Confinement 389

Chapter 389 Team Play Maids

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 I’m naked.

 And at this condition, I sat on the bed in the Confinement King’s bedroom and waited for Sankon. As the door opened, Sankon entered the room with two maids holding her on both sides.

 ”Kijima-senpai!? W-why are you…?”

 As soon as Sankon saw me, her eyes went black and white in surprise.

 Well, that’s obvious. After all, a saint, who is supposed to be the target of her attack, is in a devil’s lair. Especially naked.

 ”That’s the clone of Saint Fumio Kijima intended for research. We call him Fumio Mark II”

 When Inui-san said this, Sankon recited it in a puzzled manner.

 ”F-Fumio Mark II…?”

 (What a sense of naming! What the heck is Mark II!)

 ”Yeah? It is a clone used for research to conquer the Saint, Fumio Kijima”

 With these words, the two maids drag Sankon to the side of the bed and make her kneel at my feet.

 Then, of course, my magnum is right in front of her eyes.

 ”Hii!? Hiiiiiiiii…!?”

 Sankon looks like a hostage held up by a bank robber.

 It seems that she had never seen such a close-up of a p*nis before.

 Sankon’s face was tense with fear without any of the dignity she had shown when she came to me this morning.

 ”P-please don’t… P-please, please, forgive me…”

 Sankon shook her head from side to side with tears in the corners of her eyes, as if she thought she was going to be raped.

 But then, Kishijo-san whispered in her ear.

 ”Don’t worry, we are not going to do anything to you. You can just sit there, you don’t have to do anything”

 The two maid then take their hands off Sankon and stand up.

 ”However, if you look away, we will gouge your eyes out, and if you take one step, we will tear your limbs off, so please be aware of that”


 Sankon nodded her head like a bubble head with her face scrunched up.

 And after seeing her, the two maids grinned at her, then began to take off their maid’s uniforms respectively.

 They are not wearing any underwear, only a lace garter belt. It is said that this is the custom of maids.

 As I look at them, I observe their appearance.

 Inui-san, whose hair is dyed pink, has a round face with slightly droopy eyes. Kishijo-san, on the other hand, has thin eyebrows and a Yankee-like face.

 Both of them are tomboy and their breasts are rather modest. If I had to say, I would say that Inui-san’s is slightly larger than Kishijo-san’s.

 When I was looking down at them from both sides like this, I remembered at the time of Fujiwara-san who was surrounded by these girls in the old school building and had tears in her eyes.

 ”Well then, let’s begin”

 Kishijo-san declares, and the two maids go up to the bed, leaving Sankon-san with a puzzled look on her face.

 Then, they came close to me from both sides of my body and started rubbing their breasts up and down against my arms.

 (Oh… This is nice…)

 This was quite pleasant. I want to react but I’m a clone, so I must kept my facial expressions restrained.

 Still, the feeling of their small but soft breasts was irresistible.

 I felt as if I was getting an excellent massage.

 I could feel their body heat from their skin touching me, and it seemed to permeate my whole body.

 ”Come on, Fumio Mark II. I’m going to make you feel so good with our bodies”

 ”Please enjoy our double service”

 Tomboy maids rub their breasts against me while looking up at me.

 What can I say? Of course, I love their affectionate attitude.

 (This is so nice…maybe it’s not a bad idea to have them wear track & field club uniforms next time…)

 When I loosen my expression, Kishijo-san gives me a ridiculing look.

 ”This clone, looks like he’s really comfortable. I wonder if the real saint Fumio Kijima has such a small fry p*nis”

 ”His p*nis is jiggling, and it looks like in need of touching. You small fry, small fry!”

 (What a terrible character development! Are they maids or brats?)

 However, being made fun of by my juniors makes me feel excited, which is really sinful of me.

 But every time my p*nis pulsates, Sankon, who was pointed by my magnum choked out.

 ”Hey, Fumio Mark II, whose breast feels better?”

 ”Of course, it’s me, right?”

 As if they were competing with each other, they rubbed their breasts against me more and more.

 However, I am a clone now.

 I can’t say a word, because I’m a clone.

 (They’re both good… they’re similar in size…)

 The small but firm four breast greatly reduce my rationality.

 The feeling of their firm nipples brushing against my skin at regular intervals was superbly pleasant, and aroused my submissive feelings even more.

 Of course, if this were Masaki-chan or somebody like her, I would feel more comfortable, but now, the sight of their small breasts working so hard made my heart pounding passionately.

 I can’t get enough of their modest breasts and their sincerity.

 And now, the two of them shook their upper bodies violently, revealing their rivalry.

 ”Mmm, mmm… m-my nipples are rubbing, nnah…”

 ”Mmm… it’s getting more and more lewd… ahh…”

 The maids’ breaths gradually become heated, and their voices become sweeter and sweeter.


 ”It’s about time”

 ”Yes, it’s time to show off our skills as a maid”

 They nodded to each other, and Kishijo-san gripped my rod quickly, while Inui-san gently wrapped my testicles in her hands.


 The touch of their supple fingers sent shivers down my spine.

 It was as if they had been rushing me for a long time, so I couldn’t stand the mere touch any more.

 ”Oh my, Fumio Mark II, you’re reacting in a spectacular way, aren’t you? Is the real one this sensitive too?”

 ”As I thought, you have a small fry p*nis”

 Both of them have an atmosphere similar to that of a hunter who has found his prey.

