Confinement 386

Chapter 386 The World is Pretty Small, After All

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 ”I’ve just finished declaring war”


 Kayama’s and my eyes widen as Sakon says this without hesitation.

 It’s happened during lunch break.

 I honestly did not know what to do, so I talked to Kayama, who was eating her lunch at her desk, looking for some pointers on how to behave.

 But before Kayama could open her mouth, Sakon walked up to her and said that she had already contacted that saint.

 She has a face like a Japanese doll, but her macho behavior like an Anglo-Saxon[1] is frightening to me. (

 ”When? Where?”

 When I ask her this, Sakon says casually, “In his classroom during the break time”.

 Then, for some reason, Kayama’s face turned pale.

 ”Are you all right? Did you come back in one piece?”

 ”You are exaggerating. It’s not like I walked through a minefield”

 ”It’s a minefield!”

 Kayama’s tone makes Sakon and me nod our heads.

 ”I know Kijima-sama very well, and he is very popular. I heard that there are several girls in the same class who are interested Kijima-sama”

 When Kayama mentioned this, Sakon put her finger on her chin and looked up.

 ”Yes, there is indeed one person, for some reason, who has approached me. When Kijima-sama tried to stop her, she said, “It’s not like I care about Fumi-kun, you know””

 ”Ah… it must be Мisuzu-san. That perfect tsundere…”

 ”Misuzu, that Misuzu!?”

 When my eyes widened involuntarily, Kayama nodded her head seriously.

 ”Yes, that Misuzu-sama”

 ”Tsundere, you mean…”

 ”Of course, she’s in love with Kijima-sama”

 Although I am concerned about Kayama’s word, I have to admit that Misuzu is a celebrity who has gone beyond the boundaries of a reader’s model and has even started to appear in variety shows. I have heard a rumor that she has been cast in a TV drama series.

 ”Oi, oi, seriously? There’s no way we can win….”

 When I was astonished, Kayama came after me even harder.

 ”That’s not at all. Mai-sama, the daughter of Fujiwara’s Zaibatsu[2], whom I work for, also has a crush on Kijima-sama. And… there’s another person I’m afraid to mention…” (

 ”Facing off against the Fujiwara’s Zaibatsu is a little hard…”

 Sakon, as usual, looks as if she is thinking about it.

 The more I ask, the more I think it is too much to ask. All I can say is, “Hell mode”.

 ”…What are you going to do about Kayama?”

 ”Well, I don’t want to die either, so I was thinking of secretly seducing Kijima-sama when Mai-sama invites him to the house”

 ”It’s not fair~… which means I’m the only one who’s late to the party, huh? So, Sakon, what did you say when you declared war?”

 ”Isn’t it obvious? I simply said, “Please go out with me””

 ”Wow, you’re really great… so, how did it go?”

 ”It was turned down”

 Perhaps, when she saw the look of relief on my face, Sakon makes an unpleasant face.

 ”It’s not that I was rejected. But you see, if he doesn’t know me, he doesn’t know if I’m exist, in the first place, if I’m not appear in his daily life, he won’t talk to me”

 ”Even so, confessing to someone out of the blue is not a good idea either”

 Sakon’s mouth relaxes slightly.

 ”I’ve been interested in him for a long time. You know, about the boy who went into the Yakuza’s office by himself at the time of the “Mysterious Disappearance Incident”?”

 ”Eh… he’s the one doing that?”

 When I rolled my eyes, Kayama nodded.

 Well, I can understand why Kayama knows him and why Misuzu is involved in this. Both of them are people who were missing in the “Mysterious Disappearance Incident”.

 And at that time, there is a boy who ran into the Yakuza’s office was talked about quite a lot, although he seemed to be more of a reckless idiot than a hero.

 (That makes… a lot of sense. Hotta and Saito are working for the devil, which means that the devil was the mastermind of the case, and as a saint, that Kijima interfered with the mastermind. And the devil is trying to use us to get rid of the obstacles…. What’s that…)

 In any case, at midnight tonight, we will be gathered back into that room. Our intimacy level also is measured.

 If so, there is a high possibility that I, the person with the least intimacy with him, will be penalized.

 (That means I have to do something today…)

 I twists my head, looking for a clue to take action.

 (Who else was involved in the “Mysterious Disappearance Incident”…)

 ”Hey, Kayama. Do you think Sato knows this Kijima guy?”

 As soon as I mentioned Sato’s name, Sakon made a face as if something bitter had been shoved into her mouth. I remember, that name is forbidden in front of her…

 While I was looking at Sakon curiously, Kayama opened her mouth.

 ”Well, who knows? Sato-san was rescued together with me, but I am not sure if she’s close to him or not…”

 Sato and I are neighbors from the same elementary school and middle school. It would not hurt to try to find out what they want.

* * *

 At the end of fifth period, during the break, I visit Sato in the class next to mine. When I told him about Kijima――

 ”Uh…it’s not that I don’t know him, but we’re not that close. I can introduce you to someone who is closer to me”

 ”Really!? Please!”

 ”Well, let’s go there now”

 With Sato in the lead, I visit the second grade classroom.

 Sato peeked into the classroom through the entrance, and when she saw the person she wanted, she rushed to her.

 ”Chiissu~, Shiratori-senpai? Takasago-senpai!”

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