Confinement 368

Chapter 368 The Battle to Decide who is More Naughty! Part 2 – Copy

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 ”No, Kei-chan is naughtier than me”

 ”…Then, a bet?”

 ”Sure, what do you want to bet?”

 ”Cake buffet is delicious”


 I was surprised that Kei-chan made the bet, but the cake buffet was very typical of Kei-chan.

 ”Then I will make you understand”

 ”Nn… can’t lose”

 With that, I put my hands on her knees and moved myself between her legs.

 She’s already come once and squirted. So, she’s ready, no need for more foreplay.

 And then I thrust my hips toward her lovely slit.

 ”Nn, nnn…”

 The rubbery soft flesh of her hips twisted lovingly around my cock.

 ”Nya… nna~…”

 Kei-chan’s eyebrows wrinkled up, and her shapely eyebrows drooped down like 八.

 The vaginal hole is still as narrow and tight as ever. But as I slowly pushed it open, it went deeper and deeper.

 Before long, when my cock was buried up to the base, she let out a deep gasp and relaxed.

 ”It’s in. Does it hurt?”

 ”Nn… I’m fine. Kei like it when it squeezes, and I’m glad to be with Kan-chan”

 ”I’m happy too. Then, I’ll move”

 It’s a game, and I wanted to have rough s*x with Kei-chan… but I couldn’t be cruel to her. After all, I don’t think I can bear the guilt in my conscience.

 But if it’s Kyoko or Lolisla, I’d be pistoning them to the floor and ripping them to shreds.

 And then I started to move my hips slowly. Kei-chan hugs me like a koala, and wraps her legs around my waist to catch my thrusts.

 ”Ah, nyaa… nn, funyaa~, nnn…”

 Kei-chan closes her eyes and lets out a faint moan through her pink lips.

 (She looks so cute when she feels…)

 I thought so as I resisting the urge to move my hips wildly in excitement and slowly enjoyed the feeling inside her vagina.

 My movements are slow, but the feeling is vivid. I can feel my glans rubbing the walls of her vagina, which is covered with countless folds.

 ”Kei-chan’s vagina is very tight and feels very good. Does it hurt?”

 ”Nn, I’m fine, it feels good”

 ”Then, are you okay if I go a little faster?”

 ”…I’d love to”

 Chuckling at the strange words, I speed up the movement of my hips and start thrusting hard.

 ”Fugyaa!? Nnii, ah, ah, ah, ahh…”

 Kei-chan tenses up at the change in my movement, and her vaginal flesh tightens around my object.

 ”Nn, Kan-chan, Kan-chan… aah, nyaa, aah… it’s, ah… g-good, ahh, like it…”

 Her arms tightened around me, and a sweet song spilled from her lovely lips.

 Despite the lustful sound of our joining sounds, she looks so innocent and healthy that my heart is filled with love.

 ”Kei-chan is cute. I love you too, Kei-chan”

 As I whispered this, her doll-like face suddenly turned red.

 (What? Is she embarrassed? )

 ”You’re so cute when you’re shy, Kei-chan. Let me see more of your face”

 ”No, don’t…”

 Kei-chan turns her red face away, perhaps driven by shame.

 But it’s perfect, if I say so myself. I wanted to do it a little harder.

 ”Then, I’ll do it from behind so you won’t be embarrassed”


 I pull out my rod and Kei-chan turns over with her back toward me. She still looks so cute from behind.

 And I stroke my fingers over her small white hips, and she jolts back.

 ”Kei-chan’s ass is so small and cute”

 ”T-To be excited by my ass… as I thought, Kan-chan is more naughty, Kan-chan is Minister of Naughty”

 (What’s that, “Minister of Naughty”?)

 In my head, I saw a man who looked like a minister, looking at the mosaic of the AV and nodding his head.

 ”Kei-chan said I’m naughtier than me, but your pussy is twitching, you know? It seems you want me to penetrate you quickly”

 ”U… d-don’t know…”

 She buried her face in the pillow, hiding her embarrassment, and I couldn’t help but relax my cheeks.

 ”Then I guess I should not disappoint you”

 With that, I lay on top of her, and in a sleep-back position, I inserted my cock all the way to the root.

 ”Fugiii!? Nnyaaaa!?”

 Kei-chan clutched the sheet and tensed up tightly. Her legs stretched out, and her hips quivered beneath her waist.

 ”I-It’s even tighter than before…”

 Probably, it indicates that I am reaching deep inside her.

 (As I thought, it was a good decision to go from the back)

 When I’m looking at Kei-chan’s face, I tend to play softly, but in this position, I can play a little harder.

 I press down on top of her and start pistoning.

