Confinement 384

Chapter 384 Saint Fumio Kijima

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 I am the daughter of a gym owner.

 And I know how important a role of “Sasami” in weight loss in boxing is.

 It is high in protein and low in fat.

 Beef, pork, chicken. Its fat content is lower and its protein content is higher than any of those meats. It also contains more niacin and tryptophan.

 But it becomes dry because it is overcooked. So, it is recommended to heat slowly over low heat, as it loses moisture easily.

 I think the easiest and tastiest way to eat it is to heat it in a microwave oven for a minute and put Bainiku (梅肉) on it.

 However, it is not a pleasant thing to look at.

 I wonder how many people in their long life will have to look at the “Sasami” so intently.

 Not to mention Sasaki-san.

 After having my limbs shattered to pieces and suffering the pains of hell, I was brought together with others in a dimly-lit room, and just when I was scared of what was going to happen to me… here it is.

 I don’t think it’s an anticlimax.

 It was just terrifying because it didn’t make any sense.

 All we could do was look at each other, bewildered.

 Nobody speaks.

 Then, after a long, long silence, the edge of the Sasami was lifted up and swayed from side to side, pushed up against the wrap under the pack in the screen.

 [Am I in the picture?]

 ”Yes, your face is perfect”

 Behind Sakon, Kishijo responds.

 (I mean, where is his face?)

 But of course, I can’t say it out loud.

 [Come one, if they don’t react, Isn’t it possible that they don’t see me?]

 A somewhat disgruntled male voice comes over the speakers. I wonder what kind of reaction he was expecting.


 Immediately following the coughing, a heavy male voice echoes again from the speakers.

 [Now, the love-dovey corruption game has finally begun. The main navigator is me, Sasaki-san. The assistant is――]

 The four maids in the background speak in unison.

 ””””We, the Shortcuts”””””

 [――And hereby I present to you…]

 (Come on, just get on with the story…)

 What a farce.

 To begin with, I have a temper.

 If I hadn’t been hurt, I’m sure I would have smashed the monitor by now.

 [The rules are simple. You four will corrupt a saint]


 A woman with short wavy hair, who was sitting on the other end of the room from me, raised one eyebrow doubtfully.

 However, Sasaki-san ignored her and went on with his story.

 [A person blessed by an angel, the natural enemy of us demons, that is a saint. The four of you will seduce him and see who can corrupt him the fastest. This is a game in which you compete with each other]

 (Something funny… demons and angels… And seduction…)

 [The method is simple: you compete with each other to seduce the saint and make him a prisoner of your carnal desires. The winner is the one who gets laid the quickest]

 ”Hey, wait a minute!?”

 I found myself shouting.

 This is no joke.

 ”D-do you mean to do s-something naughty!?”

 [Yes, that’s right]

 ”No, no, no, no, no!? Do you think I can do that kind of thing? Isn’t there someone better suited for this? Why me?!”

 I haven’t had a boyfriend before. After all, I’ve never been treated like a girl, and I know I’m not pretty.

 Still, I’ve often wished I didn’t have freckles, or that I had good teeth, but either way, if a girl has a personality like mine, there’s no way she’ll attract a guy.

 [Please do your best to risk your life there]

 ”That’s… nonsense…”

 [By the way, when I analyze this saint’s preference, it seems that it is a so-called “Lady’s type (Ojou-sama)”, but human beings have a slight blurring of the lines. That is why the range of his preference is between a Yankee and a lady. Well, for me, I don’t understand such interests toward that at all…]


 […sorry about that]

 Behind Kayama, Hotta called out his name as if to reproach him for saying unnecessary things, and the edge of the sasami folded in the monitor as if to bow his head.

 (In other words, Sakon and Kayama are the main candidates, and I and the sister (Nee-san) over there are treated as if we were the big holes… that kind of pisses me off…)

 ”You mean… you want me to help you get rid of the obstacles in your way. What if I don’t want to do it?”

 When Sakon asked this question in a probing tone, Sasaki-san’s shoulders (? slumped. Then, Sasaki-san makes a gesture as if he is cowering.

 [Unfortunately, you do not have the right to refuse. If you refuse, you will die here and now]

 ”As I thought…”

 Sakon let out a deep sigh.

