Confinement 371

Chapter 371 Chihiro is Heavy

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 After only about fifteen minutes, the cab stopped and I saw Kitou and Chihiro getting off.

 Then having the car stop on the shoulder of the road, I observed them from a distance as they walked into a not-so-large commercial building.

 ”Ryoko, park the car and wait in “the room””


 I instructed Ryoko while listening to the clicking sound of the hazard, and I got out of the car.

 I then activated <Carry-in Entrance> again and Ryoko drove in, and I followed Kitou and Chihiro into the building they had entered.

 The building is luxurious, with black marble walls and gold decorations.

 At the entrance, I looked for a store while pointing to the floor guide.

 Apparently, there is only one store on each floor.

 And I found the name of “Sasanoha Sushi” on the first basement floor.

 When I took the elevator down to the basement floor, I was immediately confronted by a door made of Japanese cypress, which opened sideways.

 Although there is nothing to indicate the name of the restaurant, I guessed that this is “Sasanoha Sushi”.

 So, I put my hand on the wall of the restaurant and activate <Passing Through the Room>.

 As I enter the door, I activate <Periscope> in front of the exit door.

 Immediately, the scene of the restaurant appears on the wall of the room.

 It’s troublesome that I can’t use <Visual Possession> on Chihiro, but <Periscope> has an advantage that it allows me to hear sounds.

 Speaking of which, I wonder why Chihiro is still in [Normal] state.

 As I learned from the examples of Fujiwara-san and Kayama-san, embracing is not an absolute condition to reach the [Submissive] state.

 Does it mean that she doesn’t have that much affection for me?

 Thinking about this, I turned my attention to the interior of the restaurant that appeared on the wall.

 The interior of the restaurant is an elegant cypress structure. Within a space of about 10 tatami mats (16,5 square meters/177,9 square feet), there is a counter with only two seats.

 Apparently, it is true that the restaurant only accepts two sets per day, with a maximum of four customers.

 Inside the counter, there are two sushi chefs, the master and a young man who looked like an apprentice.

 Chihiro and Kitou are already seated, exchanging beers in a friendly manner.

 (It seem sto be OK for now…)

 While watching for a while, they are listening to the sushi chef’s explanation about the ingredients and enjoying the sushi.

 When Chihiro took a bite of the sushi, she sometimes looked surprised and often said, “It’s delicious”.

 (Heh… so it’s that delicious…)

 However, the price of sushi at the market price is so scary that I would never be able to come and eat it myself.

 Even if I had a 100 million money, I wouldn’t have the courage to do so because I am still a small citizen.

 Their conversation focused mainly on the industry.

 It seems that they are presidents of other companies, but they seem to know each other, and they have been talking about that for a while.

 Perhaps she was trying to get information out of him.

 Eventually, Chihiro started to ask about the model Nitani that Kitou wanted to produce.

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”President Kitou, about Nitani, how did you come to be interested in her?”

 ”Eh, well… at one of the auditions, she stood out quite a bit…”

 ”An audition? That’s funny… Nitani said that ours was her first audition”

 ”Eh? Ah, no I meant… that’s the other girl. Ahaha, I’m mistaken, I’m mistaken”

 I scratched my head and tried my best to cover it up.

 (Tch… this is so annoying)

 In fact, I only know this Nitani girl’s face from photos.

 However, thanks to the fact that KKO’s company name, and by extension the Fujiwara Group’s name, is in the forefront of the sales campaign, this production project is in the process of being decided.

 If this woman distrusts me here, there’s nothing I can do.

 ”…Actually. One of my acquaintances’ daughters goes to the same school as Nitani-san, and she told me that Nitani-san is a great talent, so I did some research and found out that she is indeed good, and I was preparing to scout for her”

 ”Heh… the daughter of an acquaintance of yours”

 ”Yes, yes, I was thinking of recruiting her with this job, as I thought she could make a spectacular impression with such a big job, but it turned out to be a bad time, as Nitani-san has joined your company”

 ”So you made a deal with Nitani before you recruited her… that’s quite a rash move, isn’t it?”

