Confinement 397

Chapter 397 Gokkun Sakon

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 As before, I am dragged by Kishijo to another room with a luxurious bed.

 As usual, Kijima’s clone, Fumio Mark II, is sitting there completely naked.

 ”A-Are you going to do that again…?”

 I shivered involuntarily.

 The foul smell of semen comes back to my mind.

 Last time, Kishijo and Inui had done something lewd to this clone, making him ejaculate, and then they poured the semen all over my face until I turned into a sludge.

 It was the worst.

 The smell of semen lingered in my nostrils after I got home, and my face became rough from washing it too much.

 Kishijo, however, replied to my anxious muttering without hesitation.

 ”No, today, Sakon-sama will learn how to serve it with your own mouth”

 My eyes widen involuntarily.

 Before I can think of anything else to say, I hear a rejection from my mouth, “No!”.

 ”Unfortunately, you have no right of refusal. If you insist on refusing, you will have to go through something that would be a thousand times better than sucking a dick. To be more specific, we will tear off your limbs…”


 I choke out.

 ”I-I’ll do it! I’ll do it now!”

 I know full well that this is not a threat when I was brought here in the first place.

 Kishijo is no longer a classmate. She is an agent of the devil.

 I have already been made to understand that the level of cruelty is incomparable to that of human beings.

 ”Then, please begin immediately.”

 Kishijo held my shoulders and I knelt down at Fumio’s Mark II’s feet.

 Fumio Mark II is expressionless as usual when I looked up at him.

 However, his manhood, which is resting between his legs, already turned upward and warped.


 A thick trunk with blood vessels, and its tip is a raw pinkish color with blackish tinge.

 The object, which looked like something I saw in an alien movie, pulsated right in front of my eyes.

 Why didn’t God make the man’s genitals cuter?

 For example, if this had been designed in a Sanrio style, the number of problems between men and women would have been much smaller, I think. (*Note:

 Still, it looks terrible and smells terrible.

 Do all boys have such a disgusting object growing between their legs?

 Or is this clone something special?

 (I can’t believe I would lick such a disgusting-looking thing…)

 As I hesitated, Kishijo pressed hir hand on my shoulder with great force.

 ”O-Ow! It hurts! D-Don’t… please…”

 *Crack! My shoulder blades creak.

 ”You shouldn’t do that. If you look at it with such a sour face…”

 ”I-I know, I know it! I-I lick it now!! So, please stop!”

 I press my lips against the tip of the pole in a hurry to escape from the pain.

 It’s raw and warm. Hard yet soft, an eerie sensation.

 But Kishijo’s strength does not slacken in the slightest.

 I desperately run my tongue over the reddish-black tip, trying to escape from the pain.

 After a while, the hand that had been gripping my shoulder with a vise-like force releases its grip, and I let out a sigh of relief.

 But the next moment…

 ”Do you think you can please a man in such a way? Please open your mouth.”

 Kishijo grabbed the back of my head and pushed me toward the rod.

 It’s a terrible force. I try to resist, but I can’t. My lips are parted, and the rod is pushed into my mouth.

 ”Ggh! Ugggghh… Guee…”

 The tip reaches the back of my throat, my nose is buried in the frizzy pubic hair, and my body trembles with a vomiting reaction. I can hardly breathe.

 The nausea rises to the top of my lungs, and I involuntarily claw at the air while my eyes are black and white.

 ”Guee… Guhee! Gghh! Gghhhh…!”

 The sound of my own voice, so hoarse that it made me want to cover my ears. My voice is like that of a bullfrog, muffled and muffled, spilling out from between my lips.

 ”You’re so lazy…”

 Behind me, I hear Kishijo sigh.

 ”In that case, corrupting the hateful saint Fumio Kijima is nothing but a dream. Or did you do it on purpose? Do you want to be lined up on the store shelves as a female pig meat so badly?”

 Kishijo grabbed the back of the head and rocked me back and forth with a jerking motion while she let out an annoyed voice.

 I was no longer at her mercy.

 I can only gag as my throat is pounded, and I cried out.

 Wasn’t intercourse between a man and a woman supposed to be a act of love?

 No, such a terrible thing can’t be the act of love.

 (This is torture, isn’t it?)

 I was made to kneel down like a slave, and my throat was pierced with a stiffened rod that made me gasp.

 In addition, my face is forcibly rocked back and forth, and I am treated like a tool to be used for the rod.

 I felt so frustrated and ashamed that I had done nothing wrong to deserve such a punishment that I could not stop crying more and more.

 ”Oh my, you must be crying tears of joy. It’s good. Then, Fumio Mark II, please make it better.”

 When Kishijo said so, Fumio Mark II, who had not moved a bit until then, stood up with his rigid dick in my mouth, grabbed the hair on the side of my head with both hands, and started to move his hips violently.

 ”Fugoh! Ugh, gueeeh, ugg, ugh…”

 He thrust his hips from the top to the bottom, and the tip of the rod entered into the back of my open throat.

 I turned my face so far down that the white part of my throat was exposed, and moaned in agony.

 (Please… No more…)

 Still, an endless storm of humiliation continues, and I only continued to cry, enduring the incessant feeling of vomiting.

 ”Fumio Mark II, it seems not enough yet, right? Make it better.”

 As Kishijo told, Fumio Mark II pushed me down to the floor, pushing my lips with his lower abdomen while he thrust his rod deep into my mouth up to the base.

 Then he covered my face and began to slam his hips against me violently.

 ”Hbobo! Boh! Boh! Boh! Guheeee…”

 I’m really treated like a tool. With each thrust, my muddy voice is pushed out by the rod and echoed in the room.

 Suddenly, however, Fumio Mark II shuddered.

 He stops moving while he thrusts into the back of my throat with all his strength. The next moment, I felt the tip of the cock trembling in the back of my throat.

 *Spurtt! Spurttt! Spurtttt!

 The rod explodes in the back of my throat. Fleshy mucus overflowed. It flows back from the back of my throat and fills up my mouth, and I hit the floor desperately because of too much suffocation.

 (No…. I don’t want to drink it! I don’t want to drink thissssss!)

 The semen that could not be contained in my mouth spilled out from the edge of my lips and down my cheeks.


 ”Oh my, that’s not good!”

 Kishijo mercilessly reaches out her hand and pinches my nose.

 (M-My breath!? I-I’m suffocating!?)

 It’s painful. But I would rather die of suffocation than swallow such a thing. So, I endure the suffocation. But it does not last long.

 Contrary to my thoughts, my body reacted by choosing the path of survival.

 To avoid suffocation, I took a deep breath.

 And immediately, a sticky liquid passes down my throat and into my esophagus. The sound of gurgling echoed miserably in my ears.

 After a while, Mark II pulls the rod out of my mouth and Kishijo looks into my face.

 I am sobbing, humiliated and devastated. Then Kishijo said to me as if she was trying to tell me something.

 ”How is it? How does the semen taste? Wasn’t it good?”

 ”…It was… delicious…”

 I said the words I didn’t expect to say because I was afraid of what she would do to me if I disobeyed.

 Of course, the truth is that I just feel uncomfortable.

 However, Kishijo smiled with satisfaction and said to Fumio Mark II

 ”Sakon-sama seems to want a second serving. Please give her a good taste.”

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