Confinement 373 2

Chapter 373 Hot Pepper Maker, Part 2

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 While listening to the opening bell, I entered the room of the track and field club, which is locked from the inside, using <Passing Through the Room>.

 The lights are off in the dimly lit club room, and the sunlight leaking in from the ventilation fan near the ceiling is faintly illuminating the room.

 ”*sigh…* what are you thinking, telling me to stay in the club room after morning practice? You want me to skip the first period, right? Pai-sen?”

 ”Well, something like that”

 Nozomi Amemiya, sitting on a blue bench in her school uniform, looks up and glares at me.

 She’s in a [Submissive] state, but she’s only cute after the fact.

 Usually, when I happen to meet her, she looks at me as if she’s seen something she doesn’t like, and her attitude toward me is piercing.

 ”Well I don’t mind I skipped the class, but squeezing my breasts at no time is not a good idea, is it?”

 ”Don’t be so hard on me”

 In fact, as soon as I sat down next to her, I immediately thrust my hand into her top and rubbed her breasts without hesitation.


 ”You know, your eyes are scary. If you make it a little pouty and lower the corners of your eyes, I’ll shrivel up”

 ”Am I really that scary!?”

 Nozomi’s voice is a mixture of surprise and dismay, and she sounded a little confused. Still, I put my hand inside her sports bra.

 ”Nn… Nnh… ahhh *pant* *pant*”

 ”As usual, you’re very sensitive, aren’t you?”

 I grabbed her right breast. And I felt its softness and elasticity.

 Savoring its softness and elasticity, I wriggle my ten fingers softly.

 ”Pai-sen’s touch is just too naughty…”

 She’s reluctant, but she doesn’t resist.

 I sat her on my lap in a face-to-face position, pulled off her top, and pulled up her sports bra.

 The scent of deodorant spray rises softly from her slightly sweaty body after club activities.

 ”Nn, nnaa… i-it’s so sudden… ahh, no…”

 I took her nipple in my mouth and Nozomi let out a lustful sound.

 Hearing her voice like that makes me even more excited.

 ”Ahn, hyaa… jeez, p-pai-sen… w-what is it, s-stop… aah, aah, aah…”

 I sucked as hard as I could, then licked up and down, and sucked again.

 Nozomi shivered and squealed sweetly at the direct attack on her lactation organ.

 ”It feels good, doesn’t it?”

 ”It doesn’t feel good… Kuh, you can do whatever you want now… but next time you suck me off, I’ll put hot pepper on my nipples”

 ”Wait… if you put hot pepper on your nipples, they’ll burn and sting like hell”

 That’s self-destructive. All I can say is she’s an idiot.

 ”Then… then, I will wrap my n-nipples in a cloth and put hot pepper on them…”

 ”What are you doing wrong? I mean… wrapping the nipple in cloth? That’s opening a new door!”

 ”Ugh… t-then? I’m going to put the pepper-covered hands on your p*nis…”

 ”Can you please stop with the spices!? Are you sponsored by a hot pepper company, or something? Do you work for Hass or S*food, you bastard!”

 ”Hiiii!? Don’t pinch it…”

 I squeezed her hardened nipples with both hands, and Nozomi arched her back as hard as she could.

 ”*pant* *pant* *pant…* so, i-in the end, ah… w-what do you want? I-If you say, hiii… you just wanted to rub my breast in the morning, hyaa, ah, ah… I’ll blow you away, you know”

 ”No, of course not!”

 ”Pai-sen would do it…”

 ”You know… if I just want to squeeze a breast, there’s Kurosawa-san and Masaki-chan nearby…”

 The image of Fujiwara-san flashed through my mind, but I decided not to pay attention to it.

 ”There’s something I need you to look into. You… you said you had contacts in other clubs, right? Any luck with the basketball club?”

 ”Basketball club? Are you going to make more victims like us?”

 ”Don’t talk to me like that”

 ”What else is there to say!?”

 ”The Chosen One?”

 ”Are you Chuuni?”

 ”That’s not what I meant. Look, Saori-chan had an accident the other day, right?”

 ”Moribe? What does that have to do with the basketball club…”

 ”I think the person who set it up is in the girls’ basketball club”

 Instantly, Nozomi looked puzzled.

 ”Conspiracy theories… are you delusional? As expected, you’re chuuni…”

 Really, I was a little annoyed.

 At any rate, I decided to remind this bitch of her position and then start the conversation all over again.

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