Confinement 385

Chapter 385 A Woman Who Sets up a Blitzkrieg

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 ”Hey, Lili… who is that t*ger mask looking man?”

 ”Don’t worry about it, Devi”

 ”Oh, right, is it a boy? I mean, why I mustn’t concerned about it!”

 Lili is sitting on the back of a leopard-headed macho man, who is on all fours.

 So, it’s difficult not to be concerned when the guy is clearly huffing and puffing.

 When my cheeks twitch, Lili shrugs her shoulders as if she can’t help it.

 ”This man is the newest member of Lili’s army, Devi. He wants a reward, so I’m using him as a chair, Devi”

 ”Thank you, I’m so happy!”

 Yeah, I kinda knew I shouldn’t get involved. Maybe he’s a pervert.

 Right now, I’m in the “Confinement King’s bedroom”, face to face with the main people involved in this death game.

 Around the sofa table are myself, Lili, Kayama-san, and Ryoko who has been healed. The two maids, Inui-san and Saito-san, are waiting by the wall. Leopard man is not counted.

 The other two maids have gone out to bring home “Sankon” and “Monkey”, who were put to sleep using <Sleepwalker>.

 I was also watching the orientation of the love-dovey corruption game from another room, but as usual, it was quite nonsensical.

 I don’t even want be bothered with the mascot, so I’ll pass on that.

 Then I turn my face to Ryoko, who is playing an unfortunate role as usual.

 It seems that she has already been healed, but it is a little bit ironic that she is always given a hole in her stomach as a tutorial.

 ”Ryoko, thank you for your effort this time too, it must have been painful”

 When I said this to her, she looked a little sad for some reason.

 ”It’s all right. I was fine with leaving the hole open as long as it gives one more place for insertion…”

 ”Don’t think about it!? Make sure it’s sealed up!!”

 The idea that hole = insertion is too bizarre.

 (As I thought, it might have been a bad idea to forcefully bring it to the point of [Enslaved]…)

 Ryoko is so used to being mutilated that she is in a serious condition.

 And I really, really think it’s about to get worse.

 Still, I put on a tight smile, and Kayama-san opens her mouth as if trying to adjust the situation.

 ”So…Confinement King-sama, what’s the point of this death game?”

 ”The goal is to turn the culprit, who caused Saori-chan’s injury, into the worst kind of slave, but right now I don’t want to cause any problems. This death game itself is just a way to gradually train them while they continue with their normal lives”

 ”Normal live?”

 ”Yes, that’s why I’m going to ask you to play the role of encouraging and advising them according to the situation”

 ”I-it may seem difficult, b-but I’ll do my best!”

 Kayama-san clenched her fist tightly, and Lili waved her hand with a fluttering gesture.

 ”There’s no need to be so tense, Devi. They’re just like ants falling into an ant jigoku (antlion trap) when they entered this game, Devi”

 ”Is that so?”

 ”Devi Devi. First of all, they have to make Fumi Fumi fall in love with them, so they have to think about Fumi Fumi all the time, Devi. Usually, in a situation where people think about others that much, they either like them a lot or they dislike them a lot, Devi”

 ”Hmm, that’s… yeah, but what about it?”

 ”Humans are strange creatures, Devi. Cause and effect can easily be reversed”

 ”What do you mean?”

 ”I mean, if a person likes something, he or she can’t get it out of their head. And if they don’t like it, they also can’t get it out of their heads. Liking or disliking is the cause, and not being able to get it out of your head is the effect. But if you create a situation where you can’t get it out of your head, then it becomes the cause, and your mind will change to either love it or hate it more, Devi”

 ”I see, when they put me in a situation where they have to corrupt me, they will either love me or hate me…but wouldn’t it be bad if they hate me?”

 When I asked this, Lili smiled.

 ”That’s where the function of<Love Scale> come into play, Devi. Every night, we measure their intimacy with Fumi Fumi, and the lowest rank gets a penalty, Devi”

 I’m a little confused.

 Kayama-san and I look at each other and tilt our heads.

 Then, Ryoko interrupted us, which was rare for her.

 ”If they don’t like Master, then their intimacy level stops at fifty percent, doesn’t it?”

 ”Yes, Devi. Intimacy is based on mutual liking. Even if they can make Fumi Fumi fall in love with them even though they don’t like him, the likelihood of liking each other is fifty percent. Then they’ll never win, Devi”

 ”But then, I’m the winner, aren’t I? My affection for the Confinement King-sama is overflowing”

 ”Yes, that’s right. I also like Kayama-san”

 ”Uhaaaaaaa? You like me, Itadakimasuwaaaa!”

 Kayama-san, who is sitting up on the sofa, twitches.

 While ignoring her, Lili proceeded with the conversation.

 ”That’s why we only present their own numbers to themselves, Devi. And then we announce only the lowest of the day, Devi. Sometimes we might purposely choose the ringlet to be the lowest, Devi”

 ”I see, if someone gets a bad penalty and desperately tries to figure out how to improve their numbers, the rest must realize that they have to like me too”

 ”That’s right, by the time they realize it, their hearts are already crushed, Devi”

 Lili bounces her hips on the leopard man’s back. And the leopard man immediately let out a strange “hoo-hoo” sound.

 ”Uh… also, I haven’t told anyone except the people here about the death game, Devi”

 I didn’t think anything of it, but at Lili’s words, Kayama-san, who had been shaking with excitement, suddenly stopped moving.

 ”C-Could it be… Masaki-sama?”

 ”Of course, Devi”

 The blood drained from Kayama-san’s face.

 ”They say the bigger the obstacle, the more passionate the love, Devi”

 ”It’s too big!?”

 I chuckle.

 I think that’s a bit too much to be scared of.

 Still, Masaki-chan would never wield a chainsaw at school, and she is very perceptive after all. Because as soon as she realizes that either I or Lili is going to do something, she’ll know it.

 Well, I am looking forward to seeing how they are going to approach me tomorrow.

 I guess I will have to wait and see tomorrow.

 However, my expectations were suddenly betrayed.

* * *

 It was the end of first period.

 The classics class, which was really boring, was over, and almost as soon as I got up from my seat to go to the restroom, I saw a girl walking up to my seat.


 She had straight bangs like a Japanese doll cut just above her eyebrows, and glossy black hair that almost reached her waist.

 Normally, a first-year student would be a little cautious just by stepping into a third-year student’s classroom, but she looked straight at me without any intimidating atmosphere.

 And then…

 ”My name is Ritsuko Sakon, Class B from the first year. This is a bit sudden, but Kijima-senpai, I’d like to date you!”

 She shouted in a loud voice.

 Instantly, the classroom was filled with silence, and the next moment, a scream-like uproar erupted.

 I involuntarily backed away, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw Fujiwara-san with a face like a baby who suffered a twitch.

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