Confinement 374

Chapter 374 Instant Conquest

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 ”Mmm… ah… if it’s the b-basketball team, ahn… there are t-two of them, hii!? No, noo… in my class… kuh… ah, don’t rub there… ahnn…”

 I squeezed Nozomi’s breasts relentlessly from behind.

 In the darkened clubroom, I played with Nozomi’s breasts while she clung onto the locker room, our tongues intertwined as she turned her head to me.

 This is one of the reasons why I like Nozomi so much, after all when I start to fondle her, she instantly becomes more shy.

 Whereas before that, she was so cocky that it was easy to feel a sense of conquest.

 ”Ichida and… hii, ah, N-Nitani are the girls…”


 KKO model Asuka Nitani. I stopped moving my hand involuntarily when the name I had heard so many times came up again.

 ”What’s wrong?”

 I replied, “Nothing”, and roughly twisted her nipples.

 ”Hii… you’re tearing my nipples off…”

 Thinking about it, there are only three classes in the school year, so the fact that Nozomi and Nitani are in the same class doesn’t surprise me at all.

 I rubbed her nipples with my fingertips from behind and ran my tongue over her tanned neck.

 ”These two… what are they like?”

 ”Y-You’re going to make them like me, aren’t you?”

 I tasted the saltiness of Nozomi’s sweat with my tongue and twisted her nipple to encourage her to talk.

 ”Hyuu!? I-Ichida has a bad mouth, but, ah, ah, ah… s-she’s not that kind of insidious type who will attack her junior… ah, nooo”

 ”What about Nitani?”

 ”A-Ah… please choose between letting me talk or teasing me…”

 I squeezed her breasts with both hands, telling her to hurry up and talk.

 ”Ow!? It hurts… N-Nitani is just messing around”

 ”What’s that?”

 ”Ahi!? She’s only in the basketball team for fashion, nnah… S-She said she loves herself and that she’d quit immediately if she became a model, so… ugh, g-geez, let go of my breasts!”

 The name that Kitou mentioned was Nitani, so it’s hard to imagine that she had nothing to do with it, but at this point, I can’t imagine any reason that would make Kitou attack Hanabusa-san.

 ”B-But… t-that reminds me, nnah? Ahn? No!? Please don’t move your fingers so suddenly!”

 ”Remind you of what?”

 ”Yesterday, the public morals committee visited… Nitani, ah… and Ichida…”

 ”Public Morals Committee?”

 ”A third-year student with a little plumpness…” (*Note: ムチっと -> plump?)

 ”Plumpness… you sound like an old man”

 However, the public moral committee member is probably Minami Shibata.

 Now that Takata-san is gone, there are only two public morals members in the third year.

 Shibata-san and another boy from my class, who must have been slacking off most of the time.

 (I guess I will visit them because of the problems with public morals… it’s worth listening to them)

 In the meantime, Shibata-san is supposed to come to the counseling room this weekend….

 (I’ll call her today…)

 ”Hey, Nozomi, could you casually ask those two about their club activities? See if there’s any trouble…”

 ”I-I get it, okay? I get it… B-But, please stop squeezing my breasts…”

 As usual, the sight of Nozomi pleading with tears in the corners of her eyes turns me on.

 ”Geez, you can’t take it anymore, huh?”

 ”I can’t…”

 Nozomi looked away as if embarrassed.

 But then, I picked her chin up and forcibly placed my lips on hers, and with our tongues intertwined, I slid her panties down her legs.

 ”Mm, mmu, *Slurp* *Pant…* *Slurppp…* Mmm… Ah, n-no…”

 Her skirt, which had been rolled up, revealed her white, sunburn-free hips, and I grabbed her butt tab.

 ”Hyah… aaahn… d-don’t do that to me…”

 ”You’re lying, you’re always happy when I do this”

 I don’t know if it’s because she’s been whipped by Kayama-san, or if she was born that way, but the rougher she gets, the more excited she gets.

 Her crotch was already moist, and many drops were dripping down her inner thighs.

 ”Come on, beg me as usual!”

