Confinement 369

Chapter 369 Happy Appeal

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 Tuesday went by quite peacefully, without any problems.

 Tachioka’s little sister didn’t show up, and I went to school peacefully with Saori-chan and Hanabusa-san.

 During break time, I spent time flirting with Kurosawa-san, Masaki-chan and Fujiwara-san.

 Then, as soon as class ended, I moved to a secluded place and summon “the door”.

 ”Welcome back, Master”


 When I stepped into “The Confinement King’s Bedroom”, I am greeted by the Terashima twins in their maid uniforms.

 I know that Kyoko’s tongue is just a cover for embarrassment, so I don’t pay any attention to it.

 And then, with their help, I started to get ready in the <DressingClothes RoomRoom>.

 Black-rimmed glasses and a worn-out suit. An untidy tie. Also, a haircut that looks shaggy and unkempt.

 Furthermore, today I activated <Age Plus Five>.

 Thus, with that preparation, my reflection in the mirror is that of a dull young businessman.

 ”Even though I’m old, I don’t look much different…”

 If I acted normally, I would look a little more refined, but I’m a Fumijima Kijipheasant Otokoman now, after all.

 So, I’m making myself look dull on purpose. But well, it can’t be helped.

 ”How is it?”

 I asked.

 Ryoko says, “Master is always nice”.

 Kyoko says, “You’re ugly as hell”.

 Really, neither of them is helpful.

 I know that Kyoko’s swearing is a cover for embarrassment, so I don’t pay any attention to it.

 After a quick check in the mirror to see if there is anything strange, I said to them, “I’m off”, and activated <Revisit>.

 Then, I connected “the door” to KKO’s President’s office.

 The time is just after 4:30. And the appointment with the event company is in about thirty minutes.

 ”My HusbandDanna-sama”

 As soon as Chihiro saw me, she stood up hurriedly on the other side of the big desk for the president.

 Today she is dressed in a white blouse with a frill around the chest and a dark blue suit.

 She gives off the vibe of a talented President.

 ”Hello, Chihiro. The President role is starting to grow on you”

 ”Well… that’s because of the environment. Anyway… I’ve been waiting for you”

 She said, smiling happily.

 Chihiro is quite a unique person in my harem.

 We don’t have any physical relationship, not even in a submissive state.

 Even so, I had placed my unshakable trust in her.

 Perhaps it’s because I helped her get revenge, but she is devoted to me. And there are times when I felt her gaze on me with pure affection.

 ”The appointment is at five o’clock, and the other side is supposed to bring a proposal for a project. Over there are President Kitou and the sales people chair. And here is me and my husband chair. If the appointment is at this time, there’s a good chance they’re going to ask us to entertain them…what should we do?”

 ”Well…. If that happens, we should accept. I think we can get more information out of them over a drink… but I’m not a drinker”

 Even if I’m an adult, it’s too risky to drink alcohol I’ve never had before.

 After all, I don’t know if I’m a strong drinker or a weak drinker, and I don’t even know how it feels to be drunk.

 ”And what we want to find out is why this person… attacked Hanabusa-san by using a delinquent college student? It seems to be a very high hurdle…”

 ”Yeah, but we don’t have to go too far. Even if we can’t do it today, I can always use force. First of all, all we need to know is what kind of person this President Kitou is”


 ”So, don’t make a decision about the project they’re proposing. Just put it on hold and say we’ll discuss it later”


 Chihiro nodded and walked over to me. She took my hand and leaned in close to me as if she were trying to be sweet.

 ”W-What is it?”

 ”I’ve been thinking about telling you this for a long time, danna-sama… but I’m so happy right now”

 ”Hmm? Hmm? Oh, I’m glad to hear that”

 ”I’m happy, you know? I have a good job at the President’s office, I’m in contact with my parents, and they’ve released me from my disownment. Then, next holiday I’ll be back home”

 ”O…Okay, that makes me happy too”

 Suddenly, she pushed her face at me, and I turned away.

 ”Isn’t it time…?”

