Confinement 361

Chapter 361 Rin and Natsumi, Part Two

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 After lifting my head from her laps, Natsumi got down on her knees and straddled my waist.

 She then grabbed my still-erect cock, turned it up, and placed it against her secret part, which were wet from being sucked so hard on her breasts.

 ”Well then…”

 She murmured nervously, cleared her throat, and began to slowly lower her hips.

 ”Nn… nnn… nnn”

 Natsumi’s eyebrows wrinkled up and her cheek distorted as if she is enduring pain. What she is enduring, of course, is not pain, but its opposite.

 Then, as the glans buries itself into the softness of the woman’s hole.

 I feel the sensation of the narrow vaginal hole being pushed open. Her vaginal folds twitched as if welcoming the penetration of the meat stick, wriggling to pull it deeper and deeper.

 ”*pant* *pant* This is my way of saying thank you, so today, I’ll take care of everything”

 ”Today? But once we start living together, I’m going to ask you to take care of everything from good morning to good night”

 ”Nn… idiot, nn… I-I have to take care of the troublesome kid… because she’s not good at anything”

 I’m not going to tell whom she’s talking about.

 Then, as we talked about such foolish things, her secret part kept swallowing my meat stick, and eventually my thing is completely inside her vagina.

 ”*pant* *pant* it’s too big. The tip came out of the top of my head”

 ”But it’s not coming out”

 ”Tsk… you’re not very good at this. I’m waiting for you to make a joke out of me. Give it back to me. Give it back”

 Apparently, she didn’t like my answer.

 (I mean, isn’t it strange to make a joke while sticking my dick in?)

 ”Well then, I’ll move”

 Natsumi started to move her hips back and forth slowly with her hands on my chest.

 ”Nn, ah, nn…”

 Her short hair swayed subtly in time with her movements. and the lewd sound of water splashing echoed through the room.

 (She’s gotten really good at it, hasn’t she?)

 When I think about it, I am deeply moved.

 The awkwardness of the early days is gone, and the piston movement is smooth. The rippling movement of her hips also very s*xy.

 ”Nn, nfu… how’s it? Does my hips feel good to you? Nn, nnn…”

 Natsumi asks with a slightly cherry-red face while pushing up her glasses with her fingertips, which are about to slip down with the up-and-down motion.

 ”It’s the best, to say the least”

 I reply, and she smiles happily.

 ”Haha, that’s right, that’s right!”

 I’m not flattered, but it sure feels good. I’m sure she’ll make me cum soon.

 But that’s not right.

 That’s not what I’m looking for from Natsumi.

 I want to see Natsumi panic, get flustered, get embarrassed, and become aroused by the erotic experience.

 And so, I suddenly sit up and hug Shima-san.

 ”Wait!? Hey! I told you I’ll take care of everything! You don’t have to…”

 ”But, this is more like two lovers, isn’t it?”

 I silenced Shima-san by forcibly taking her lips, and began to intertwine my tongue with hers.

 ”L-lover, nnn… nfu *slurp* *lick…* nmuu *slurp…* chu, fuuuha”

 We kissed passionately, and I began to thrust upwards, using the springs of the bed to hold her in a face-to-face position.

 ”Nnnn!? Nnnnnnn! Puha, ah, no, s-so suddenly, aah! Nnn, s-so intense, ah, aaaaaah!”

 Natsumi’s slender body bounced on top of me while she sat on her knees.

 She clung to me with her legs entwined around my waist with a look of pleasure on her face, and continued to receive the impact from below.

 ”It’s no good, hiii!? Y-You’re not supposed to h-hit me! I-If you hit me like that, ah, ah, ah…”

 I’m not getting hit. But I’m hitting her.

 And while I poke her, I’m hugging her tightly and thrusting at her from a different angle than usual.

 (If I keep developing her like this, I might be able to make her so slutty that she’ll come instantly just by being inserted…)

 It’s quite fun.

 It’s great that she’s cheerful, caring, and loved by everyone, but in bed, she’s so wild.

 ”Ah, K-Kijima, it’s no good, nnn! I-If you do this, nhaa!? I-I’m going crazy, ah, haah, nnn!”

 ”It’s okay to go crazy. If it’s a thank you, I’d be happier if you show me how you’re feeling than if you do everything for me”

 As if to prove my words, I started to move my hips faster.

 ”Hiiii!? Ahhh, noo! Aah, amazing, haah! Hyaaah, it’s coming, it’s coming! Naah, Kijimaa, Kijimaa, ahhhn!”

