Confinement 402

Chapter 402 Bitch Manchu–Han Imperial Feast

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 ”Hehehe… Onee-san is very aggressive, isn’t she?”

 One of the men twisted his mouth in a very nasty way.

 Five tanned men.

 Their hair color varies from black to gold to ash-gray, but all of them are wearing flashy swimsuits and are very muscular.

 According to their appearance, I know them very well.

 These people must belong to the rumored shallow playboy [チャラヲ] people.

 They are troublesome creatures that mainly appear on the beaches and entertainment areas of Minami, devouring the females. A kind of vermin.

 However, to us succubus, they are just normal food. They are not so different from clams that I can find when I dig on the sandy beach.

 Now, I move toward the rocky beach with these five creatures in tow.

 The rocks are so rugged that people on the beach can’t see us.

 For me personally, there is no problem if I get into trouble in the middle of the beach, but it would be a shame to interrupt the photography.

 Besides, it would be very troublesome to manipulate the memory if there are many people involved.

 ”So, who do you like among us?”

 ”Who? No need to worry. I’ll take care of you all.”

 ”Hyuuu, seriously?!”

 The playboys look surprised, but then their noses start breathing hard at once.

 ”Well, which one of you would like to go first?”

 ”You can have me, Onee-san, I’m into you!”

 ”Me too, I feel the same way!”

 As I looked at the men who were desperately insisting on the order, I said to them.

 ”A woman has three holes and two arms. I will make love to you five at a time, as many times as you like until you are satisfied”

 Immediately, all the men looked at each other in astonishment.

 ”Three… holes?”

 Well, this is not going to solve the problem.

 Maybe I should take the initiative here.

 ”Then, you… Please take off your swimsuit and lie down there. Your back might hurt a little…”

 ”O-Oh… O-Okay.”

 I chose the biggest man.

 Since I don’t want to hurt my silky skin on the rocky beach, he is the mat.

 When the man lay down with his nose breathing hard, I straddled his waist.

 Today I am wearing a black one-piece bathing suit.

 It is a black one-piece swimsuit with a bold cut from the breast to the navel.

 As I fold my swimsuit’s crotch fabric to the side with my fingers, I started to slowly lower my hips.

 The men around me immediately let out an “Ohh—” sound.

 ”Mmm… Ahh…”

 I picked up the man’s p*nis with my fingertips and guided it to my wet and obscene vagina.

 I could feel the intense sensation of the vaginal flesh being pushed open. Although the size is a little short, it’s not bad at all.

 ”Mm, mmm… Ahh…”

 When I had finished putting the spear to the base, I leaned down with my cheeks against his chest and lifted up my hips.

 ”Then, please the next one.”

 ”T-T-The next one…? D-Do you mean I can put it in too?”

 ”Of course, yes. Do you hate anal?”

 ”N-No, I-I just… I’ve never done it before!”

 ”I see, it’s your first time. Please, don’t hesitate. It’s a different taste from anything you’ve tasted before.”

 ”O-Okay, don’t complain later!”

 With these words, the blonde kneels down, grabs my waist tightly, and thrusts his p*nis into my unclean hole.

 ”Oh… Ah… Mmm…”

 ”Uooh… so… tight…”

 The blonde man lets out a moaning sound.

 He seems to have a good p*nis, too.

 Although it’s not big enough and it’s not so thick, the hardness is not so bad. It’s a nice pressure.

 ”I-If it’s like this, I won’t be able to sit still.”

 ”Ah… You’re so impatient, ah, ah, ah, ah, hyaa… ahhh!”

 The tip of the blonde’s p*nis entered my intestines more and more, and the two p*nises rubbed against each other in my stomach, clamping my intestinal wall and vaginal meat.

 ”Mmm, ah, ah, yes, that’s it. It’s good, it’s good, mmm…ahhh!”

 The sound of two spears thrusting in and out of my shivering flesh echoed in the quiet rocky ground.

 They used their hips wildly and impulsively. Their technique is poor. But it is a good thing. It’s like a moon rising in the wilderness, so to speak.

 ”Ah, mmm, ah, ah… now, the rest of you, please come here.”

 ”Ah, ahh…”

 The remaining three men surrounded me with puzzled expressions on their faces and stuck out their p*nises.

 I took the front man’s p*nis in my mouth, and then I clutched the left and right p*nises of the two men.

 ”Mmm *Kiss*… *Slurp*… *Suck*… *Suck*…”

 I tasted the taste of Cowper on my tongue, and it reminds me of grass in early summer.