 (Are they really in heat?)

 A shiver ran down my spine, and when I stiffened my neck involuntarily, Kishijo-san’s fingers, which holding my rode, started to move up and down gently.

 ”Now, please feel it to your heart’s content”

 ”Mmmm… Kuh…”

 My hips jerked at the s*xual sensation running down my spine.

 Then Inui-san began to rub my testicles as if to soothe me.

 ”Here, too *Rub* *Rub*”


 The rubbing of the sensitive and sensitive parts of my body brought up a pleasure similar to that of tickling.

 ”Lord is so cute when he is feeling. Just by looking at him, I want to make him feel more”

 Kishijo-san smiled at me as she handled me with her tip-wetted fingers.

 On the other hand, Inui-san seemed to be really enjoying herself, rubbing my testicles with her hands.

 (Crap… they are really good at it…)

 I don’t think they originally had this kind of technique. So, they must have been trained as a maid’s favorite.

 And now, with the double caresses on my rod and the scrotum, my hips involuntarily pushed up.

 ”This is the beginning of the service. Please watch the teamwork of the maids”

 With that said, Kishijo-san put her face to my chest and started to lick my nipple.

 ”*Flick* *Lick* *Lick…* *Flick* *Lick* *Lick…*”

 Then Inui-san followed her example and licked my other nipple.

 ”Mmm *Flick* *Lick* *Slurp* *Lick*”


 I shudder at the pleasure of having both of my nipples licked.

 Of course, neither of them forgot to use their fingers on my genitals, and the synergistic effect of the pleasures from the lower and upper body was creating a tremendous swell of pleasure.

 (Oh, somehow this was amazing, a real team effort)

 As I thought so, I turn to Sankon, who is kneeling between my legs, and she is looking at the p*nis being violated by two maids fingertips with a stunned look on her face.

 She looked like she was about to faint.

 This may have been too much stimulation for the young lady.

 ”The nipples are getting erect”

 ”Fufu, now that it’s like this, even a saint is lost”

 Inui-san sucked hard on my nipple.

 ”Mmm, kuh…”

 ”It’s so cute when the lord holds back his voice, it’s so exciting”

 ”Then, I’ll bite you”

 With a gasp, Kishijo-san bites my nipple sweetly.


 A sharp s*xual sensation ran up my spine, and I involuntarily recoiled.

 (It’s embarrassing to have younger girls do whatever they want to me, but… it’s also very exciting)

 Finger service while nipples are being licked and sucked.

 And the way they are close to me from both sides is also good.

 Then, as if to show my pleasure, my p*nis twitched.


 I let out an involuntary sound, and the two maids smiled at each other.

 ”Oh, he is moaning. Fufufu, what a pathetic voice. Just like a girl”

 ”Really, you’re a small fry. You should be ashamed of yourself”

 ”Make more pathetic voice. Come on, make a shameful moan like a girl”

 With an excited smile on her face, Kishijo-san accelerates her finger handling.

 Her fingers slid across my rod with just the right amount of force, and I felt a rush of extreme pleasure.

 As a matter of course, I can’t hold on much longer.

 I hold on to my legs with all my strength and fight against the ejaculation that is slowly rising up in me.

 But I couldn’t suppress my arousal from the verbal torture from both of them. Every time they whisper to me, a shiver runs down my spine.

 And the two maids continue to lick my nipples and caress me with their fingers while looking me up.

 Thanks to their interweaving pleasures, I could feel a boiling magma building up in my perineum.

 ”Let’s spew a lot of your shameful semen”

 They lick, suck, and bite my nipples, fingering them intensely, leading me to the peak of sensuality.

 ”Ah, ah, kuh!”

 I tense myself up, and the next moment…

 Spurt! Spurtttttt! Spurttttttt!

 Finally, a gush of burning white spurt came out.


 The cum splashed out violently and naturally landed on Sankon’s face, who was standing very close to me.

 As she was about to turn away, Kishijo-san yelled at her.

 ”Don’t move!”

 Sankon instantly stiffens.

 ”Oh… Nnah… nnah, it’s so hot…!”

 Her face twitches in fear, and white spunk pours down on her.

 Still, the maids’ finger caresses do not stop.

 ”Come on, please send it more and more. Pour it all over her as much as you want”

 ”Please release all of your cock milk”

 Now Sankon can no longer open her eyes, but can only continue to receive the semen on her face, with her face twitching.


 I felt as if my lower half of my body was going to be destroyed by the pleasure of the climax that was coming from my perineum.

 ”You cum a lot”

 ”Thank you for your hard work”

 When the sperming subsided, the maids smiled at me in unison.

 Then they looked into Sankon’s face, which was covered with semen and looked as if it was about to cry.

 ”The reason you can’t seduce a saint is because you’re not s*xy enough”

 ”We’re doing this for your own good”

 Sankon opened her eyes and her voice trembled.

 ”W-What is the point of this…?”

 ”The head maid says that if a woman has never been bathed with Lord’s sperm, there is no way for her to become s*xy”

 (Ah… well, succubus-like logic)

 Maybe they are poisoned by her to the point that they are not sure if they should be convinced or not.

 And Kishijo-san then tells Sankon.

 ”You have school tomorrow, so you have about two more hours at the most. But if you have that much time, you can do two or three more splashes”

 Immediately, Sankon made a face like it was the end of the world.

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