Confinement 403

Chapter 403 Dark Activities

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 [Claudia POV]

 ”Minami, this way!”

 ”Eh, uh… yes”

 After school, Minami and I went through the <Door at Once> that Fumio had installed on the landing in front of the rooftop, and stepped into the “Room”.

 This must be Minami’s first time entering the “Room”, even though she has already become Fumio’s woman.

 Though the counseling room is technically the “Room”, Minami was not aware that it was a space created by Fumio at that time.

 ”Fumio! Sorry to keep you waiting! …Wait, he’s not here!”

 The other side of the door is, as usual, the “Confinement King’s Bedroom”.

 But Fumio is not there.

 ”Tsk, what happened… he told me to come here after school to give a report. I wonder if it’s the dining room”

 ”Ah, um… what happened to this place? We’re in a school… right?”

 Minami looks around confused, and I let out a sigh.

 ”I see… I should start from there… this is the room created by Fumio’s power. I have no idea if it’s another space, the fourth dimension, or something else, but it exists somewhere out of the ordinary”

 ”…What is that, science fiction?”

 ”I guess it’s more occult… Minami, you already know this, but common sense is useless against Fumio. If you don’t accept it as such, you’ll lose your mind”


 ”There are a lot of rooms here, but this one right now is… well, let’s just say it’s Fumio’s lovemaking room.”

 ”L-L-Lovemaking room!?”

 ”Well, he usually takes care of me here too…”

 Minami stares at the big bed in front of her and her face turns red.

 ”Oh, that’s right.”

 I pulled the ribbon from my chest and started to unbutton the buttons of my blouse, and Minami screamed out in a crazy voice.

 ”H-Hey, wait!? What are you doing!?”

 ”What? I’m taking off my clothes”

 ”That’s why! Why are you taking your clothes off!?”

 ”Because I’m just a lowly animal here. I’m ordered to keep my collar on and naked all the time in here”

 ”That’s absurd!”

 ”Well… you see, I was against Fumio, so it can’t be helped. I don’t know Minami’s status, but I think you’re better than me and the maids, so don’t worry”

 ”S-Status? What do you mean by status…?”

 While hearing Minami’s words, I take off my blouse and pull down my skirt.

 I wondered whether to take off my underwear or my socks first and started to put my hand on my socks.

 ”This is a class society with Fumio at the top, but anyway, even lower ranks are rarely mistreated except in play. Fumio doesn’t like it”

 ”D-Don’t you think it’s strange? That kind of thing?”

 ”If it was before I was corrupted… maybe I would have thought so. Well, Minami hasn’t been corrupted yet, so you don’t know how I feel”

 I take off my bra and panties, then take out a collar from my bag and put it around my neck.

 ”All the girls in Fumio’s harem are dying to have Fumio’s dick in them. Just thinking about Fumio makes my heart pound and my stomach churn. I can’t imagine life without that dick anymore, and I want to do whatever Fumio wants, and I can’t resist him anymore.”

 Because of this conversation, my body is burning up like crazy.

 Just calling Fumio’s name has made me crave his manhood so much.

 And so, I reach my fingers between my legs and breasts and start to play with them.

 Thinking that my classmates are watching me. The thought of it makes me feel embarrassed.

 I’m embarrassed, but I can’t help it.

 ”T-This is crazy! This is insane! L-Let’s run away, i-if we call the police…”

 I couldn’t help but laugh at Minami’s thought that she really hadn’t fallen yet.

 I think I used to look at other girls with such pity and disdain before I fell.

 ”It’s impossible, and I don’t want that at all. Right now, I’m probably the happiest I’ve ever been in my life… Mmm…!”

 As I lightly reached, Minami fell on her butt with a shocked expression on her face.

 ”Don’t worry, Minami, now that you’re Fumio’s girl, you can’t run away from him, and I’m sure you’ll be happier if you fall out of him as soon as possible”

 She sat down in a girlish position and looked up at me as if she were looking at a monster.

* * *

 [Protagonist POV]

 After school, while I was waiting for Hanabusa-san and Saori-chan, I went back to the “Room” to hear Claudia’s report, but to my dismay, I was caught by Kitora-sensei, the school nurse.

 Then, together with Ijichi-kun from the next class who happened to be passing by, I was asked to help him sort out the printouts according to the number of students in the class.

 Speaking of Ijichi-kun, he is my buddy, who is always alone like me, who buddies up with me in the gymnastics class.

 ”K-Kijima-kun… You seem to be getting along well with the girls lately…”

 Ijichi-kun said to me as he was separating the printouts.

 ”I-I don’t think that’s the case…”

 ”B-But, there’s a rumor going around in my class. You’re dating Fujiwara-san and you’re friends with Kurosawa-san and Haneda-san…”

 (Oh no… I guess I’m being too conspicuous. I’ll have to tell everyone to keep their distance at school.)

 ”Well, Fujiwara-san is just good friends with Kurosawa-san and Haneda-san”

 When I defensively said this, Ijichi-kun looked thoughtful and said.

 ”Ah, uhh… I was wondering if you have any tips for me… there’s this girl I’d like to get to know a little better…”

 ”You do?”

 ”Well, uhh… she’s a junior, and I don’t even know her name”

 ”But, even if you ask me for tips… it’s not like I’m popular with anyone but Fujiwara-san, and Fujiwara-san is just a weird girl”

 After that, Ijichi-kun continued to insist, which was unusual for him, but in reality, there was nothing I could do to help him.

 ”Well, then, I’ve finished compiling the printouts, let’s take them to the teacher’s office”

 When I said so, he gave me a reproachful look.

 We split up and walk down the corridor carrying the bundle of prints.

 At this point, Ijichi-kun no longer asked me any more questions.

 (It took longer than I expected… Maybe I don’t have time to stop by the library anymore… After all, Claudia is probably waiting in the “Room”, but I guess I’ll have to ask her to wait until after I take Hanabusa-san and Saori-chan home…)

 Perhaps Rin is waiting and grumbling in the library. And maybe Monkey will be there, too.

 (Well, it’s not like we made a promise…)

 Thinking of this, I looked out the window.

 The trees in the courtyard stretch their long shadows in the evening sun.

 The white school building is tinted orange.

 However, at the corner of the school building, I saw a familiar figure.

 (Shiratori-san? What is she doing there?)

 She seems to be talking to someone.

 Then I look at the other person and raise my eyebrows.

 (…What? What are they talking about?)

 The other person is Sankon—Ritsuko Sakon.

 (I thought Shiratori-san was on Monkey’s side. Or is she trying to make something happen to Sankon for Monkey?)

 I don’t know. There is not enough information.

 Anyway, I’ll think about it after I hear Claudia’s report.

 For now, I just have to remember the facts as they are.

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