 ”Uooo… O-Onee-san… you give a good blow job…”

 Of course.

 And above all, a lewd expression is important in a blow job.

 It is important to have a sallow nose and a look-up. This made the p*nis in my mouth even harder and taut.

 Now, I sucked the front man’s p*nis hard and rubbed the left and right man’s p*nis with my hands.

 ”Kuh… Ah, ugh”


 Immediately, each of them trembled, and we are all now in perfect union. Like a grand cross.

 We rocked, rubbed, and clung to each other as if the six of us were one creature.

 I can hear their rough breaths and their moans in the surround sound. Oh, what a lewd 3D sound! It is really pleasant to my ears.

 When I look down at the face of the man who is thrusting from below, I see a very slutty face of a man who is so debauched by the pleasure.

 When I looked up at the man who I was sucking up, his eyes were closed and his brow was wrinkled as if he was enduring the pleasure.

 ”O-Onee-san, you’re not so bad… Khh”

 ”A-Anal is so dangerous, it’s so hard, it’s so tight…!”

 The blonde man who is thrusting into my unholy hole slams his hips desperately against me.

 Now only the sound of *Plop, plop, plop! on the rocky ground.

 ”Puha! Oh, ahhh! Oh, that’s so nice, please give me more, please give me more!”

 As I spit out the p*nis and raised my voice, the man in front of me let out a sad voice.

 ”Onee-san! Don’t stop!”

 ”Nnghhh… Dwon’t worry, I lwike it, so I will dwo mwore”

 When I sucked his p*nis into my mouth again, he thrust his cock into the back of my throat even harder than before, as if he couldn’t stand it any longer. It was really a rough piston movement.

 ”Hey, Shogo, I want to switch with her pussy!”

 ”Don’t be stupid! I’m about to get it!”

 The man who was thrusting up from below replied to the man who was being handled by my hand.

 Then, the man who was called “Shogo”, who would never give in, started to rock my voluptuous naked body back and forth even more violently.

 ”Mm, mmm *Slurp*… *Slurp*… Ahh!!”

 Oh, it’s so nice. It’s a Manchu-han imperial feast. It’s a rotating table of s*x.

 I can’t stand the feeling that I’m devouring the men as much as I want.

 How wonderful it is to be the sole recipient of their desires!

 I am being fucked in every hole and having every inch of my spotless white soft skin rubbed with their raging p*nis.

 It’s thrilling.

 ”I have never seen such a s*xy woman!”

 I wiggled my waist boldly and aroused the lust of the men even more.

 ”Mm, mmm, *Slurp*… Nmu, mmm!”

 I was fucked in the mouth and had my front and back organs penetrated, and the lower half of my body lightly twitched as I arched my back.

 The blonde man who fucks my unclean hole from behind also begins to cover me and rub my breasts recklessly.

 Now, as I was rubbing two p*nises with both hands, being clutched on my breasts, and sucking a p*nis into my mouth until the very back of my throat, I felt a shiver down my spine from the pleasure of the suffocating abuse.

 The pleasure is so intense that my mucous membranes are moistened to the point of tingling, and every deep thrust sends a burning sensation of pleasure through my body.

 However, the men’s breath began to sound urgent soon—

 ”Kuh, I-I’m cumming!”

 ”Me too, I-I can’t stand it anymore…”

 One after another, they began to moan and groan.

 The first one to cum was the blonde who was penetrating my unclean hole, followed by the man who was penetrating from below.

 ””I-I’m cumming!””

 *Spurtt! Spurttttt!

 The men’s desire burst out at the innermost my the two holes.

 Next, the man in front of me held my head in his hands with a desperate look on his face. Then, he pushed his p*nis into my oral cavity in time with the pitch of his ejaculation.

 ”…Nnn… Mgghh!?”

 I drooled and writhed in agony as he shot his mucus down my throat. Furthermore, the p*nises in my left and right hands trembled slightly.

 ”Damn, it’s coming out!”

 *Spurtt! Spurtttt!

 The men from both sides splashed their joy, and the white spunk poured down in arches on my face and chest.

 Their climaxes are cute, but only for a moment. After all, once they had finished cumming, all five of them sloppily fell down with their mouths open, their eyes white and their backs collapsed.

 Of course, they were. That’s what happens when someone has s*x with Succubus Queen.

 ”Hmm… I guess I’m about eight-tenths full. It might be a good idea to look for one or two more”

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