Confinement 399

Chapter 399 Discomfort

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 [InuiEarthworm POV]

 After removing my gal-gal tank top and hot pants, I fastened the garter belt to my tights with a snap.

 As I thought, I must wear a maid’s uniform during my stealth activities.

 I can say that these clothes are now a part of my skin.

 Then, I pull out my maid’s uniform from the luggage, and as I put on the sleeves, I focus my attention on Teruya-senpai’s presence.

 Her service is already over.

 Shortly, I hear the sound of the door opening, and mule footsteps stamping on the carpeted corridor.

 I remember the footsteps passing in front of my room.

 Then I open the window and step out onto the balcony.

 The room has an ocean view, and the outdoor pool is lit up below. Not a single person is in sight.

 Gradually, sweat began to bead on my chest. I am not nervous. It just that it was a windless night in Minami. The temperature is simply hot and humid.


 I nod my head, climb over the balcony fence, and jump into the air with my back arcing.

 I jump from the eighth floor. In the darkness, I feel as if I were floating.

 I don’t dislike this feeling.

 While feeling this, I look up at the moon, the last sine moon, the clouds sitting in the windless sky, forming a nebulous outline in the moonlight.

 As I descend soundlessly to the poolside, I listen to Teruya-senpai’s footsteps again.

 She was probably on her way to the elevator.

 I run out and go around to the main entrance, then leap up to the top of the telephone pole, where I wait for Teruya-senpai to come out.

 As I watched for a while, a car drove in front of the hotel.

 Teruya-senpai came out of the entrance and got into the back seat of the car with a look of concern for her surroundings.

 (She is a DeliHeal girl, isn’t she…? It is somewhat complicated)

 I, personally, do not have any particular ill feelings toward Teruya-senpai.

 If anything, I even feel indebted to her in the sense that it was thanks to her that I was able to serve Confinement King-sama.

 And she was once a senior whom I respected.

 So, the fact that she has fallen into a prostitute is still somewhat complicated for me.

 However, it is not good that she is trying to antagonize Confinement King-sama.

 There is no room for such foolishness.

 If it is a woman, she should open her legs and beg to be loved by Confinement King-sama when she sees him.

 If not, they should not complain even if they are crushed to the point that there is not even a piece of their flesh left.

 Now, I jump from pole to pole, from building rooftop to building rooftop, following the white car as it leaves the hotel.

 The speed was probably about 40 km/h (24~mph). I can manage to follow it without getting swept away.

 After about twenty minutes of driving, the car entered a narrow street and stopped in front of an old and dilapidated building.

 There, Teruya-senpai dropped off, and the car drove away.

 She looks down at her watch, lets out a small sigh, and disappears into the building.

 In front of the building, I land and look at the signboard of tenants. In addition to a dentist and a tax accountant’s office, there are several other spaces that are not marked.

 (I guess this is not a home…)

 I don’t know how DeliHeal works, but is this a place to wait for a client?

 Considering this, I guessed that Teruya-senpai’s sigh was a sigh about the fact that her work was not finished yet.

 So, I hide in the shadows and watch the entrance of the building.

 I waited for a while for her to come out, but there was no sign of her or any other person.

 (I wish I could have found out where she was hiding… but I can’t leave my post any longer, can I?)

 At any rate, I decided to go back to the hotel, knowing that this was the outcome of the day’s work.

* * *

 [Protagonist POV]

 After Kishijo-san took Sankon out, I threw myself on the bed and kept looking up at the ceiling.

 (…I knew something was wrong)

 I felt strange, and this discomfort only grew. A vague feeling is swirling around in my head without taking shape.

 The action I am taking now, the beginning of which should have been to punish the person who injured Saori-chan, should have been to send the delinquent college student to the police.

 I have sent the delinquent college student to the police, discovered the existence of President Kitou, and found out that the three second-year students have been ignoring, yelling at, and harassing Hanabusa-san.

 And the person who planned to do so was a member of the basketball club in the same class as Hanabusa-san, either Sankon or Monkey.

 The reason is to frame Asuka Nitani and get rid of her from the airline project.

 That’s what I thought the story was about, but in direct conversation, neither of them seemed to me to be the type of person who would plan such a thing.

 As you know, I am a bullied kid. I am confident in my ability to see the sensitive side of people’s hearts. I believe that I have a good eye for people.

 From my point of view, I feel that Monkey really doesn’t know anything, and Sankon is somewhat perilous, as if she is trying to destroy herself.

 I had the feeling that I had taken a wrong turn and gone down a different road.

 ”After all, Shiratori-san…right?”

 It was Shiratori-san’s suggestion that brought Monkey and Sankon’s existence to the surface.

 And, by coincidence, Lili came back at the right time, and they entered into the death game without any time for verification.

 The only evidence for this is Shiratori-san’s assumption that “a member of the basketball club in the same class hid Hanabusa-san’s practice shirt”. But I have not even confirmed the fact.

 What makes my discomfort even greater is that Shiratori-san, for some reason, seems to be in favor of Monkey, who is supposed to be one of the suspects.

 Shiratori-san’s shadow is too strong.

 It was as if she was trying to lure me in.

 To be honest, I feel something strange about her. This is different from what I’m talking about whether or not she can be a member of a harem.

 I feel that if I touch her, I might get seriously burned.

 I feel that she is my ally, but she is on a dangerous balance. If I handle her in the wrong way, she could become my worst enemy.

 However, I can’t seem to ignore this feeling of discomfort.

 [Summon Slave!]

 I sit up on the bed, invoke [Summon Slave], and call Claudia.

 However, it is already midnight.

 When Claudia appears, she is sound asleep.

 She was sleeping on the floor in a “大” posture.

 Her pajamas were rolled up, drool was coming out of her mouth, and she was scratching her bare stomach. Yup, she’s sloppy as hell.

 (Oh, right. Claudia is… a bad sleeper, isn’t she?)

 One time I was elbowed in the face when sleeping with her in my arms. Of course, she didn’t notice it at all.

 ”Hey, Claudia, wake up!”

 I walked up to her and poked her shoulder.

 ”Hmm…Fumio? You want some? You can’t eat my bloomers, because there’ too many small knots…”

 ”I don’t want to eat them. I mean, how can you be so sleepy?”

 ”…*Yawn* Good morning… but why are you in my room, Fumio?”

 She wakes up rubbing her eyes.

 If I look closely, I can see that the buttons on her pajamas are not aligned with each other. It seems like I’m repeating myself, but she’s really sloppy.

 ”I called you here to ask you a favor.”

 ”…You called me?”

 Claudia looks around with sleepy eyes and lets out a convinced “Ahh…” when I say so.


 With these words, she begins to take off her clothes.

 The reason is that she is required to be naked and wear a collar when she is here.

 ”Oh…I didn’t bring my collar…”

 ”Don’t worry about it now, I don’t want to torture Claudia, not now.”

 ”But… Fumio, you’re naked?”

 ”This is after that matter, after all. For the time being, I think I’ll call it a day.”

 She purses her lips in dissatisfaction.

 ”…That’s why, I’m so disappointed. So, what is it? What do you want?”

 ”I want you and Shibata-san to go talk to Hanabusa-san tomorrow. Is she being bullied or not? If she’s being bullied, what kind of bullying is she getting?”

 ”Huh? Hanabusa is the girl who accompanied Saori in Onee-chan’s car to her house the other day, isn’t it?”

 Claudia tilted her head curiously.

 ”Yes, that’s right. I’m sure Claudia will be able to get the truth out of her. And please don’t let Shiratori-san find out.”

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