Confinement 395 2

Chapter 395 Hikari in Tropical Place, Part 2

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

[President Kitou’s Subordinate POV]

 ”Thank you for staying today. I’m Hikari from Tropical Girls Carnival.”

 At the first sight of the Delihealth, my tension rose sharply.

 (It’s a hit! She’s so cute!)

 Her shoulder-length hair with green tips is quite distinctive, but she is young. She looks like a teenager.

 At the same time, her strong face and thick eyebrows made her look like a local Okinawan girl to my eyes.

 ”Yes, yes, come in.”

 ”Sorry to bother you.”

 As I close the door, she confirms with a smile.

 ”Well then… it’s a ninety-minute course. The service is “raw gokkun (swallow)” option, is it?”

 ”Oh, yes. But Hikari-chan is so cute, can we change to the 120-minute course now?”

 ”Yes, that’s fine, just let me make a phone call.”

 I sit down on the sofa as I watch her call the hotel to change the course.

 Tomorrow night’s dirty work is a bit daunting.

 To be honest, it hurts my heart to see the girl’s face damaged, and I think it’s a waste, but I can’t resist President Kitou.

 To tell the truth, this trip to Okinawa was a poor bet, but at least I hit the jackpot with the “Delihealth” I called.

 After hanging up the phone, she says, “Excuse me,” and sits down next to me.

 I decided to talk with her for a while and then start to play with her.

 As it was not cool to be too eager, and I had time to spare, I decided to listen to her personal story. .

 ”Hikari-chan, you look so young, how old are you?”

 ”Ufu, it’s a secret.”

 She smiles at my question and evades my question, changing the subject quickly.

 ”Guest, are you from Tokyo?”

 ”Yeah yeah, I work for an entertainment event company, but aren’t you interested in scouting, Hikari-chan? I’m sure you can make a good living as a talent.”

 ”Ahaha, I’m flattered. But I don’t want to stand out too much.”

 ”Oh, I get it. I feel like there’s a reason for that.”

 As soon as I say that, a shadow falls on her face. It seems that she really does have a reason. As I persistently ask her more questions, I find out that she is supporting a boyfriend who is almost like a pimp.

 ”I see you’re having a hard time, then, what do you think? If you let me do the real thing, I’ll pay you 30,000 more?”

 She rolled her eyes for a moment, looked puzzled, and then turned her head down.

 ”Well… money… is a problem, to be honest, but I can’t betray him… so… I’m sorry…”

 ”I see. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

 To be honest, I think it’s a shame.

 Maybe, if I pick her once or twice more and ask her for a s*xual intercourse each time, I’m sure she’ll fall.

 If this were a Tokyo Delihealth, I would have done so.

 But I didn’t.

 I change my mind and decide to enjoy the rest of the night to the fullest.

 I urge her to take a shower with me, and we start playing on the bed.

 ”Guest, do you prefer to blame me? Or do you prefer to be blamed?”

 ”Well, I’d rather be the aggressive one.”


 She started to gently rub my bare cock lying on the bed with her hair hanging over her ear.

 She had a familiar hand. Maybe her pimp boyfriend had disciplined her a lot. My dick was easily stretched and warped to face the ceiling by her skillful finger movements.

 ”Well… Excuse me.”

 At the same time she said this, she looked somewhat sad for a moment. In my opinion, this expression is the best part of the Delihealth Service.

 It is this look that makes me order a girl who looks like an amateur as much as possible.

 For money, they have no choice but to serve a man they don’t like. Sometimes their apologies to their husbands or boyfriends appear on their faces.

 It is unbearable.

 I feel as if I cuckold her from their lover, and it excites me absurdly.

 Then, she frowns her thick eyebrows, and her face, with her eyes downcast, covers my pole.

 ”Mmm, mmm… *Lick*…”

 Then, her face started to move up and down with the stick.

 ”Mmm, *Squelch*… *Squelch*… *Slurpp*…”

 With her hair hanging over her ears, I could clearly see her sucking face.

 Her well-shaped lips are now thrust out lewdly, clenching the trunk of my meat, and her cheeks are flabby and sunken. Her downcast eyelashes also quivering.

 (It’s so good… Hikari-chan is a hit…)

 Her lips move up and down rhythmically. Then, she swallowed a little loosely when she swallowed, and she spit out tightly while she slurped. Moreover, her tongue is lasciviously entwining with my pole.

 What’s more, she seemed to have a strong personality.

 This situation of a strong-minded girl kneeling between my legs and licking and sucking my dick for money is unbearable.

 ”Okay, Hikari-chan. I’m about to cum.”

 At my whisper, she raises the speed of her movements, as if she’s trying to push me over the edge.

 ”Mmm, mmm, mmm, *Slurp*… *Slurp*… *Slurp*…”

 At the end, she pumped so hard that her hair fell down from her ears.

 Her forehead is covered with sweat, and a wrinkle is carved between her eyebrows in distress.

 ”Ugh, Hikari, it’s coming out!”

 A moment later, my cock exploded at once in the back of her throat.

 *Spurt! Spurtttttttttt! Spurt!

 Her throat is burned by the burning torrent, and she desperately swallows down the white spunk with her eyes black and white.

 ”Mmm, *Gulp*… *Gulp*… *Gulp*…”

 Then, I watch her throat trembling and making noises as I surrender myself to the pleasure of ejaculation.

 (I wonder how many more times I can make her drink my sperm in time… Okay, I’m going to fill you up, Hikari-chan.)

 That’s why I switched to the 120-minute course. I’m going to enjoy myself to the fullest.

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