Confinement 394

Chapter 394 Bullying Yolanda

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 ”Welcome back, Master”


 When I stepped into the Confinement King’s bedroom, I was greeted by Jolanda, who I had called via social networking sites, with her head rubbing against the floor.

 As usual, she was completely naked, wearing only a collar. I guess she is expecting me

because her cheeks are already flushed, and her gaze is too hot.

 ”Excuse me”

 She puts her hand on my belt, undoes it respectfully, and slips down my pants with my underwear.

 Immediately, my cock bounced back and forth like a spring-loaded toy.

 Jolanda let out an unusual “oh” sound, like a foreigner, and opened her mouth to suck my cock.

 But I press my finger on her forehead and order her to wait.

 Jolanda looks puzzled with her mouth open in the shape of O, but I take off my shirt and socks without hesitation and sit down on the bed with her in my arms.

 Then I activate the <Eyes of Truth> that I got from her sister.

 ”Oh, um… Master…”

 She looks away as if she can’t bear to look at me, and I ask her.

 ”Jolanda, what did you think when you saw me for the first time?”

 ”Eh… umm… well, I thought you were a nice person”

 ”Red, so red. You’re lying”

 With that one word, she must’ve known I was using the <Eyes of Truth>.

 So, there is no use in lying. No matter how hard she tries to make things up, she’ll always be seen through.

 Jolanda’s eyes swim but then, she replies in a muffled voice.

 ”…You’re such an ugly little boy. Maybe I should throw you in the zoo…”

 ”Heh… I didn’t know you thought that”

 Jolanda kneels down, looking frightened and shrunken.

 ”Then, what about now?”

 When I asked her this, she raised herself up this time and desperately tried to appeal to me.

 ”I-I love you. Just thinking about Master makes my heart pound so hard that I can’t stay still. I like you, I really like you! I really really love you!”

 I already knew it, but the color that surrounded her was “blue”. There was no lie in what she just said.

 I was not suspicious of Jolanda. I just wanted to tease her a little.

 So, with a snicker, I give her a sly look.

 ”It’s been a while since I’ve heard Jolanda declare defeat”

 She must have understood that this was a play. So, her expression was happy and debauched.

 ”Yes, with pleasure…”

 Then, she lay on the floor and opened her legs wide, spreading her labia with her fingertips as if to show them to me, smiling broadly.

 ”I, Jolanda, the fool who called herself a detective, have been defeated by the great Confinement King-sama. I will give up all my human rights, so please spare my life. As a domestic animal and a female slave, I offer my all to the great Confinement King-sama. Please use me as a convenient bitch hole by your side for the rest of my life”

 She must have become excited while she was talking about her defeat. After all, her love juice dripped from her widened vulva and stained the carpet.

 ”…Jolanda, I’m thirsty. Come here”


 I commanded, and she happily climbed onto the bed, sat up straight, and smiled, “Come here, Master!”.

 Then, I lay down on her lap, using her thigh as a pillow, and she happily cupped her breasts in her hands and held them out to my mouth.

 ”Please, drink some of Jolanda’s milk”

 She is not pregnant, but she has been modified as a milk server by Lili and Torture.

 She smells of rich milk. When I took her large hanging bell-shaped breast and the slightly brownish pigmented nipple at the tip of the breast into my mouth, she let out a pleased voice.

 I sucked on it, and the taste of milk spread in my mouth. I must admit that mother’s milk does not taste so good.

 But it is exciting. Jolanda is no different.

 ”Ah… Master is drinking my milk… I’m so happy…”

 My view is blocked by her breast, but I can hear Jolanda’s excited, ragged breaths and her muffled voice coming from behind them. Her face must so full of debauchery that I could see it in my mind.

 ”Aaah, ahn… Hyan, i-if it’s sucked like that… ahn…”

 While I sucked milk out of both breasts and played with her nipples with the tip of my tongue, her body jumped and jerked.

 It seems that she came just by having her breasts sucked.

 ”That’s enough, thank you”


 Jolanda’s blue eyes moistened lewdly and she woke up reluctantly. And I found the white milk on the tips of her nipples absurdly lewd.

 Anyway, when I tried to stand, she peeks at me with an expectant look on her face as she sits with her knees.

 She is expecting a reward. That’s the look on her face.

 But first… the reason I brought Jolanda here today is because I have something else in mind.

 ”Jolanda… you know Kizuna Tateoka, right?”

 ”Kizuna…? O-of course. If you want me to get her, I’ll do it right away…”

 ”Uh… that’s not what I meant. Actually, it’s Shiratori-san. She wants me to treat her like a sister”

 ”Saki… sama?”

 Immediately, Jolanda’s eyes, which had been soaked in debauchery, turned sharp.

