Confinement 387

Chapter 387 I Don’t Know Senpai

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 For some reason or another, it is nerve-wracking to enter a upperclassman’s classroom.

 Still, I followed Sato during the break time at the end of fifth period and stepped into the second-year students’ classroom, where the atmosphere was somewhat buoyant.

 There are many and many eyes glancing at me. Naturally, this makes me a little nervous.

 However, Sato did not seem to mind the glances and stepped into the classroom and shouted without hesitation.

 ”Chii~su! Shiratori-senpai? Takasago-senpai!”

 Apparently, she called out to the two people sitting in the front row and the one behind her.

 The one in front row was lying on her desk and did not look up, and the one behind her was squinting her eyes grimly.

 (Ugh… her eyes look so bad…)

 I can’t comment on others, but it can’t be helped because her eyes are so bad.

 I wonder how Sato can talk to such a scary looking senpai.

 After all, that Senpai’s atmosphere was such that she might have killed two or three people.

 Still, Sato walked up to the senpai who had a bad look in her eyes and talked to her without any sign of fear at all.

 ”Senpai, I see you guys are sitting close to each other”

 ”Hmm? Yeah, Takasago and I are automatically assigned to the same set during seat changes. I am treated like her guardian”

 The one sleeping in the front seat seems to be Takasago-senpai.

 (Takasago… Takasago… it sounds familiar…)

 I remember that the boys in my class were making a fuss about Takasago-senpai, saying it’s so cute and adorable.

 One of them tried to confess his feelings for her, but the conversation didn’t go anywhere…

 ”So? Who’s that girl in the back… with the bad eyes?”

 (Hey, I don’t want to be told by you!?)

 The senpai who was called Shiratori asked me in a casual manner, and Sato glanced at me.

 ”Umm, this girl… Manko is playing herself…”

 At this moment, all the boys around us looked shocked and turned their gazes toward me.

 ”Please don’t tell me about your habits all of a sudden…”

 Sato was perplexed, but really? She had said, “I’m playing myself”, which should have said, “I’m in the same middle school with her”. This is the worst introduction.

 Of course, I rushes to interject.

 ”I’m Mangi, a first-year student. Sato and I went to the same middle school…”

 Immediately, a somewhat relieved atmosphere began to prevail around us.

 Really, it was a shameful situation.

 However, as if she did not notice such a situation, Sato continued the conversation.

 ”So, this guy, she seems to be interested in Kijima-senpai, a senpai in the third year, aren’t you guys good friends? You guys seemed to get along well with each other at the hamburger restaurant and so on…”

 ”I’m not close. But that girl over there is the one who is close to him”

 Shiratori-senpai points at Takasago-senpai with her chin.

 ”Hey, Takasago… Aren’t you good friends with Kan… Kijima-senpai?”

 As Shiratori-senpai says this, Takasago-senpai starts to move. She does not raise herself up, but turns her head toward us with her cheek resting on the desk.

 Indeed, Takasago-senpai has a very pretty face, as the boys in the class are making a fuss over her.

 She turned her sleepy eyes toward me.

 ”…He raised me”

 ”Yes, it is like that”

 Shiratori-senpai giggles and shrugs her shoulders.

 Sato tilted her head this time.

 ”Umm? Didn’t you say that you have a relationship between a keeper and a rare animal?”

 ”…I was raised”

 (What kind of relationship? I have no idea…)

 I’m at a loss for words when Shiratori-senpai asked me a question.

 ”So, what do you want with that man?”

 ”Uh… umm… I’ve been admiring him for a little while now, and I was wondering if we could get to know each other…”

 Shiratori-senpai’s eyes narrow slightly.

 ”Know each other, huh…? That’s why you’re relying on Sato, who you’re not even close to. There must be a more serious reason”

 I can’t help but twitch my cheeks at the condescending tone of her voice.

 ”And she would never introduce someone she knows well as Manko. Is that mean you only have such a connection with her? I mean, if you have a spare time during lunch break, why would you go out of your way to visit a new acquaintance during the break time at the end of 5th period, relying on such a thin connection? That is something a person in dire straits would do”

 Huh? it’s not like she sees right through me, but she really sees right through me.

 ”You seem interested in boxing, so if you want to attack Kijima-senpai, I won’t stop you, but I honestly don’t recommend you to do so”

 This made my eyes widen.

 ”W-Wait a minute, how do you know I do boxing?”