 ”I-I don’t… want to…”

 Just as she was about to reply, I slapped her butt tab forcefully.


 Slap? and a flash of lightning bursts through the darkness, followed by Nozomi’s high-pitched scream that echoes through the room.

 However, despite the painfulness of her scream, her expression became melancholy.

 ”Uuu… Please p-put it in me… M-Master… strong c-c-cock…”

 ”You’re such a pervert, you know that?”

 As if deliberately accusing her of being a pervert, I grabbed her tight waist and inserted it all the way to the base.

 ”Guhiiii!! Ah, ah, i-it’s here, i-it’s so great…”

 Nozomi clawed at the locker door, making an unpleasant squeaking sound.

 Still, her inside feels as good as ever. With rough, protruding folds at the back. The wriggling of the vagina’s flesh, tightening in every way, is already soothing just by being inside.

 ”Are you happy, Nozomi!”

 ”I-I’m so happy, with your cock, I’m so happy…”

 It seems that she’s sensitive to pleasure, after all she’s really obedient when she’s being inserted.

 And beneath her disheveled uniform, her well-trained, muscular body breathed. I grabbed her by the waist and began to shake my hips violently.

 ”Anh, ahii, ah, nnah, haah, nnn!”

 While thrusting furiously from behind, I ask angrily.

 ”Nozomi? Who do you love!?”

 ”Anh, anh, it’s M-Master, hyah!”

 Not so long ago, she used to say “Yui-sama” as if she was resisting, but now she doesn’t say it anymore.

 ”What are you to me?”

 ”Ahh? O-Onahole? I’m just an onahole to make you feel so good!”

 I thrust even harder and Nozomi lets out a high-pitched scream and she hits her head on the locker.

 Maybe it was the location of the club room, or maybe it was the torment of the Doggy Style position, but she seemed to be more excited than usual.

 (Then, I’ll make her feel even better…)

 I press her body down against the locker with my weight and crushing her with all my might and pounding my hips hard.

 ”Ahyah, hyah, hyah, hiiii!? Hiiiiii!”

 Her voice became choked up as I squeezed her deepest part.

 ”Nooo!? M-Master, I’m going become idiot, I-I’m going to crazy, it’s too great…”

 Nozomi’s face looked miserable, stained with tears and drool, as she shook her head and desperately pleaded, forming a pained yet twitching smile.

 ”If it feels good, say so!”

 Nozomi shuddered and screamed out in a voluptuous voice as I pushed my hips into her and rubbed her cervix with the tip of my glans.

 ”It’s ghooooood? it’s so ghooodddd!? Ah, hyaa, yhour chock is the vesttt!”

 The captain of the track and field club squirmed and squealed with her mouth wide open as she was subjected to the penetration. She has no ability to think anymore. It was as if the sensuality had burned out her brain cells.

 But the truth is, I was about to reach my limit too. After all, Nozomi’s vagina was too good for me.

 Once it’s in, I can’t last as long as I do with other girls.

 ”Come on, I’m about to cum!”

 ”Yhes, Mashter… Pleashe… pleashe use Nozomi to feel even bwetter…”

 I grabbed her breasts and began to shake my hips furiously again. As if it was the last spurt, I fucked this sports girl with all my might.

 ”Nozomi, do you like me?”

 ”Lwikeeee? I lwike Mwaster? I lwike you, I’m going to cwum, I’m going to cwum so hward! I lwike you, so I’m gwoing to cwumm!”

 With the furious pistons, the waves of s*xual sensation rose in a rapid upward curve. In the dimly lit club room, her half-crazed “I like you” echoed over and over.

 Then, with a final thrust, my cock broke through the critical point at her deepest point.

 Spurt! Spurttt! Spurtttttttt!

 ”Hiiiiiii!? I’m cumming? I’m cumming? I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cummmmmmmming!”

 Nozomi screams her climax in a high-pitched voice, reaching the peak of her sensuality.

 Andwith only her hips sticking out, she slammed her head against the locker and tensed up in ecstasy.

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