Confinement 360

Chapter 360 Rin and Natsumi, Part One

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 I slam my hips down hard on Rin, who is still lying on the floor at the entrance to the room.

 ”Ahn, Senpai! Ah, nnah, hah, nnn!”

 ”Wait, you’ll have to wait until we’re in bed!”

 Shima-san closes the door hurriedly behind me.

 Regardless of her disapproval, I violently penetrated the cocky junior in the sleeping-back position.

 ”Nnaah!?! I’m being raped! I’m being raped by a beast-senpai, aahih, hii, hiin…” 

 In fact, it’s nothing short of animalistic. But I’m already overwhelmed.

 Rin lets out a high-pitched scream as her s*xual urges take over.

 She is being forcibly raped in her clothes, in the Doggy Style. Rin seemed to be extremely excited by the torment.

 ”How about it! Rin! It’s because of your incitement that this happened! Apologize! Apologize to me!”

 ”Nghaah! But t-this is just a mischievous prank by a cute junior, nhii!? Ahaha, Senpai, even though you’re an adult, you’re so uncool! Anh, anh…”

 ”Damn you!”

 She’s on the edge herself, but she’s still got the nerve to push me over the edge.

 So, I thrust in as hard as I can and turn my hips in a circular motion.

 ”Hiiiiiii!? N-Nooo! I’m going to be crushed! It’s crushing my uterus! Nooooo! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! S-Senpai, you’re my favorite, aren’t I, cute, aren’t I, cute! Ah, ah, ah, hiii!”

 The pleasure of having her cervix rubbed by the tip of the glans caused Rin to wriggle her limbs and let out a scream-like moan.

 ”Who’s uncool?”

 ”I-It’s a lie, it’s a lieeee! S-Senpai is so handsome, Senpai is so cool!”

 ”Really, you’re kind of annoying…”

 I never do this with other girls, but in a fit of rage, I grab her by the chin like a camel clutch and make her turn her head away.

 Immediately, Rin screamed and slammed the floor.

 ”Gyaaaaah! I’m not lying! Senpai, I lwike ywu, I rewlly liwke ywu, I’m hwappy, I-I undestwand, I’ll marrwy ywu, I’ll marrwy ywu”

 ”I told you not to get carried away! Am I so sad that I have to marry an onahole?”

 As she turned her head back and resumed pumping, Rin cried out like it was the end of the world.

 ”Uhiiiiii! I’m sworyy, I’m sworyyyyy! I undetstwand! Odaho! Odaho is enough for me! Aaahhhh!”

 Rin’s mouth opens wide and she squeals as she is roughly tortured.

 At this point, her black eyes are already darting in the wrong direction, revealing a pouting face with no ability to think.

 ”Come on! I’m gonna cum! You raw onahole!”

 Then, as a last spurt, I slam my hips hard.

 ”Ahhhh, so hard, aah! Ah, I can feel it so much, it feels too good, ah, amazing! Aah, noo, nhah!”

 After an intense pistoning motion, a final thrust is given, and at her deepest point, my desire is finally released.

 *Spurt!* *Spurttt!* *Spurttttttttttt!*

 I ejaculated so much that even I was surprised. It’s like when I took my foot off the hose that I’d been stepping on, and semen overflowed into Rin’s womb with tremendous force.

 ”Cumming!? I’m cumming, cumming, cumming, cuuuuummiiiiing!”

 Immediately, the cheeky junior climaxed, making a muddy, vulgar sound and straining herself.

 The ejaculation is very long. Intermittently, my cock pulses, staining her insides white with thick, thick semen.

 ”Aaah… aaah…”

 I looked down at Rin, who is only moaning with a lewd expression on her face, and let out a sigh.

 ”Anyway, your punishment is complete…”


 I turned around to see Shima-san standing in front of the door, looking shocked.

 ”Now that it’s all cleaned up… let’s relax in the room”

 ”Relax… I mean why are you doing this to her?”

 ”Well, Rin likes this kind of thing. I’m sure she’ll wake up in a while, so just leave her alone”

 ”No, that’s really… that’s not a good idea”

 ”It can’t be helped…”

 At Shima-san’s urging, I had no choice but to take Rin in my arms and carry her to the back of the room.

 Then, I tossed her onto the sofa.

