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Chapter 395 Hikari in Tropical Place, Part 1

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[Asuka Nitani POV]

 ”Good grief! That cameraman! He’s really something! How can he give compliments so well…?”

 ”Ufufu, Sanae, you were really being played. You had a very naughty look on your face.”

 ”Don’t tell that! It’s embarrassing!”

 On the way back to the room from the shooting, in the corridor of the hotel.

 I look at Ichida Sanae and Mimura Doremi who are walking in front of me, and I pout my lips.

 (Ugh… for me, even though it’s my debut photogravure… why did this happen to me?)

 Although I had thought that Sanae and Doremi are my complements, and I have sorted out my feelings after being told so by the President, I can’t accept this situation.

 I was getting more and more pissed off as I recalled what had just happened.

 Shortly after leaving our luggage in the hotel room, Ponpoko-san took us to the hotel to meet and greet the staff.

 The location was the hotel’s indoor pool.

 As we greeted the photographers, assistants, editors of magazines, stylists, and makeup artists who were preparing for the shoot, we were a little moved to realize that — Ah… So this is what it’s like to be in the actual field.

 Following that, we greeted Lolisla, one of our seniors.

 She was already relaxing on a bed on the beachside in her usual white school swimsuit, and a young woman in a suit who seemed to be her manager was running around in a hurry to meet her needs.

 ”Hello, Lolisla-san.”

 ”Aren’t you late? Ponpoko”

 Ponpoko-san walked up to her, and I saw Lolisla-san squinting at her grimly with a tropical drink in her hand and a sense of vacation in her eyes.

 ”Not at all, we are right on time.”

 Ponpoko-san smiles amiably at her, and Lolisla sniffs and turns to us.

 ”Well, it’s fine. I heard from the President that you are the new big sisters, Onee-chan. And Lolisla is the star of this gravure. You big sisters are like parsley on the edge of a plate, so you should know your place.”

 ”Ah, yes, of course, Senpai.”

 Lolisla-san nodded her head in satisfaction.

 She looked around at us again and pointed at Sanae and said, “Are you Nitani?”.

 ”No, Nitani is this one.”

 Sanae pointed at me with her finger, and Lolisla-san looked at me with a sour look on her face.

 ”Haah… I knew it… what a bad eye they have. Well, that’s okay. This Lolisla-sama will take good care of you, Onee-chan. Do your best to be a good actress!”

 ”Uwaaa… why is she talking so high up?”

 Doremi whispers into my ear, and I poke her with my elbow, forcing a smile.

 Despite everything, she is still the office’s top earner.

 In the world of show business, where talent and achievement are the most important things, it is too reckless to go against her. It is even more so if we ask her how old she really is.

 When the shooting starts, she is still the queen, and I can see that the cameramen, magazine editors, and everyone else are taking great care of her.

 Ponpoko-san also added with a wry smile, “Don’t imitate Lolisla,” she said.

 But here comes the problem.

 While Lolisla-san was taking pictures alone, we changed into the prepared clothes and had our makeup done, and then Sanae suddenly transformed into someone else.

 Was the make-up artist great, or was Sanae’s potential amazing?

 Sanae in her swimsuit strangely caught my attention.

 The shape of her eyebrows and eyeliner changed her impression dramatically, and her bad wolf-cut and her bush-staring eyes were replaced by the impression of a cool and beautiful girl who looks like an outsider.

 And that’s not all.

 Sanae was muscular to begin with, but she looked like a model with long and slender arms and legs, probably because of her tight black bikini.

 As for Doremi, she was just a boob girl, but Sanae was a complete underdog.

 However, I was the only one who was instructed to wear a T-shirt over my swimsuit.

 President Kijima said that she didn’t want me to do the swimsuit photogravure yet, and this made me wonder which of us was more attractive.

 Also, when we shot a number of shots with Lolisla-san in the center and the rest of us just frolicking around, it was all Sanae who was in the front with Lolisla-san.

 Doremi and I were really treated like a background.

 Furthermore, after the photo shoot, I thought I was going to shatter my teeth when I saw the editor of the magazine saying to Sanae, “You are going to collaborate with a serialized work for the next photogravure, and I’ll give you a call later”.

 (…I’m so frustrated. Tomorrow we’re supposed to have a photo shoot at a private beach, but I can’t go on like this.)

 It’s now a matter of self-esteem.

 But if they say I have to wear a T-shirt again tomorrow, there’s really no way to make an appeal.

 (Ah! Damn! It pisses me off! It pisses me off! It pisses me offff!)

 As I glare at Sanae’s back of the head in anger, I see a girl walking toward us from the other side of the corridor.

 (Uwaa… So flashy!)

 She had dyed her long one-length hair a few centimeters from the tips in green.

 If she dyed her short hair green and let it grow long, it would probably look like this.

 She wears a pastel yellow tube top that exposes her navel and denim hot pants.

 Though it was a Tropical-style outfit, the girl seemed to have a certain unpleasant atmosphere.

 If I looked at her face, I found that she had thick eyebrows and a tan skin. She was probably a local.

 Sanae also followed her with her eyes as she passed by.

 ”Hmm… is it my imagination?”

 ”What’s wrong?”

 Doremi asks Sanae who tilts her head.

 ”Well, the person who just passed, she seems to look familiar to me.”

 ”Isn’t it just your imagination, that person looks like she’s from that type of work.”

 ”That type?”

 ”Is it “Delihealth”…? Or is it Hotelhealth?” (*Note: Delivery Health)

 ”Uwaa… Are you serious?”

 Sanae wrinkles her brow and expresses her disgust.

 I didn’t mention it, but I had a feeling that the girl looked vaguely familiar to me too.

* * *

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