 Kei-chan is a beautiful girl with a certain innocence about her. Thinking that I can do anything I want to her only makes me more excited.

 In the midst of my excitement, I violently thrust into her.

 ”Nyaan, Kan-chan! Ah, nnah, naa, nnn!”

 Kei-chan let out a high-pitched scream as the thrusts hit her hard.

 She seemed to be getting excited by the pressure of this position, the inescapable blame.

 ” How about it, Kei-chan? You like being fucked from behind, don’t you? You seem to be more excited than before”

 ”D-Don’t know, nyaa! Ah, ahh, nku, ahhhhh!”

 She seems to be trying hard to keep her voice down, as if she is ashamed of moaning loudly.

 However, every time she is penetrated, her mouth overflows with sweet cries of pleasure.

 ”You don’t have to hold back your voice”

 ”Nn, nni! Ah, nnn! Nnyaa, haaa, ah, ah, ah, ahh!”

 It seems she doesn’t have time to answer. But I pushed her hips further and moved them in a circular motion, and she bounced up and down.


 Kei-chan shuddered and moaned through clenched teeth at the pleasure of having her cervix rubbed by the tip of the glans.

 ”How about it? Isn’t it hard to resist being penetrated like this?”

 ”No, don’t, Kan-chan. You bad, bully”

 ”Then let’s admit it, Kei-chan is naughtier than me”

 As I say this, I continue to grind on her cervix.

 ”Nnyaaa, noo!? Waa, Kan-chan, don’t grind, nna~! Nyaa, nnaa! !”

 Kei-chan opened her mouth and squirmed and squealed as she received the penetration, and then she finally gave out.

 ”Kei is naughtier than you! Really naughty! Naaah!”

 ”Haha, Kei-chan is cute when she’s honest”

 And so, I change my hips from a circular motion to a back and forth motion, and give it my last spurt.

 The dry sound of flesh colliding with flesh echoed in the room, and Kei-chan’s moans bounced above it.

 ”An, an, ah! T-Too much, this is no good, it’s too much, nnnnn! Nyaa, greatt! Ahh, noo, nha, ahh!”

 ”Naughty Kei-chan is so cute. I love you”

 ”L-Love me?”


 ”Then, then… together, for the rest of your life”


 ”If you’re like me, then I’ll stay with you, maybe”

 ”Well, even if you say maybe…”

 As I moved my hips, I couldn’t help but revert to my original state.

 (I just said a terrible thing in the middle of a storm… a lifetime is too heavy. But, well, yes… I’m not going to give her to another man)

 ”Sure, I’ll take care of you”

 When I said that, Kei-chan looked a little surprised and looked back at me.


 I nodded, and she smiled happily with a debauched face.

 ”Then, Kei is all yours. You can do more, more, more, and make a mess of Kei”

 I began to shake my hips furiously again. Like a beast, I pounded her hips as hard as I could.

 ”I love you, Kei-chan! I love you!”

 ”Nyaa, Kei loves you too! Kan-chan, I love you, nna, ah, ahh!”

 The waves of climax rose in a rapid upward curve as the s*x filled with love.

 The only sounds in Confinement King’s bedroom are her sweet cries and hard thrusts.

 And then, just as the final thrust came――

 *spurt* *spurtttttt* *spurtttttt*

 In her deepest place, my desire overflows.

 ”Nyaaaaah! Nnnnnahh!”

 Kei-chan lets out a high-pitched cry of climax, reaching the peak of her sensuality.

 She clutched the sheet with all her might, biting down on ecstasy as she slightly lifted her hips.

 (Oh…it’s still coming out. How excited was I?)

 My manhood pulsed intermittently, flooding her womb with a thick stream of semen. I was a little surprised at the amount of semen, even more than usual.

 Just as I finished cumming and looked into her face, the electronic sound of the level up sounded.

 This is followed by the sound of a synthesized voice that I can’t tell if it’s a man or a woman.


 ”Kei Takasago’s state has changed to [Subjugated]”

 ”Along with that, the following functions are available”

 ” ● Fatigue (Dull)”

 ”It drains someone’s energy and makes them unable to move”


 It’s a very Kei-chan-like function.

 While I was thinking about this, Kei-chan looked back at me.

 ”*pant* *pant…* Kan-chan”


 ”…Cake buffet get”

 ”No, since Kei-chan admitted you’re naughtier than me, I won, right?”

 ”Kei didn’t say if you won”

 ”No, that would be unfair!?”

 ”But Kan-chan will take me if I say so… that’s what Shirasaki said”

 (Well, if Kei-chan asks me, I can’t help but take her…)

 Then I said to Kei-chan, who was smiling, with a resentful expression.

 ”I think it’s better to be selective about friends”

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