Confinement 367

Chapter 367 The Battle to Decide who is More Naughty! Part 1

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 ”Kei-chan… what’s with you?”

 ”Kyoko said Kan-chan would like it”

 Kei-chan tilts her head slightly.

 Umm, yeah… well, I was unintentionally aroused…

 After all, she’s naked underneath her rolled-up long T-shirt.

 Kei-chan was not wearing any underwear.

 I don’t think that’s strange.

 But just a possibility.

 She might wear it because she was too lazy to pull up her panties after going to the bathroom.

 But then, there is something that I am concerned about. And that is the hair on her bottom was gone.

 However, that’s still not a problem.

 What was strange was further down.

 Her pretty vertical stripes were hidden by a piece of adhesive plaster.

 (No, no way…)

 When I rolled up her T-shirt further, both her nipples were also covered by adhesive plasters.


 They’re supposed to be hidden, but they’re far more erotic than her naked body!

 ”Eh, um… then, Kei-chan, hurray!”


 Kei-chan raises her hands and removes her T-shirt.

 And now she’s naked… but with three adhesive plasters covering every private part.

 As I watched Kei-chan tilting her head curiously, I was screaming inside my chest.

 (It’s too eroticcccccccccc! ! )

 It’s a real mystery that it’s more erotic when it’s hidden.

 Kyoko, is she actually a genius?

 Maybe it’s even more erotic because it’s Kei-chan.



 ”Your nostrils are too wide. Your face is scary”

 ”…Oh, s-sorry. Kei-chan, you just look too cute”

 ”Nn… then it’s good”

 As usual, her face is expressionless. Still, I could tell that she was somewhat pleased.

 After a while of staring, Kei-chan’s face turned slightly red.

 ”…pervert, don’t look too much”


 But it’s just too erotic and cute. If I could, I would put it in a frame and display it.

 As I was thinking so, she suddenly moved her hand and put her hand on my cheeks, and stared into my eyes.

 ”Kan-chan… let’s have a kiss”

 ”W-Wait, I’m a little overexcited, so I might not be able to be gentle”

 ”Nnn, that’s okay, let’s have lots of fun”

 She nodded her head, and I held her gently, and our lips met again.

 We suck on each other’s lips, tongue on tongue, our slippery mucous membranes rubbing against each other in an obscene way.

 ”Nfu, nn… *slurp* nn, nnn…”

 Kei-chan’s whole body quivered when I sucked her tiny tongue as hard as I could. And enjoying her reaction, I then sipped Kei-chan’s spit and drank it.

 ”Nchu *slurppp…* nnn *gulp* nnnn…”

 Then, I poured the saliva into her mouth, and she swallowed it immediately. After exchanging bodily fluids many times, our tongues intertwined again.

 ”Nn… Kan-chan…”

 ”Kei-chan’s lips and tongue tasted so good. Your enraptured face is so cute”

 ”…It’s embarrassing”

 Despite the same flat tone as usual, she turned her face away, even her ears turned red.

 (Oh no… why is she so cute…)

 Or should I say “gap moe”?

 Kei-chan is always expressionless, so the blatant gesture of shame really turned me on.

 After that, I stood on my knees and looked down at Kei-chan lying on the white sheets.

 There is a piece of adhesive plaster between her hairless legs. When I looked at it properly, I saw that it’s wet and blistered.

 ”You’re looking too much… no”

 Perhaps she noticed my gaze, but even her ears were dyed red with shame, and she covered her pubic mound with her hand.

 ”Don’t hide it. Can you show me?”

 ”Uh… yes”

 Slowly her hands lowered to the sheets and she opened her legs to M-shape.

 ”I’ll take it off”


 As I peeled off the adhesive plaster, Kei-chan bounced slightly, and moaned.

 I felt like I had done something really bad, my cheeks burning and my heart beating wildly.

 Kei-chan’s small crevice, which appeared underneath adhesive plaster, is already coated with clear bodily fluids and soaking wet.

 ”Did you get excited? After all, it’s soaking wet. Earlier you said I’m naughty, but Kei-chan is naughtier than me, right?”

 ”No, Kan-chan is more naughty”

 ”Really? Then let’s find out”

 I put my face between Kei-chan’s legs and started to lick her undeveloped crack.

 ”Nn, Kan-chan…”

 Kei-chan gave a small shudder, and quickly grabbed my head with both hands.

 I traced the labia with my tongue and sipped up her nectar with my lips.

 ”Nn, ahh… hyaa… nnn… nnh!?”

 As I lightly take her clitoris into my mouth, her eyes close tightly and her hips lift up lightly.

 ”*pant* *pant…* Kan-chan, no, don’t do that, no…”

 ”So, Kei-chan, do you admit that you are naughtier than me?”

 ”Nnn, no, i-it’s not, K-Kan-chan is naughtier than me!”

 She’s pretty stubborn.

 But as I sucked harder, her waist lifted slightly and her slender body jerked.

 ”Ah, Kan-chan! No, ah, ahn, nnn!”

 When I looked up, she was staring at me with tears in her eyes.

 The look on her face made me feel as if I were doing something really wrong, and I became even more excited.

 (Well then, I’m going to make her cum once)

 With that thought, I sucked her already enlarged clit harder.


 She shivers and jerks back with a great shudder.

 Her back rises up, forming a smooth curve, and her neck is in a bridge position. And her slender limbs trembled intermittently, especially her white thighs.

 ”No,noo, I-I’m going to cum, Kan-chan, nooo!”

 As if she didn’t want to admit that she was more naughty, she tried desperately to resist. But I’m not going to let her get away with it.

 ”Kei-chan, you don’t have to be shy. I’ll watch you cum carefully”

 ”No, nooo… Kan-chan, you idiot, idiot!”

 I licked up the bud more relentlessly than ever before. If I concentrate on this mass of nerves, there’s no point in resisting.

 ”Ah, Kan-chan! Ah, no! Ah, aaah! C-Cumming!”

 Kei-chan screams and rises to the top.

 She stiffened her whole body, and then her whole body convulsed and jerked.

 And the next moment――

 ”Puha! Whoa!”

 A gush of water came out from between her legs, soaking my face.

 ”No, noo, I-I can’t stop it, I have to pee!”

 She must have mistaken it for peeing.

 Kei-chan is desperately trying to stop herself from squirting with a face filled with the sweetness of an orgasm.

 However, as if to ridicule her, she continued to squirt intermittently.

 Eventually, when her climax subsided and I looked into her face, she made a teary-eyed, pouting face.

 ”Ugh, I’m sorry…”

 ”Hmm? Why are you apologizing?”

 ”I peed you…”

 ”It’s not pee. Well, I really don’t know about it, but it’s proof that Kei-chan feels good, and I’m really happy about that”

 ”Oh… really? Kan-chan, are you happy?”

 ”Yes, I’m happy”

 ”Okay. If this makes you happy, then Kan-chan is naughtier than me”

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