Confinement 366 2

Chapter 366 Always Encountering the Unknown, Part 2

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 After waiting for the basketball club to finish their practice, I took Saori-chan and Hanabusa-san home.

 Hanabusa-san looked apologetic, but Saori-chan was at the track and field club observing, and I was in the library flirting with Masaki-chan, so there was nothing to be sorry about.

 Now I’ve just finished dinner and come back to my room.

 (Well, I wonder when she’ll be back…)

 As I read the manga, I smiled as I recalled the figure of Lili that had been floating around in my mind.

 It’s been a long time since she returned to the demon world. It’s not that I miss her, but I’ve been feeling somewhat lacking.

 (Well, she’ll come back sooner or later, right?)

 After thinking that, I summoned “the door” and stepped into “the Confinement King’s Bedroom”.

 When I arrived, I found that there was already a guest there.

 Kei-chan is lying on the bed in a disheveled long T-shirt with a slack neckline.

 I don’t know where they sell this kind of T-shirt, but the print on the chest is an illustration of a penguin with only the right half printed in hiragana, which is really surreal.

 What is even more surreal is that she is holding a black stick in her mouth vertically.

 (What is that? Binchotan? No… it’s a Fugashi)

 It’s a nostalgic old-fashioned candy made from wheat gluten coated with brown sugar.

 I mean, it’s a very strange choice for a girl these days.

 ”Um… Kei-chan?”

 As soon as I called out to her, the black stick started to shorten with a crunching sound.

 Eventually, when she had eaten all the sweets, she slowly raised herself up.


 ”No, not “oh”…”

 She smeared her mouth with brown sugar, but her pace was as slow as ever.

 The beginning of a conversation with Kei-chan is always reminiscent of an encounter with the unknown.

 ”Kan-chan… you’re late”

 ”I’m sorry. By the way… why fugashi?”

 Kei-chan stares at me with sleepy eyes for a while, and then suddenly opens her mouth.

 ”…I asked for some sweets, and Kyoko gave those to me”

 ”Kyoko? That’s a bit harsh…”

 ”She said it looks just like Kan-chan’s…”

 ”What’s she thinking…? Well, it’s true that the thickness is similar…”

 ”It’s a little empty inside…”

 ”All right, let’s give her a spanking! Hold on! Kyoko!”

 If I change my training strategy and go a little gentler on her, she’ll get this. In a roundabout way, I almost misunderstood that she’s doing it because she wants attention.

 Kei-chan’s face was still sleepy as usual, and she held out her hand to me.

 ”Hey, come here, Kan-chan”

 ”Oh, yeah”

 Well, I can always punish Kyoko. But I can’t resist this cute little girl.

 When I climbed onto the bed, she put her hands around my neck and hugged me tightly.

 ”I love you, Kan-chan. I like you more than Fugashi”

 Thinking that’s not a good comparison, I put my lips on hers.

 Her lips tasted like brown sugar.

 ”Nn… Nchuu… Nnn…”

 Through the slight opening of her lips, I send my tongue laden with saliva into her mouth.

 Immediately, Kei-chan’s jaw relaxed, and her closed front teeth opened.

 I felt a numbing sensation in the core of my head as our tongues lapped against each other.

 I tasted the inside of her mouth to the fullest, and then I guided her small tongue into my own mouth.

 ”Nn… nnn… nnn…”

 I sucked up her tongue until it was fully extended, and Kei-chan let out a slightly pained snort and writhed.

 When I parted my lips, she let out a deep breath.

 Looking into her face, I see that her sleepy eyes have changed to ones that seem to be melting.

 Then, I pulled up her long T-shirt.

 ”Eh… this is…?”

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