 ”What’s with you, Kijima? You’re so hard on her”

 ”Well, yeah. Until I graduate, I’ve decided not to be nice to Rin at all. It’s called a decision”

 ”I don’t understand”

 I couldn’t help but laugh at Shima-san’s cowering, mouth agape.

 Among the girls in the harem, Shima-san has a special position for me.

 She’s my best friend… I’m sure she wouldn’t like me saying that, but that’s the image I have of her.

 Maybe it’s because of her short cut and refreshing personality, but she gives me a sense of security that other girls don’t have.

 ”So, you’re going to thank me for teaching you how to study, right?”

 Immediately, Shima-san turned away with a blush on her face.

 ”Well, well… that’s the deal”

 ”Well, let me suck your breast first”

 ”You pervert”

 ”I want to suck Shima-san’s breast while she’s naked and lap-pillowing me”

 ”Why did you have to be so specific!?”

 As expected of Shima-san, she’s got a great sense of humor.

 That’s why it’s so nice to talk with her.

 Although Fumio wants to stick his dick in her, he also wants to be told off by her.

 ”In the first place… there’s no point in sucking my breast, there are more worthwhile ones like Masaki”

 I shrugged my shoulders exaggeratedly.

 ”You don’t understand. I like the way you bend your body desperately and bring your rather poor breasts to my mouth”

 ”Don’t call them poor!”

 I can’t believe I’m saying this, but at this point, my tension is already out of control.

 Is it better to say that I was at a natural high right after releasing the semen I had accumulated to the limit? I felt unusually liberated.

 ”Come on! Shima-san, come on! Hurry! Hurry!”

 I took off my clothes, stripped completely naked, and dove onto the bed, beckoning Shima-san to join me.

 ”Well… really, I can’t help it”

 I can’t say that I’m surprised, but Shima-san is very good-natured to still take care of me.

 And so, she takes of her long skirt, her knitwear, and her underwear shyly.

 Then, after pulling her ankles out of the small tangle of panties, Shima-san climbed onto the bed and sat upright.

 ”I-It’s a promise, okay…? Come here, come here”

 She said shyly, patting her thigh.

 Then, I put my head on her thigh and look up at her from below.

 Two bulges, not large but taut. Beyond them, I see Shima-san’s face, her cheeks flushed with embarrassment.

 Her eyes are threadbare behind her glasses. Her expression is tense. Apparently, we had been sitting next to each other all through our first year, but I don’t remember much about it.

 Even though I was crazy about Tashiro-san, I missed such a pretty girl, so I can only say that my eyes were blind at that time.

 ”Well, Kijima… as you wish, I’ll entertain you with my breast”

 Shima-san bends over and covers me. She’s coming right up to me with her two bulging, pink buds.

 I reach out and grab a breast, sucking on the tip, and she shudders.


 ”*suck suck…* it’s so good, Shima-san’s breast”

 When I said this, she raised her eyebrows and let out a frustrated voice.

 ”In fact, it doesn’t taste like anything…”

 ”That’s not true, Natsumi-ppai”

 ”Don’t call me that!”

 I lick and suck the pink nursing organ while rubbing the soft bulge like a freshly made rice cake.

 As I alternately tasted her from right to left and left to right, I noticed that her breathing became more and more ragged.

 ”Nnnn… K-Kijima, t-this is not good. I feel like I’m gonna be cut off… Nnn…”

 She lets out a sweet exhale, and sadly sinks her teeth into her fingers.

 ”But you have to get used to it, because I’m going to have you wake me up like this every morning when we start living together”

 ”Every morning… how much of a mess do you plan to become? Even babies don’t like breast this much. Ah, don’t bite it…”

 When I lightly brushed my teeth against the puckered nipple, Shima-san jolted back.

 ”Babies bite like this when they don’t get enough milk”

 ”But you don’t have to bite it… I mean, it never comes out in the first place. Ah, nnn, nnn!”

 ”Don’t worry, I’ll make it come out in time”

 ”Ah, you said a great thing in the heat of the moment”

 ”You don’t want it?”

 ”No… I want to say that… B-But make sure you take responsibility”

 Shima-san’s expression became more and more melancholy as I continued to bite them, enjoying her reaction.

 Then she lowered her eyebrows and began to complain.

 ”K-Kijimaa… Don’t do this anymore. I want your cock. Please do it… I want you to do it now”

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