 ”W-What do you mean?”

 ”…That’s what Danna-sama has told me. You said that when the time comes for me to smile and say I’m happy, you’ll hold me”


 But almost at the same time as I smiled, the phone made a vibrating sound.


 A woman’s voice came out of the speaker as Chihiro pressed a button on the phone in annoyance.

 ”Frontier Productions has arrived”

 ”All right. Send them into the reception room”

 Then she purses her lips and says, “I guess they’re here”.

 The reception room is no different than when this place used to be the First Beauty Office.

 It was the same reception room where President Kurashima and the others had been confined.

 As I followed Chihiro into the room, two men in suits who had been sitting on the so-called top seat stood up.

 One of them is in his late forties or fifties.

 He was wearing a double suit and a flashy paisley-patterned tie, looking like a remnant of the Showa bubble.

 He is thin and has an exquisite face, but his hairline looks faintly discolored due to his all-backs.

 This is probably the president, Kitou.

 The other is a young man.

 He is wearing a beige set-up, a blue shirt and a red tie. He has a wolf cut and brown hair, and looks like a lowly host.

 ”Sorry to keep you waiting”

 Chihiro said, and we quickly exchanged business cards.

 Chihiro had also prepared my business card in a business card case.

 As soon as President Kitou saw my business card, KKO secretary’s office, with the title of “General Manager”, he said in an impressed voice, “You’re very talented for such a young man”.

 But well, there is no such department as a secretary’s office in this company, though.

 As we took our seats, President Kitou began by talking about the weather, saying that it had recently become much cooler, but the air conditioning in the trains was still in summer mode, so it was a little chilly.

 He mentioned that my company had co-hosted a few events in the past when it was the First Beauty Office, but did not mention President Kurashima’s name at all, perhaps out of concern for Chihiro.

 ”So… this is the main topic, but I’m here today to offer you a production proposal”

 When Kitou said this, Chihiro tilted her head suspiciously.

 ”Produce? I thought you said you wanted to propose an event”

 ”I thought it would be more useful if I proposed a larger plan that included events…”

 ”Well… what is it you’re proposing to produce?”

 ”Actually, Asuka Nitani, who recently signed a contract with your company, is someone we’ve had our eye on for several years, and we were very close to signing a contract with her…”

 Immediately, Chihiro’s eyebrows creased.

 Then Kitou waved his hand as if to make up for it.

 ”Oh, no, I don’t mean any hard feelings. It is a normal thing in this industry, and I think it is natural to want to belong to a bigger company. However, there is a project that I have been trying to sell to her in anticipation of her joining. It’s an image model for JAC, a major airline…”

 I couldn’t help looking at Chihiro.

 JAC is the largest airline company in the world. Being an image model for JAC is not an ordinary thing.

 ”It would be a shame to just apologize to the client and pretend it didn’t happen, so I’ve come to ask if it’s possible to obtain a contract with your company as a producer”

 ”I see…”

 ”I’m sure it would be very profitable for your company, and for us, if we can expect to make some profit, even if it’s only 10% or 20% of the fee, we’d be more than happy to do so…”

 I don’t know anything about the entertainment industry, but honestly, it sounded too good to be true.

 Chihiro seemed to be in the same boat, feigning calmness but with an air of caution.

 ”So, what are you planning to produce? Nitani is still a student, and I’m thinking that she shouldn’t wear a swimsuit for the time being…”

 ”Don’t worry about that. JAC is planning to launch a campaign to encourage passengers to visit Northern Europe to see the Northern Lights”

 Saying this, Kitou urges the younger employees to hand out the documents. The document contained the details of the campaign that the President had just mentioned.

 It seems to be quite a large scale project, including TV commercials, tie-up projects with TV programs, and advertising in travel magazines.

 (Although I don’t think it’s the kind of thing a small to medium sized event company would be able to handle…)

 ”Okay. I’ll take your materials for the time being, and we’ll consider it”

 ”Yes, that’s fine. Please give it a go”

 Kitou then nodded with a blatant sales smile on his face.

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