Confinement 372

Chapter 372 Dakimakura Chief

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 ”She… doesn’t seem to have a problem”

 Ryoko opened Chihiro’s eyelids with her fingertips, checked her pupils, and nodded.

 She carried the comatose Chihiro into Ryoko’s room, and now had her lie on the bed with only her coat off.

 ”I’m glad…”

 If she had been left alone, she would have been taken to a hotel after that and violated at will by Kitou.

 The man must have planned to take pictures and videos of her and make it impossible for her to resist him.

 Knowing Chihiro’s past of being played with by men’s desires, it is inexcusable that Kitou would do such a thing.

 But the reason why Chihiro, who would normally be very cautious, fell for such a trick was because she was trying to get information out of him for me.

 If I think about it, I’ll be angry with myself.

 ”I think it’s some kind of so-called date-rape drug… probably a flunitrazepam-based sleep-inducing cocktail”

 ”Sleep inducing drugs? Are they different from sleeping pills?”

 ”Yes, they metabolize so fast that even if you went to the police after the fact, the test kits they have at the station wouldn’t react, so it’s hard to get any evidence”

 ”So it’s like he’s pretty experienced at this?”

 ”That’s right”

 When I raised my eyebrows, Ryoko saw it and asked me.

 ”Do you want to destroy him?”

 ”Yes… but let’s wait a little longer”

 According to Chihiro, the project that Kitou had brought was quite tasty.

 If she can snatch the plan itself and force Kurosawa-san and Akira to take the place of Nitani, it will be very beneficial for their future.

 Chihiro said that she wanted to make it happen.

 For Chihiro’s sake, it would be better to wait for the contract with the airline to be signed and then have that man leave.

 Besides, there’s another thing that’s bothering me.

 It is the existence of “the daughter of an acquaintance” mentioned in Kitou’s statement.

 The existence of Nitani and this “acquaintance’s daughter” has revealed a faint connection between Hanabusa-san, who was attacked, and Kitou, who ordered the attack.

 So far, they are only related at the level of the same school, and Nitani is in the same club as Hanabusa-san, but it is hard to imagine that they are completely unrelated.

 The simplest way to think about it is that either Nitani or this “acquaintance’s daughter” asked Kitou to attack Hanabusa-san.

 I don’t know the reason, though.

 (As for this Nitani girl, I’d like to interview her once as a Fumijima pheasant man, and I’d like to investigate the basketball club a bit more…)

 I don’t think it’s a good idea for me to visit the girls’ basketball team.

 After all, I would be treated as a pervert.

 (Is there anything I can do?)

 As soon as I thought about it, a girl’s face crossed my mind.

 (Come to think of it, Nozomi has a contact person in other club activities. She said that she could offer it in place of Kayama-san. I heard her say something like that… let’s ask her)

 Nozomi Amemiya is my favorite these days.

 She’s so frustrating and rebellious when I hold her, but in the end, she melts down and it’s so cute. On top of that, I like the fact that her organ is incredibly talented.

 I’ve managed to get her down to [Submissive], but I can’t get her any further than that, probably because she likes women more.

 Although I intend to take my time to subvert her, I’ve been calling her too often lately, so I’ve been trying to control myself…

 (Well, whatever… just listen to what she will say later)

 And so, I decided to call her to the rooftop tomorrow at lunchtime.

 As I nodded to myself, Ryoko turned her head towards me.

 ”Master, please let me take care of Chihiro-san and please rest. If you need a night guard, Kyoko-chan can do it…”

 It was indeed late at night.

 Normally, I’d be taking care of someone else.


 ”Well, I’m really tired today, so I’m just going to sleep”

 In fact, I was very tired.

 No matter what I say, I’m still a nerd.

 To be honest, it was too much for me to confront Kitou, who looked like a playboy from the early days of the bubble economy, with all my words.

 But I’m disgusted by the fact that he touched Chihiro’s body so intimately, and I’m feeling very stressed that I forced Chihiro to do such a thing.

 Ryoko, who was staring at my face, nodded her head.

 ”I see, if it’s mentally exhausting…”

* * *

 Ryoko said, “I’ll prepare a dakimakura. Please wait in the bedroom for a while”, I wondered what she was talking about.

 ”S-Sorry, I’m late…”

 Ulrich came in, holding a pillow.

 She’s wearing a lovely white negligee.

 She probably poked holes in it on purpose. After all, her triangular ears are sticking out from her nightcap, and her bushy tail is sticking out from around her hips.

 (Oh, so that’s what she meant…)

 In the case of other girls, sleeping together might make me want to “play”, but in Ulrich’s case, it’s okay unless she’s in heat.

 Of course, she’s been conditioned to go into heat immediately if I snap my fingers in front of her, and once I get her into heat, she goes into a half-crazed frenzy and shakes her hips like an animal.

 ”U-Umm? R-Ryoko… told me to sleep with Master…”

 As Ulrich hid her face in the pillow as if she was ashamed, I smiled and beckoned her to come.

 Immediately, her tail began to wag from side to side.

 As soon as we get under the futon together, she rubs her nose against my chest and says, “Mmm…”.

 She is small, and fits comfortably in my arms.

 (…This is tickling my desire for protection)

 ”Can I touch your tail?”

 ”Uh… if Master wants to touch it… sure”

 With that, while hugging her, I move my hand to her butt and gently touch her tail.

 (It’s so fluffy… oh man, it feels so good. This soothing feeling is incredible)

 ”Speaking of which, where does Ulrich usually sleep?”

 Thinking about it, I’ve been treating her like a pet, and I don’t remember preparing a room for her.

 ”Umm… I sleep with Ryoko and Kyoko”

 Well, it seems that they are taking care of her.

 ”I don’t like having my tail fluffed, but Ryoko is kind, I like her. I don’t like Kyoko because she yells at me and touches me too much”

 It seems that Kyoko is still s*xually harassing her.

 ”You don’t like having your tail touched?”

 I asked, and Ulrich buried her face in my chest and said shamefacedly.

 ”If it’s Master, it’s fine… especially”

 ”Well, thank you”

 In a book I read a while ago, a study by Washington State University showed that if a person interacts with cats and dogs for ten minutes, the level of the stress hormone cortisol decreases dramatically.

 Instead, oxytocin, the happy hormone, is secreted, and the effect is expected to be significant, not only psychologically but also in terms of health.

 As evidence of this, in an experiment on 100,000 people with some kind of heart disease, the risk of death was 20 percent lower in people who owned dogs than in those who did not.

 (I like this… I’ll use her as a dakimakura in the future)

 I decided to give Ulrich the position of “Dakimakura Chief”, and while I was fondling her tail, I fell asleep before I knew it.

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