 Although she was in an [Enslaved] state, both Claudia and Jolanda sometimes showed me that they had something in mind for Shiratori-san.

 ”I don’t really understand what she’s trying to do… what do you think, Jolanda?”

 ”I don’t think she’s simply trying to get a new woman for Master…”

 ”Well… that’s true”

 ”Still… I don’t know what Saki… sama is thinking…”

 Jolanda seemed to be very reluctant to address Shiratori-san as “sama” even though it was a part of her position, and so, she faltered slightly.

 ”Perhaps she knows that her brother is making some kind of move. So, she wants Master to hold her sister in custody… to prevent contact, or as a hostage…”

 ”I see… In that case, why don’t you work with Claudia to find out a little bit more? About the current status of the Tateoka siblings”

 ”Yes, I understand”

 ”Well then…”

 When I said this, she shuddered.

 ”Here’s the reward you’ve been waiting for. Go ahead and beg for it”


 Immediately she lies down on the bed, breathing heavily like a dog in summer, and spreads her labia wide with her fingertips.

 ”Master? Please give your strong cock to Jolanda… please give it to this slutty bitch”

 For the note, in my lovemaking with Jolanda, I try to compare her cool figure before she fell to this lecherous one.

 The cold and condescending look she gave me, the angry and abusive look she gave me right after I caught her, and this bitch who was making a lewd and debauched expression in front of my eyes are the same person.

 She had the beauty and style of a fashion model, so my excitement was boundless.

 So, with this though, I grab the backside of her knees and push my glans down toward her.


 Jolanda’s hips lifted up, revealing her secret parts. Then, I placed my fully stretched rod against the hole, which was still overflowing with her nectar, and pushed it in with a single thrust.

 ”Nguh, aaaaaaah!”

 Jolanda’s body twitched as if struck by lightning.

 Her vaginal hole was already soaked with her cum, and the folds of her vagina were tangled shallowly around my cock as soon as I inserted my cock into her.

 ”Ahhhh, Master’s cock is here, Master’s cock is hereeee… ah, ah, ahhhh!”

 She had a look of debauchery on her face that ruined her good looks. Still, when I looked down at her, I continued to pound my cock into her without any mercy.

 ”Aaahhh, aaahhh, aaahhh, aaahhh!!”

 Jolanda, who was fully aroused, immediately turned up her dark eyes and moaned loudly. Her body was twitching and twitching as if she had a fever.

 ”You’re still as sensitive as ever, aren’t you?”

 ”Ahhh, M-Master has made me so sensitive… When Master puts his cock inside me… I don’t know what to do anymoreeee”

 She is in an unstable position, supporting herself only on the back of her head and shoulders. Her large bell-shaped breasts were hanging down facing her face according to the gravity, bouncing and making a sound as the extraction was carried out.

 ”Hyaah, anh, aaaah, oh, it’s thrusting all the way in, Master’s dick, A-amazing”

 I pulls out my cock and thrusting it into her again, and her body arched back with her too-long legs.

 While doing this, she did not resist at all. Then, I make her get up on her knees and raise her ass high, and I slap her ass from behind.

 ”Aaah!? Aaahhh? Ah, ah, ahn!”

 As I slaps her and pounds her from behind, she bends over on her hands like a neighing horse.

 ”Hyiii?! Ah, ahhh, I’m being spanked!? Ahhh, t-thank you very much!”

 The tips of her breasts, which hung vertically, rubbed the bed sheet, spreading the stain of her mother’s milk.

 Still, I pound my cock into her like a jockey in his last spurt.

 ”Hyaaa, it hurts, i-it feels goood, ah, ah, ah, Masterrrrr, Masterrrrr, I’m cumming… I’m cummmmmmming!? Aaaaahhh? Aaaaahhhh!”

 Jolanda’s moaning is so loud that it hurts my ears.

 Her mouth is emitting long, intermittent screams. Her hips also already losing strength, and she was trembling slightly.

 ”Uwaaah… M-Master…. It’s great, so greattt… Aaaah, aaahh, aaahhh”

 As my limit is near, I started to pump my cock with a powerful thrusting stroke toward the finish.

 The sound of my palms hitting her ass, the sound of my hips slapping her ass, and a sound like a popping echoed continuously.

 And then, after the dozens of times of pounding…

 ”Ah!? Aaah? C-cumming! C-cummmmmming!”

 Jolanda finally collapsed on the bed in agony.

 When I looked into her face, I saw that she had lost consciousness with white eyes.

 ”*Sigh*… I’m going to have to punish you again for cumming on your own”

 After this, I treat her like an onahole, and I shoot my sperm into her vagina without any regard. Although she was unconscious, her body was writhing for my cum.


 After breathing out, I pulled out my still-angry rod and rubbed it against her short blonde hair, wiping off the semen.

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