 ”But even if I seduce this gentleman…”

 When Kayama opened her mouth anxiously, Sasaki-san’s voice interrupted her from the speaker.

 [Let me explain the rules. The time limit is unlimited, and each of you is free to approach the saint. As I said before, the game ends when you get one shot. As a progress check, we will bring you to this room every night at midnight, and we will tell you the degree of intimacy between you and the saint in numerical form]

 A pie chart in red and blue appeared on the screen.

 [The person with the lowest number that day will receive a minor penalty]


 I don’t know how minor the penalty, but these are the people who break people’s bones so casually.

 [If you ask him to bed with you at the maximum intimacy level, there is no way that he will refuse you. In other words, the person who improves the intimacy, invites him to bed, and steals his virginity is the one who wins]

 ”What if I take his virginity regardless of its numerical intimacy value?”

 The lady asks with a sharp look in her eyes.

 [It’s impossible to take his virginity by force. This man is a saint. Still, if you take his virginity, no problem with the numbers… but if you fail, the relationship will deteriorate drastically and you will surely lose]

 Even after hearing all this, it still doesn’t ring a bell with me.

 The very idea of seducing a man is too far away from my mind.

 I guess that the sister over there has some experience, but Kayama and Sakon are young ladies, and they don’t seem to have any experience as well as I do.

 (This sister is the most likely the winner… I wish she would take his virginity and end the game…)

 But that idea was naive.

 [For those of you who are the losers when the game is over, I, Sasaki, will process your meat and ship it to Juon, a supermarket chain in the demon world, so that you can enjoy the feeling of becoming me, Sasaki]




 ”No way!”

 All four of us were astonished.

 It should have been a terrible joke, but we had already realized that it was not a joke at all.

 ”Why are we in such a situation!?”

 I shouted out, and Sasaki-san answered casually.

 [There is no reason. We are devils. On the contrary, to the one of you who succeeds, the devil will do whatever it takes to make your dream come true. Status, wealth, and honor are yours to enjoy]


 Surprisingly, it was Sakon who took the bait.

 [Yes, to be an idol. To be the most beautiful woman in the world. To be a billionaire. Or to marry the male actor of your choice…whatever]

 Kayama gulps and clears her throat.

 (Well, she’s poor now, isn’t she… I wonder if wishes that would normally never come true are possible… with the devil…)

 I have at least a dream that I want to come true. But as a matter of course, this is…

 In the air of indescribable mixture of fear and desire, the sister suddenly shouted out loud.

 ”You’ve got to be kidding!”

 She kicks her chair and stands up, quickly moves behind Inui, puts a gun to her temple while locking her neck in a headlock position.

 ”This is the police! Stop your useless resistance and surrender!”

 The room falls silent. I involuntarily gulped and swallowed with bated breath.

 I don’t know if it’s a good idea for a policeman to take hostages, but I think it’s inevitable against these guys.

 Sasaki-san and the female detective glaring at each other.

 The maids in the background are, weirdly enough, not reacting at all. The same is true even for Inui, who is being confronted with a gun.

 [Oya oya, it can’t be helped. One of you has already been eliminated]

 From the center of Sasami (Sasaki-san), there is a sudden flash of light.


 And a puzzled voice came from the sister.


 This was followed by Kayama’s scream.

 Inui and the sister in the back had fist-sized holes in their abdomens.


 The sister collapses, spitting a large amount of blood onto Inui’s shoulder.

 Inui was unconcerned, even though there was a large hole in her throat as well.

 Then, while looking down at the sister who is convulsing in the pool of blood, Inui opens her mouth nonchalantly.

 ”Well then, Sasaki-san, I’m going to dispose of this garbage”

 [Yes, thank you]

 Sasaki-san’s hand waved(?), and Inui lightly lifts up the sister’s body and disappears into the darkness in the corner of the room.

 What is left behind are the blood stains on the floor, the thick smell of blood, and the desperately depressed air.

 (I… have to do it…I have to do it…)

 When I turned my eyes toward Sakon, I saw that her eyes had completely changed as well.

 ”…Who is the name of this saint?”

 As Sakon asked this question, a man appeared on the monitor.

 A man I do not know. Although he has a face that I can’t hate, he is ugly in general.

 [He is Fumio Kijima, a third-year student at your school]

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