 Natsumi clung desperately to me and cried in a sweet, dripping voice. Her short hair is swaying, and she doesn’t have time to fix her glasses, which have slipped down to the top of her nose.

 ”Really, it’s no good if you do this to me… Aah! Ah, geez! That’s enough! Do what you want, if you want, make me feel more, make me crazy!”

 She easily opens up. But I want to push her even harder.

 (It’s not like she’s a masochist, but for some reason, Natsumi tickles my sadist side…)

 ”Well, how about this?”

 I stop moving up and down, and start making gentle circles with my hips.

 ”Kuhiiiiiii! Ah, aga… gigi…”

 Immediately, she tenses up, her eyes widening and her teeth clenching.

 As I rubbed the tip of my glans up and down her innermost region, her reaction changed dramatically.

 When I slide my hips sideways, her clitoris is also rubbed at the same time, which increases the pleasure even more.

 ”Come on, you can feel it more”

 ”Gghh… hih… ah, no good, this is too much, I feel too much… gghh… ah, aah, kuh…”

 She must be really feeling it. After all, she claws at my back. It hurts, but I’m glad she’s feeling it.

 And as if every pore in her body had opened up, her body is covered in sweat, and her whole body is turning pink.

 ”What, what is this… t-t-this is too much…”

 I then took her lips again and twined my tongue with hers.

 I also kissed her deeply, rubbing her cervix. And it seems that Shima-san’s ability to think is almost zero.

 ”Ah… Kijimaa, I like you… It feels so good…”

 When I saw Natsumi’s eyes, I couldn’t tell where she is looking. Still, she is drooling shamelessly and keeps moving her tongue.

 (Natsumi always came easily… maybe it’s time to finish her off…)

 ”Then, I’ll make you cum pleasantly”

 I put all my strength into my arms hugging Natsumi, and give her a full-on pistoning.

 As I thrust and thrust, Natsumi’s face is in a state of debauchery, and she screams out in a raspy voice.

 ”Nnaah, it’s good, it feels so good, please cum, please cum inside me, ahh, aahh… “

 ”Then, I’ll fill you up. I’m cumming, Natsumi!”

 And then, following my ejaculatory urges, I poured hot white liquid into the deepest part of her.

 *spurtt!* *spurtttt!*

 ”Nhaaah! I’m cumming, I’m cummiiiinnngg!”

 Natsumi screams out her climax and squeezes my hands and legs tightly.

 The tightening of her vaginal flesh made me distort my expression.

 The pulsing rage of my semen shot out intermittently, filling her narrow reproductive organs.

 Then, after I squirted every last drop into her womb and enjoyed the afterglow of her vagina for a while.

 I looked at the clock and saw that it was now around nineteen o’clock. The night is still long.

 (Maybe I’ll take a shower before Natsumi wakes up…)


 I lay Natsumi down on the bed after she passes out with her climax, and Rin hugs me from behind.

 ”What… you’re awake?”

 ”Nishishi… I heard you. It seems you won’t be nice to me until graduation. Until graduation… right?”

 Apparently, she was pretending to be unconscious and was listening my conversation with Shima-san.

 ”Yes, but after graduation, I won’t be able to see your face anymore”

 I told her bluntly, and Rin looked into my face with a grin.

 ”Here we go again… A man’s tsundere is not cute, you know? Well, I understand. I’ll make you fall in love with my body before then!”

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”President! President Kitou, I got an appointment with President Kijima of KKO”


 ”Next Tuesday, it’s going to be at her office”

 ”That’s good”

 I look at the clock, and it’s just past nineteen.

 I thought about taking him to a cabaret club and rewarding him for his hard work.

 After all, it’s not easy for a small company like ours to get an appointment with a big company’s office.

 But if I could get into their pockets, the rewards would be great.

 ”Starting tomorrow, gather information on President Kijima, and find out as much as possible about her weaknesses”

 The ex-president is a former AV who was all over the magazines for a while.

 She may be high and mighty, but she’s just an AV star. If I hit her, I’m sure there’ll be plenty of dust.

 All I have to do is corrupt her and use her as a springboard for my own rise to power.

 ”Oh, by the way, President… about that…”

 ”About what?”

 ”You know, the girl in basketball…”

 ”Oh, that thing…”

 ”It seems Nishida messed up on that”

 ”What did you say? Damn… he’s useless. Anyway, all we have to do is deal with that first-year kid, right? Think of something to do”

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