Confinement 401

Chapter 401 Summer Succubus

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 [Asuka Nitani POV]

 White sandy beach in the shape of a crescent moon.

 The sun shining on the clear surface of the water, sparkles like a showcase of swarovski jewels.

 ”That’s it! Lolisla-chan. You are super cute, then, look at this way… Make yourself look so innocent!”

 In the corner, under a beach parasol, a photographer was taking pictures of Lolisla-san with great care.

 Now, on the second day in Okinawa, we shot at the hotel’s private beach.

 Of course, Lolisla-san is the main star.

 However, the shooting is quite hectic.

 This is because this main star has been very restless until a little while ago.

 The reason is that she is uncomfortable.

 But just before the KKO staff and Ponpoko-san are trying to calm her down in the afternoon, and they are discussing whether or not to cancel the shooting today, Ponpoko-san’s phone suddenly rings.

 ”Oh, yes, yes… Okay”

 After hanging up the call, Ponpoko-san tells Lolisla-san quietly.

 ”Um… Lolisla-san, I have a message from President Kijima”

 ”…What, you’re going to tell him or something, aren’t you? Don’t worry, even if she gets mad at me, I’ll think of an excuse during the two days I have left before I have to leave”

 ”Oh, no, it’s not that. Actually, I didn’t understand what President meant too…”

 ”Then what?”

 ”She said that the head maid is there…”

 Lolisla-san immediately jumped up from her beach chair and looked around frantically with bloodshot eyes.

 For the photo shoot, half of the private beach is reserved for the shoot.

 But the other half, separated by a rope, is reserved for guests, albeit sparsely.

 Just as Lolisla-san turned her eyes in that direction, she exclaimed—


 —She made a face as if it was the end of the world.

 Then she shouts in a panic.

 ”T-The shooting! E-E-Everyone, what are you all doing! L-Let’s get started! Yay, I’m so excited to work!”

 Thus, the shooting somehow started, although all the staff members were perplexed by the obvious change in her attitude.

 (Does this mean that someone important from KKO is here?)

 There are not so many guests using the beach.

 One of the most conspicuous sights is a girl whose hair is dyed pink, applying sun oil on the silver-haired foreigner’s back.

 Both of them were conspicuous in appearance, but the silver-haired foreigner in particular was so tall and stylish that I thought she was a Paris Collection model.

 (Is she a big-name model that Lolisla-san is scared of?)

 Thinking about such things, I sat down with Ichida and Mimura under the beach parasol which was set up at a little distance from the venue and served as a waiting room.

 Then, I let out a sigh as I watched the hurriedly started shooting.

 Now, we were in different swimsuits from yesterday.

 Ichida is wearing a red high-leg one-piece with a sharp cut.

 Mimura is in a micro bikini with her upper and lower parts of her breasts exposed, as if she were a boob girl.

 On the other hand, I wore a blue bikini with no special features. On top of that, I was told to wear a T-shirt, as I had expected.

 ”Then, Sanae-chan and Doremi-chan, please join in”

 As the assistant said to them, Ichida and Mimura stood up saying, “Well, have a good day,” and “I’ll do my best,” as they left the venue.

 Then, with the sea in the background, Ichida and Mimura began to shoot a scene with Lolisla-san in between them.

 I pout my lips at Ponpoko-san who is standing right next to me.

 ”Why am I the only one in a T-shirt? Even though there are only a few shots planned, and it’s my debut photogravure…”

 ”Well, even if you say so. Chihiro-chan… I mean, President Kijima has strongly suggested it. Asuka-chan doesn’t bargain. She said she will take good care of you, so avoid exposure as much as possible”

 ”That may be true, but…!”

 I glance at Ichida.

 To tell the truth, I’m impatient.

 I didn’t expect her to turn out like that.

 Besides, she was wearing a cool character. Moreover, for some reason, she seemed to be accustomed to the workplace.

 ”You see, Ichida-san is not a newcomer. Rather, she’s transferred from another office”


 That was new to me.

 Does it mean that she had been in other gravure companies before?

 Certainly, looking at Ichida with make-up on, it was unlikely that anyone would recognize her even if they had seen her in a magazine before.

 ”Besides, Mimura-san’s thing seems to be in pretty good demand too”

 What she means is that Lolisla-san takes a shot of herself smiling happily while burying her cheek in Mimura’s boob.

 ”But… I think President Kijima wants Nitani-san to be a fashion model”

 ”A fashion model?”

 ”Yes, that’s right. Misuzu-chan and Akira-chan are also expanding their work through that, and President Kijima probably thinks that Nitani-san is similar to them”

 ”I see… is that so?”

 Then, why did he take this job?

 He said he was going to market the three of us as a set, but does that mean he’s going to make me the main focus when he works for a fashion magazine?

 (Ugh… even if that’s the case… I’m not convinced…)

 I was staring at Ichida winking glamorously at the camera, and I was burning myself with a kind of rivalry that was rising up in me.

* * *

 [Freesia POV]

 ”Does a succubus need sun oil?”

 ”To be honest, no. It’s just a matter of mood”

 ”Then… is this sun oil?”

 ”No, it’s a lotion”

 InuiEarthworm smiled a twitchy smile when I answered so while lying on the beach chair.

 Cold lotion is a summer tradition.

 Anyway, this morning, InuiEarthworm informed Princess about the discovery of Hikari Teruya, and she ordered me to go to Okinawa.

 She said,

 ”I don’t care about Teruya, Devi. But the problem is the possibility that the goat-headed butler or someone of Lord Andras’s hand may be nearby, Devi”

 It is true that InuiEarthworm is no match for the Goat-headed Butler.

 So I went to Okinawa first thing in the morning.

 I tried to find some signs, but there was no sign at all.

 It seems that Princess’s fears were groundless.

 So, I am now accompanying InuiEarthworm to escort Nitani-sama.

 ”By the way… it’s been a long time since I’ve been to Okinawa”

 ”Have you been here before?”

 ”Yes, since the time I visited as a slave for Portuguese merchant sailors during the Ryukyu Kingdom”

 ”…Ryukyu Kingdom?”

 InuiEarthworm looked puzzled.

 Then, suddenly, there were people who blocked the sunlight and cast shadows on us.

 ”Hey, hey, are you two girls alone? Wanna play with us?”

 College students, I guess? These five flirtatious gentlemen approached us with such a question.

 But first of all, I control InuiEarthworm who is about to get herself ready with a sharp look in her eyes, and say to her.

 ”Just in time I was hungry. Why don’t you eat somewhere else?”

 In any case, I am already covered with lotion and ready to ‘eat’.

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