Confinement 388

Chapter 388 Shiratori’s Umbrella

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 ”It’s surprising, Devi”

 Lili spins in midair as she says this.

 Now, she and I are in another room, watching the measurement of intimacy on a monitor.

 And here, the values of the three people are also displayed.

 Mangi: 20%

 Kayama: 82%

 Sakon: 14%.

 As for Kayama-san, she is fixed in second place from the beginning because there is no way she can’t win.

 So, in reality, it is a contest to see who has a higher degree of intimacy between Monkey and Sakon.

 ”Really? I don’t know if I like them or not, but my feeling is that they are in the right order”

 When I responded, Lili looked somewhat unconvinced.

 ”Sankon is more beautiful, Devi”

 ”Yes, that’s true, but… if you put it that way, the standard criteria is whether they are more beautiful than my girls or not. I mean, how do they compare with Kurosawa-san and Akira? That’s how I feel”

 Sankon is certainly a beautiful woman.

 She is tall, slender, and fair-skinned. Unlike Fujiwara-san, who is a fake young lady, Sankon is a beautiful girl with an elegant atmosphere.

 However, in terms of her looks alone, she is probably an upper-middle class girl in my harem.

 It seems to me that my senses are numb.

 Well, normally, even Sankon is a flower beyond my reach.

 ”Are you, perhaps, annoyed at being suddenly pushed around, Devi?”

 ”I don’t mind girls coming on to me. I’d rather seek Fujiwara-san’s level of attention”

 Lili then gave me a quizzical look.

 ”I heard that Sankon tried to talk to you, Devi, but did you have any contact with Monkey, Devi?”

 I gave a small shake of my head.

 ”No, no contact. Although I’ve seen her”

 ”You saw her, Devi?”

 ”Yes, it was when I was waiting for Hanabusa-san and Saori-chan to finish their club activities while I was tormenting Rin in the library. I got a message from Shiratori-san… So, I think that’s the first time…”

 ”What’s written in the message, Devi?”

 ”There’s a rainbow in the sky”

 To be honest, at that time, I think I mistook the sender, but somehow Shiratori-san had a cute side to get excited about rainbows.

 ”It doesn’t suit her, Devi”

 ”Yes, it doesn’t suit her”

 Lili and I both shrug our shoulders.

 ”So, when I looked out the window to see rainbow, there was Monkey and Kei-chan in the school’s courtyard”

 ”That slacker… Devi?”

 ”Yeah, I was surprised that they knew each other, but Monkey was giving Kei-chan a lap pillow while feeding her with a chocolate stick on the bench, and I thought they seemed to be quite fond of each other”

 When I said this, Lili looked difficult and began to ponder.

 ”Did that Buisou (Unsociable) know that Fumi Fumi was in the library at that time, Devi?”

 ”Eh…well, I think we talked about that at the cake buffet”

 ”…I don’t know how it happened, Devi, but it seems that Buiso is in favor of Monkey, Devi. And whether she knows the rules of this death game or not, I don’t know, Devi…”

 ”What? what do you mean?”

 ”It’s a combination of the halo effect and the Windsor effect, Devi”

 ”You’re talking nonsense again…”

 ”It’s not that difficult, Devi. The halo effect is about how people’s perception is influenced by their appearance, like people who look rich are treated more politely, Devi”

 ”Yeah. So, the Windsor Effect…”

 ”It’s the effect that people feel more credible when they hear a story from an unrelated third party than when they hear the same story from the person themselves, Devi”

 ”What does that have to do with this?”

 ”You know, there’s this thing called the 3B’s principle of advertising, Devi, and they say that if a subject is shown with a product, it increases the likelihood that the product will be liked, Devi and I think the principle are Beauty, Beast, Baby, and that’s why it’s called the 3B’s of advertising. So, which of these do you think that slacker fits, Devi?”

 ”Which one? Uh… all of them”

 ”Yes, Devi, a beauty in looks, a beast in action, a baby in speech. In a sense, slacker is the best material for making a person feel liked by other person simply being together with her, Devi”

 ”So just by being friends with Kei-chan, there’s this…halo effect?”

 ”That’s what I’m saying, Devi”

 ”That’s amazing… That’s really the most powerful thing I’ve ever heard”

 ”And, as the Fumi Fumi was very friendly, Devi. The Windsor effect isn’t limited to words, Devi. If Slacker fond of you, Monkey must think you’re a good person, Devi, right?”

 ”…that’s what I thought”

 ”That’s exactly the point. Twenty percent of Monkey’s work is the work of Buiso, the result of getting her to get out of her shoes, Devi”

 ”…I know it’s a little late for this, but… It’s a little bit disturbing to think that intimacy and such casual feelings are being manipulated”

 ”Fumi Fumi, you shouldn’t say that line, Devi”

 ”But if I am the target…”

 I let out a sigh, and Lili gave me an exasperated look.

 ”Still, it’s surprising that Buiso is so devoted to Monkey that she’s willing to lend her umbrella, Devi”


 ”The reason why Buiso is accepted in class and in club activities as she is, is because of the halo effect from that Slacker, Devi. Moreover, because she is thoroughly unsociable, a.k.a. +G*ant in the movie version is a better guy than series, even though he’s usually a terrible guy”, it also benefits from the――gain-loss effect, Devi”

 ”Are you saying that Shiratori-san is friends with Kei-chan on purpose?”

 Lili shook her head.

 ”Only she knows if it’s just a calculation or if she has more feelings than that, Devi”

 I hope it’s not calculation. Otherwise, I don’t think they could ever get along.

 While I was thinking about that, there was a movement on the other side of the monitor.

 Kayama-san and Monkey leave the room with the maids, and only Sankon is left behind.

 ”This is the end”

 As Sasaki-san concluded, Sankon was taken by Inui and Kishijo, the two maids, by both sides and led away to another room with a cramped face.

* * *

 ”Hey…what’s the penalty…for…me?”

 Sakon’s voice trembles, and glances toward me. I guess it is because I am Sakon’s main person in charge.

 Anyway, talking about this is not forbidden by either Lili-sama or the head maid.

 ”There is no need to be afraid. Games like this are interesting only when players compete with each other. Therefore, you can think of the penalty as a training exercise to win over the saint Fumio Kijima”

 Sakon lets out a sigh of relief when she realizes that no harm will come to her.

 Well, actually, that’s naive.

 I guess it’s just the first penalty, but compared to the severe torture we were subjected to, it’s about as lenient as diet sugar.

 Then I ask Sakon.

 ”Let me ask you, have you ever been in a relationship with a men?”


 ”So, have you ever kissed or had that?”

 ”What!? I-I haven’t even been in a relationship yet, so there’s no way!”

 Oh, she’s so cute with her red face.

 But the next moment her red face turns pale.

 ”Don’t tell me, you’re going to make me do something naughty…”


 To this answer, Sakon let out another sigh of relief.

 I almost laughed a little at the rapidly changing expression on her face, but I held it back.

 Anyway, she doesn’t deserve to be rewarded with such a naughty thing.

 ”You know, it’s the two of us, KishijoCentipede and InuiEarthworm, that do the naughty things”

 Sakon’s face turns dumbfounded with a mixture of confusion and surprise when I tell her so.

 It was a bit amusing.

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