Confinement 398

Chapter 398 Night Snacks

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 [SaitoCockroach POV]

 ”I’m back”

 ””Welcome back!””

 ”Nnyoooo! KishijoCentipede save me!”

 While Eri HottaTapeworm and I were fawning over Ulrich, aka Mijinko, in the maid’s room, KishijoCentipede returned.

 UlrichMijinko was looking for help, but KishijoCentipede mercilessly closed the door and joined in the fuzzing.

 ”I told you to stop! Stop it! Nooo!”

 While I was mercilessly fluffing the flailing wolf girl, I asked KishijoCentipede.

 ”Why were you up so early today?”

 ”Well, you know. Sankon had done five hardcore deep-throating sessions, and she’s exhausted. So, Confinement King-sama decided to call it a day and cut it short.”

 After saying so, KishijoCentipede cowered her shoulders.

 But she does not stop her word.

 ”By the way, is there anything I can help you with?”

 ”Can you pinch my teats?”

 ”That’s one thing, but I mean something non-s*xual right now. I’m a little hungry too.”

 ”In that case, you’re right on time. Head Maid brought you something.”

 Eri HottaTapeworm stands up, and UlrichMijinko runs to the corner of the room, taking advantage of the moment to escape.

 ”Head Maid brought me something?”

 KishijoCentipede frowns blatantly.

 I understand her feeling because I wouldn’t touch a ham or a stewed pork intestine (Motsu Nikomi) too.


 ”It’s an Unagi Pie.”

 What Eri HottaTapeworm pulls out of the cupboard is, as you know, the night snack.

 ”Why, an Unagi Pie? Did the Head Maid go to Shizuoka?”

 KishijoCentipede tilted her head, and Eri HottaTapeworm gave a small shake of her head.

 ”I heard it’s very popular among succubus.”

 ”Hmm, is it because… Night R*pe (夜の犯し)? Or is it because of the word “Pie”?” (Note: 夜の犯し: Yoru no Okashi, 夜のお菓子: Yoru no Okashi)

 I tilted my head, and KishijoCentipede tilted hers as well.

 ”Is it okay…? Won’t the manufacturer get upset?”

 ”I heard in the demon world, they’re researching if they can make it a specialty, succubus maids are home-made night r*pe…”

 ”I don’t understand it anymore…”

 ”A-And it’s made from Leviathan.”

 ”Hmm!? It’s not eel!?”

 ”Anyway, let’s have tea. UlrichMijinko, come here, I won’t bother you.”

 When Eri HottaTapeworm beckons to her, UlrichMijinko comes close to her, saying, “Uh…,” with great caution.

 Apparently, she wants to eat the Unagi Pie too.

 After making tea in groups and setting the table, it’s midnight tea time.

 The topic of the tea is the result of today’s death game.

 ”But… isn’t it surprising that Manko (Monkey) has the upper hand? Though neither of them seems to be Confinement King-sama’s favorite…”

 Eri HottaTapeworm twists her head with a teacup in her hand, and I point at her, “That’s right”. However, UlrichMijinko is unconcerned, preoccupied with her Unagi Pie.

 At this, KishijoCentipede gives a look as if she is not quite convinced.

 ”Yeah, that’s surprising, too. I also don’t understand what Sankon was doing at the time of the punishment game…”

 ”What do you mean?”

 ”During today’s service, she didn’t seem to like it while she was sucking, and she seemed to be in a lot of pain. But afterwards, she looked strangely satisfied. Anyway, I don’t understand it.”

 ”Satisfied? About what?”

 When I asked this, KishijoCentipede‘s lips twitched.

 ”Hmm… I don’t know, I just thought she looked like that.”

 ”What’s that?”

 Eri HottaTapeworm cowered her shoulders, and KishijoCentipede changed the subject indicating that this was the end of the topic.

 ”By the way, Earthworm is the only one in Okinawa, isn’t she? Do you know what kind of Okinawan sweets are? A famous one.”

 ”Chinkosu?” (*Note: the right one is Chinsuko)

 ”Yeah, that’s it.”

* * *

 [InuiEarthworm POV]

 I, Earthworm, am in a great deal of trouble.

 I’m wondering if I should leave my post or not.

 At the request of Chihiro-sama, who was worried whether Lolisla-sama would be able to stay alone, I’ve been assigned as an additional escort, and I’ve been mixed in with the travelers to Okinawa, but I recall how things went up to this point—

 On the beginning, I flew on a plane in the “gal mode” of a girls’ bar. I couldn’t bring my favorite warhammer with me, but I don’t think I would need it.

 By the way, on the plane, I was given some frozen oranges by an old lady sitting next to me.

 Is the old lady a creature who freezes anything and everything?

 Is it only oranges? Or barley tea too?

 If so, I think she is a kind of a monster.

 …Oh, sorry, I’m getting off track.

 Anyway, as soon as I got to the hotel and entered the next room where Nitani and other senpai were staying, I opened my hearing to the fullest.

 There is a lot of noise, but I can hear the voices in the next room.

 I hear the voices of three girls. Their voices are quiet, yankee-like, and soft.

 While listening to the sounds, if I find anything unusual, I immediately rush into the next room, breaking through the dimensions.

 I kept my vigilance with this intention, but after a while, I heard a voice saying, “Shall we go shopping?”

 Good grief… But I start following them while thinking that it would be a hassle.

 Although they hardly know me, I try to put on a disguise. I keep my gal fashion and put on a pair of big sunglasses like the compound eyes of a dragonfly, but that’s it.

 As I walk down the corridor at a distance from them, I see a woman walking toward me after passing them.

 As soon as I see her, I almost scream.


 Her appearance is quite different from before, but there is no way that I could have mistaken her for someone else.

 After all, she is a fool who opposes Confinement King-sama.

 And now I am troubled.

 Should I give priority to protecting Nitani and the other senpai, which is my original purpose, or should I give priority to watching Teruya-senpai?

* * *

 In the end, I gave priority to the protection.

 That is the order of Confinement King-sama. Teruya-senpai is only an irregularity.

 After an hour’s absence, I watched the girls go back to their rooms and went into my room.

 It seems that Lolisla-sama had entered the next room while they were out. After all, there was a faint sound of mucus scraping on the floor from under the bed.

 While paying attention to the state of the next room, I look for any sign of Teruya-senpai.

 (Is she still in this hotel?)

 After a while of searching for the sound, I hear a faint charming voice mixed with exhales from the room at the end of the same floor.

 (…That’s Teruya-senpai’s voice.)

 Apparently, she is in the middle of a fellatio.

 Now that Lolisla-sama is in Nitani and the others senpai’s room, it would be safe to leave my post.

 If I follow her and find out her whereabouts, I am sure that the Confinement King-sama will be pleased.

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