Confinement 366 1

Chapter 366 Always Encountering the Unknown, Part 1

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[Nitani Asuka’s POV]


 Ichida clicked her tongue as soon as she stepped into the gymnasium.

 The first-year students are preparing for practice.

 Among them, everyone is wearing practice shirts, but there is one girl wearing a match uniform.

 Her ace number is 7, which Kaitou wore until last month.

 Some schools use number 4 or 5 as their ace number, but ours is traditionally number 7.

 ”Damn it, that stupid woman! Stop guessing at me!”

 Ichida twisted one cheek and bared her canine teeth.

 She had a bad wolf cut and an intimidating bush stare. No matter how I looked at her, she looked like a country yankee.

 A first-year student who happened to be nearby looked away as if frightened.

 I hadn’t paid much attention to it, but today, when she talked with a member of the public morals committee, she seemed to be in a different mood.

 If only she had looked better, it would have been a simple “What the hell?” But why does she look so gloomy?

 ”Tsk! A good passer is simply a bad passer. Yes, pass. It’s like a kid begging Mama for a score”

 ”What do you mean, begging Mama for a score…”

 ”Shut up! It’s a metaphor! Metaphor! Like Jackie said, “Don’t think, feel”, idiot”

 Ichida is an honest person, but her constant insults are annoying.

 So I decided to swallow my comment, “It’s from Bruce Lee, not Jackie Chan”.

 ”Calm down, Sanae. Asuka’s in trouble, too”

 On my behalf, the one who appeased Ichida was none other than Mimura Doremi.

 She has soft, candy-like eyes and a soft atmosphere. Her chestnut-colored hair, which was a bit too short for her taste, also created a soft atmosphere.

 On top of that, she usually wears fluffy pink ha*su Lolita (ピンクハ*ス系ロリータ), so it can be said that she is the ultimate of candy girls.

 When I invited her to karaoke on a holiday and she hugged a teddy bear, I felt as if I had seen a rare animal.

 Nevertheless, among all the members of our club, I think she is the most black-hearted one.

 Indeed, she plays the hardest. She plays rough with a smile on her face, and plays the victim very skillfully.

 Her tongue is all based on hearsay, and she makes sure that no counterattack will come back to her, so she is probably very smart.

 (Bullying, huh… It’s no wonder she’s seen as such)

 In fact, at that time, Ichida says “Die, die, die” as if she wants Busako to hear it, but Doremi is even worse.

 She watches the timing of a pass from Busako, and skillfully avoids it to make it look like a misspass.

 (I guess I was suspected because I hang out with these girls…)

 I don’t want to get involved, so I just ignore them.

 Why should I talk to someone I don’t like?

 But Busako herself is quite bold.

 There is no way that a person who cries about being bullied over something like this would wear the uniform so stubbornly and incite others.

 Also, apparently, she was warned by the coach, but she made a face of annoyance and apologized, ignoring the uniform.

 And now, she appeared at the next practice in the same uniform as before.

 If it’s a question of who wrote the letter, it’s probably Sankon, a first-year student.

 Because among the first-year students, she is the only one who can help Busako.

 (Ah… this is really annoying. Bullying, and being bullied… Maybe I should talk to President Kijima about quitting the club. If necessary, I can quit the school and go to Tokyo…)

* * *

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