 ”Hmm? you are hooked on such a boring thing. Ever since you came here, you’ve touched the top of your nose with your left thumbnail several times. Not all boxers have that habit, but few non-boxers have it. I’ve heard people say that they do it so that they don’t forget to guard themselves during a fight”

 ”Eh… W-well, it depends on the gym… but my father runs a gym…”

 I involuntarily looked at Sato as if seeking for help.

 But she gave me a smug look for some reason.

 (Why are you so proud of yourself!?)

 ”So, are you going to attack him?”

 ”No, I’m not going to attack him. I said I’d like to get to know him better!”

 I yelled at Sato, and Shiratori-senpai opened her mouth again.

 ”I don’t see that you are aggressive in love. Rather, I would say that you are rather modest. Your choice of the word “I’d like to get to know him better” is just wrong. I can’t imagine a situation where such a person would try to contact a man in a desperate situation. Can you tell me why?”


 This is something that I must keep quiet about because the devil.

 However, to my horror, there is no clear indication of what to say and how much to say.

 ”Sasaki-san” says that it’s possible to physically prevent us from “saying anything”, but it would be joke if I accidentally slip up and it’s game over.

 Really, it would be beyond bad taste.

 And now, I thought I could use her as a messenger, but this Shiratori is too sharp. Maybe I should not get involved any further.

 ”…So, you can’t introduce him, then, it’s fine”

 When I tried to end the conversation, Shiratori-senpai blurted out


 A chill runs down my spine and I involuntarily open my eyes.

 ”――You have teeth like that, don’t you?”

 Just a snide comment? No, no. Clearly, she was watching my reaction. Since these two are close to Saint Fumio Kijima, they might be his friends, too.

 (Does it mean that they are being cautious of me?)

 When I was puzzled and did not know what to do, Shiratori-senpai asked Sato.

 ”Is she a member of the basketball club?”

 ”That’s right”

 Then, Shiratori-senpai made a face as if she was stunned for some reason.

 ”Haa~… I see. Then, come back and visit me after school. First of all, I’ll make you become a girl that Kijima-senpai is a little bit interested in”

* * *

 At midnight, Eri came to pick me up and brought me to the same room as yesterday.

 The number of chairs is the same as yesterday. However, the seat where the short-cut sister (onee-san) was once sitting is empty.

 The seat is empty, but Inui in a maid’s uniform is standing behind it as before.

 For some reason, she has dyed her hair pink, which I didn’t notice last time because I didn’t have enough time to notice.

 By the way, Eri is standing behind me, Kishijo behind Sakon, and Saito behind Kayama.

 Although I followed Shiratori-senpai’s instruction after school, I didn’t have any contact with Kijima-senpai, and the day ended as it was.

 (What was that? Even though I skipped club activities. Isn’t it the worst…? It’s confirmed that I will be penalized…)

 I peeked at Sakon’s face and saw the same expression as usual. Her calm and composed mood annoys me a little.

 While I was thinking about that, suddenly I heard a white noise on the monitor near the wall.

 As usual, a pack of sasami is shown on the monitor, but the sticker on it says “For Sale”.

 […Hi, this is Sasaki]

 The voice coming from the speaker also sounded somewhat depressed.

 (Well, it’s kind of sad…)

 [Everyone… thank you very much for your hard work. I’m sorry that a leftover like me is facilitating the event in such a high-handed manner]

 (Why are you being so humble!?)

 [Also, please don’t take items from the back shelf just because they have a long expiration date]

 (Please be serious!!)

 Cough! Saito cleared her throat behind Kayama, and Sasaki-san let out a sigh then opened its mouth (?).

 [I am not qualified to lecture you all in such a high-handed manner, so I’d like to get on with it. After one day today, I would like to measure the degree of intimacy between the saint Fumio Kijima and each of you. I will display your own graphs in front of you, so please take a look at them first]

 Then, a pie chart appears in front of me, painted in red and blue. Blue is probably the density of intimacy.

 (Twenty percent? …I don’t understand. I think it could be zero, since I haven’t made contact with him yet…)

 I glance next to me and see Sakon looking somewhat dissatisfied.

 Perhaps there is a graph displayed in front of her, but I couldn’t see it.

 [Then, I will announce today’s tentative rankings]

 The rankings are displayed on the monitor.

 [First place, Mangi. Second place, Kayama. Third place, Sakon]

 ”No way…”

 Sakon muttered in a daze.

 I don’t know what’s going on, but it seems that I escaped the penalty.

 Really, I don’t know what happened at all.

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