try to take a nap, I’m sure I’ll have a wet dream in two seconds.

 Perhaps it’s a side-effect of my constant use of energy drinks from the demon world, but now my semen production is unbelievable.

 The difference in semen production between normal people and me is as great as the difference between Toyama Prefecture, which has the 17th largest abalone catch, and Iwate Prefecture, which has the largest!

 Furthermore, the reason why I used abalone as an example is because I can no longer think of anything but erotic things.

 I’ve been able to endure the persistent erotic appeals of the little devil’s juniors until this point because of Shima-san.

 Rin, of course, has to take the blame, but Shima-san has to take the blame, too, or my erection won’t go away.

 Perhaps frightened by my unusual state of arousal, Rin’s cheeks twitched as she tried to leave her seat.

 ”Ah, ahaha, um… Senpai, it’s almost time for me to come back to the dorm…”

 ”Do you want to die?”

 ”Well, if you say it in such a serious tone, I’ll be too scared…”

 ”W-What? What is it? What’s going on?”

 It seems that Shima-san is the only one who can’t grasp the critical situation, like a small fish in the mouth of a shark.

 ”…A-Anyway, let’s get out of here”

 ”Eh, yeah, sure. It’s closing time…”

 After letting the two walks ahead of me, I followed them in a super forward leaning posture (named “Fumio Walk”) because I couldn’t stand up straight due to my enormous erection.

 Then, as soon as we left the library, I took both of them by the hand, dragged them along, and immediately ran.

 ”Hey, Kijima!? What’s going on?”

 ”S-Senpai! W-Wait…”


 The city library is behind the station.

 And speaking of behind the station, there’s only one place to go.

 That place is La Vie en Rose, which I know, and Shima-san’s cheeks flushed, but she looked like she wasn’t complaining.

 ”Geez… you’re really impatient, you know”

 ”Ahaha… i-it’s not good, isn’t it? right now”

 Shima-san’s cheeks are reddening from a lack of understanding, while Rin’s face is pale from a clear understanding of the situation.

 It’s a beautiful contrast.

 But, at this point, I’m already on the verge of exploding.

 So, without even bothering to check the room, I press the button on the panel and jump into the elevator with the two of them.

 As soon as the elevator doors closed, I unzipped my pants and inserted “my cock into Rin from the back of her pants”.



 Rin’s eyes went black and white as she turned her head away.

 And Shima-san, who doesn’t understand what’s going on, looks puzzled.

 To begin with, Rin had grabbed my hand and used my fingers to finger her like a vibrator, enjoying herself just before the library closed.

 That’s why she is already so wet that it’s no problem for me to pull down her panties and forcefully penetrate her.

 ”Aah, aah, aah! Oh, no, so suddenlyyyy! Senpai, that’s terribleeeee!”

 I wouldn’t hear her protests.

 After all, I’m on the verge of exploding because of her.

 Even Shima-san can understand what’s going on if I shove Rin, who’s clutching the inside wall of the elevator, hard from behind.

 ”Wait!? Kijima, at least until we get into the room… *Fugu!?*”

 Even though she rebuked me, I didn’t listen to her.

 But I held back for Shima-san’s sake.

 Still, I thrust my cock hard into Rin’s, and I embrace Shima-san’s shoulders and take her lips.

 I’m not going to start out with a romantic kiss.

 But an erotic kiss to light up the meth. So, I stick my tongue in, trace her gums, and rub up and down her mucous membranes with my tongue.

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