Confinement 373 1

Chapter 373 Hot Pepper Maker, Part 1

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 ”U… Unngh…”

 A headache, huh… thinking that, I sat up and looked around.

 It was a familiar room with a blue color background.

 It was Ryoko-san’s room, which I had been to a few times for girls’ nights.

 Now, I was wearing only stockings and underwear.

 My jacket and skirt are hanging on hangers against the wall.

 As I pulled the sheet aside, I noticed in the mirror that my face is pale, and that I had not removed my makeup.

 With a throbbing headache, I try to retrace my memory, wondering why I am here.

 I was having dinner with Kitou at “Sasanoha Sushi”, and my memory started to become vague after drinking cold sake.

 (Was I drunk? I don’t remember drinking that much…)

 While I was thinking about this, I heard the door open and Ryoko-san in her maid’s uniform came into the room.

 ”You’re awake. How are you feeling?”

 ”To put it mildly…terrible”

 I think I’m hungover, but my head is numb and I’m feeling nauseated.

 ”Do you want some water?”

 ”…I’d rather have alcohol than water, please”

 Ryoko shrugs her shoulders in exasperation.

 ”What are you going to do about work?”

 ”If I have to rest, I’ll rest. Without Lolisla, there’s rarely any trouble, and there’s enough time for all the employees to get around for a day or so”

 Ryoko smiled and took out two glasses from the cabinet and put them on the side table of the bed.

 ”Then… maybe I should accompany you”

 ”That would be great”

 She and her sister, Kyoko, are close in age and are good friends of mine.

 ”What do you want to drink? …Huh?”

 Ryoko-san looked at the bottles in the cupboard, and tilted her head at the empty bottle in front of her.

 ”Empty? Did Kyoko-chan drink it?”

 I ask her back.

 ”Can you make a vodka tonic?”

 ”Yes, leave it to me”

 With that, I sit up in bed in the morning and pick up the bottle. It’s unhealthy, as if I’ve returned to my rough life as an AV star.

 While drinking, Ryoko told me what had happened last night.

 She told me that Danna-sama had saved me from being drugged and losing consciousness.

 ”Danna-sama, he plays a role of a prince on a white horse rather often…”

 ”That’s what’s so wonderful about him. About Master”

 Ryoko and I giggled with glasses in our hands.

 Then I realized.

 (So, he’s the prince of the white horse… Just for me this time…)

 Thinking back to the time when I was rescued from a container bound for Southeast Asia with Misuzu, I couldn’t help smiling.

 I felt jealous at that time, but it was quite embarrassing for me to play the role of a princess now.

 Besides, I am too dirty to play the role of a princess.

 ”Speaking of which, where’s danna-sama?”

 ”He’s already gone. To school”

* * *

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