 ”Hahaha… That’s a shame”

 Presiden Kijima’s face turned puzzled.

 (Well, you can underestimate me. But I’ll make sure to turn your puzzled face into ahegao face later)

 I looked at the apprentice chef in the back of the room and said, “This restaurant has good cold sake”, and I recommended it to President Kijima, but without waiting her approval, I ordered it.

 Then, I gave the apprentice some money and pill.

 This pill is sleeping pill.

 It’s a special tasteless and odorless mix I’ve used many times before to seduce women.

 If I can get her to fall, I can eat all the models in KKO.

 The rest of the plan becomes a lot simpler.

 No more cumbersome, risky trick, just simply debut “her” with KKO’s full backing.

 ”Here you go, President, it’s really good”

 ”Okay, then…”

 Without being prompted, President Kijima sipped the cold sake laced with sleeping pills. And I couldn’t help but twist my mouth.

◇ ◇ ◇

 (Hmm…? Chihiro looks very drunk. Is she a weak drinker? )

 Chihiro’s eyes had become sleepy and her speech had become slurred.

 I’ve never drank alcohol before, so I don’t know how long it takes to get drunk, but as far as I could see, Chihiro is already dizzy.

 Finally, she fell asleep lying down on the counter.

 (Well, this is not good…)

 After paying the bill, Kitou replied with a smile to the worried sushi chef, “Don’t worry, she’s fine” and left the restaurant with Chihiro on his back.

 (It can’t be helped!)

 I hurriedly left the room and took the elevator to the entrance of the building, where I waited for Kitou to come up.

 (If things get rough, I’ll just drag him into “the room” somehow and stun him with <Paralyze>. If that doesn’t work, I’ll call Ryoko…)

 As I wait, simulating a possible situation, the elevator door opens with a *popping electronic sound.

 Then, as soon as Kitou came out of the entrance and saw me, he looked shocked.

 ”Well? President Kitou, I apologize for any inconvenience my Kijima may have caused you!”

 ”Fu…Fumijima-san, is it? Why are you here?”

 ”Well, Kijima doesn’t drink well, and this always happens to her, so I was instructed to come and get her”

 ”I-Is that so? She looks so strong…”

 ”Yes, that’s exactly the situation”


 He must have realized his mistake.

 After all, Kitou’s face immediately became bitter as if he had bitten down on a bitter bug.

 And the fact that Kitou thought Chihiro looked like a strong drinker in such a situation was like saying that Kitou had done something wrong.

 However, Kitou still showed his reluctance.

 ”Well, it’s a result of my invitation, and I would like to take responsibility for taking her back…”

 ”No, no, that’s not a good idea. As you know, Kijima’s background is a bit unique, and she’s been targeted by a lot of weekly photo magazines. If rumors get out, it could cause trouble for our company and make it difficult for us to do business with you”

 When I said, “make it difficult for us to do business with you”, Kitou reacted sharply.

 ”…I-I see. If that’s the case”

 Kitou smiled a twitchy smile, but with an aura of resentment emanating from his body, he lowered Chihiro from his back, and I picked her up with my arms.

 ”Then, please give my regards to President Kijima”

 With that, Kitou turned away and walked out of the entrance with a gesture of regret in his voice.

 Almost at the same time I let out a sigh of relief, I heard a voice from outside saying, “Huh? President, what’s wrong with your face?”, then a dull beating sound and a muffled scream of a man can be heard.

 (That young man had been sent to pick him up… if Chihiro had been put in the car, it would have been very bad)

 Anyway, I should get away from here as soon as possible.

 I summon “the door” appear and called out inside.

 ”Ryoko, can you help me? It’s too heavy… I can’t do it alone…”

 Needless to say, I’m not strong enough to lift and carry an unconscious woman.

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