Confinement 370

Chapter 370 I Want to Scream at the Sun

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 After receiving all the proposal, we chatted for a while.

 I listened to the conversation with interest while pretending to take notes with my notebook in hand.

 It’s interesting to hear about the entertainment industry, after all.

 From a student’s point of view, it’s a different world.

 I was a little disappointed when the name of one of my favorite idols came up as their talent that the weekly photo magazines were trying to scoop as a hottie.

 (Come to think of it, Lili appeared when I was looking her up on the net…)

 It’s not that long ago, but it seems like a long time ago.

 (Well, I’ve been feeling unusually dense ever since I met Lili…)

 Anyway, in spite of his flashy appearance, Kitou’s answers are decent, and his communication skills are quite high.

 He is, after all, the President.

 When the conversation is about to end, Kito asked Chihiro, as if he suddenly remembered.

 ”Speaking of which, President Kijima, have you ever heard of “Sasanoha Sushi”?”

 ”In Ginza? I’ve heard a lot about it, but it’s a sushi restaurant with two Michelin stars and is rumored to be fully booked for the next five years. So, what is it?”

 Chihiro looks questioning.

 I, on the other hand, feel dumbfounded.

 (A five-year reservation waiting list… why is it so long?)

 I’ve been hearing a lot of talk lately about people waiting years for a reservation, but it’s a feeling I don’t understand at all.

 I don’t even know if the restaurant will maintain the same quality in five years.

 However, Kitou seemed to be slightly proud of Chihiro and me, and said.

 ”Actually, I received a reservation from an acquaintance. I was wondering if you’d like to join us afterwards”

 As expected, there is an invitation to entertain.

 Chihiro glanced at me, and then made a show of being afraid of Kitou.

 ”Are you sure you want to offer… such a valuable opportunity?”

 ”Yes, of course”

 After nodding smilingly, Kitou glanced at me.

 ”I’m sorry, but the restaurant only takes two sets of four customers per night, so the reservation is for two people…”

 ”Four people a night…is that enough for restaurant to operate?”

 I asked, and Kitou smiled with a hint of disdain.

 ”It means that the price per customer is enough to make a living… I guess”

 Although I mentioned that they should be entertained, it’s a different story when it’s just the two of them.

 The other party is a man who uses delinquent college students to attack Hanabusa-san.

 Too dangerous.

 (Shouldn’t I make her say no to this?)

 Almost at the same time as I was thinking this, Chihiro replied to Kitou.

 ”I understand. I’m just going to give instructions to my subordinates about the rest of the work, so can you wait here for about fifteen minutes? President Kitou”

 ”Yes, of course. I’ll be waiting for you”

 Then Chihiro and I left the reception room and returned to the President’s office.

 ”Chihiro… let’s pretend there’s a sudden problem and say no. It’s too dangerous to leave you alone with him”

 If it’s another girl in the harem, I’m sure I can protect her.

 With <Marker>, I can’t lose her, and with <Visual Possession>, I can see what’s going on even if I’m not there.

 For self-defense, I can lend my abilities with <Branch> or <Lend-A-Function>, and if the need arises, I can summon her with <Summon Slave>, and there will be no problem.

 However, unlike my other girls, Chihiro is not even in a [Submissive] state.

 None of the functions that should be useful in such a situation can be applied to her.

 (At least, if Lili or Torture are here, they could hide with their invisibility and protect Chihiro…)

 However, Chihiro begins to giggle at my difficult look.


 ”Fufufu, I’m sorry. I’m really glad that Danna-sama wants me to “refuse”… but it’s okay. If we want to get the information, the risk is unavoidable… and besides, I believe Danna-sama”

 If she says he believes me, I can’t betray her…

 ”Okay… I’ll go back to “my room”. I’ll protect you no matter what, so please leave when the time comes”


 Then, I summoned “The Door” and stepped into “The Confinement King’s Bedroom” again.

 (First of all, don’t lose sight of her… although I can find out where the restaurant is, I don’t know if they’re really go there…)


 ”Yes, Master”

 I shout, and Ryoko in her maid’s uniform opens the door and walks into the bedroom.

 I don’t know why it’s so convenient, but I can’t stop thinking about it.

 ”Can you drive the car?”


 And with that, I leave the room with Ryoko and move to the far end of the corridor. There we find a new room I’ve just created.

 The ceiling is high, the floor is green linoleum. One wall is covered with steel shutters.

 And there sits Ryoko’s favorite car, a white domestic car.

 I hadn’t expected this to happen, but when Ryoko became a resident of “The Room”, I simply thought it would be more convenient and moved her car there as well.

 When I got into the passenger seat, Ryoko who was already in the car started the engine.

 I activate <Revisit> and <Carry-in Entrances>, and the shutters begin to open with a rattle.

 On the other side of the shutters is the street in front of the KKO office.

 Kito and Chihiro are just getting into a cab in front of the office building.

 ”Ryoko, follow that cab”


 Ryoko stepped on the gas pedal, and the linoleum floor made a noise as if it were made of vinyl.

 Without hesitation, the car kick-started and began to drive in pursuit of the cab.


 ”Somehow, you seem happy”

 Ryoko, still in her maid’s uniform, gripped the steering wheel, her mouth clearly relaxed.

 ”Ufufu, after all, it’s like a detective drama. I’ve always wanted to try that “chase that cab” thing”

 ”Is that what a real detective would say!?”

 ”Actually, I never had the chance to do that… I became a detective because I was inspired by detective dramax”

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