Confinement 412

Chapter 412 Big White Tower

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 ”I-Is this okay?”

 ”Ugh, seriously… this is more embarrassing than standing side by side”

 ”Kuh… why do I have to do it too? Die, pervert king!”

 Kyoko is crouched on the bed with her hands up to her elbows, Akira is on top of her, and Kurosawa-san is on top of Akira.

 Three rows of white hips are lined up vertically, forming a big tower of eroticism.

 They all turned their heads and looked at me wistfully.

 All three of them have excellent styles. Even Kyoko is not inferior to the models Akira and Kurosawa-san. Three layers of such girls. I involuntarily swallowed hard at the sight of their three differently-sized hips.

 (I just said this on a whim… but this is a much more dangerous sight than I thought…)

 Tonight, I was going to take good care of Kurosawa-san and Akira. However, I don’t know how it happened, but the girls came to the “Bedroom of the Confinement King” with all the members of the Third Favored Princess Faction, including Kyoko.

 It seems that I looked quite exhausted (mainly because of Shiratori-san), and Kurosawa-san was quite worried about my face. And the persistence of “I will heal you,” “I’ll do anything for you,” and “Well then…” made the current situation.

 I know. Maybe I’m the crazy one. I’m tired, Mother (モ*ダー?). But now that I’ve done it, there’s nothing I can do. I’d better take advantage of their goodwill and enjoy it to the fullest.

 Looking at them again, three crevasses were colored salmon pink in the center of their vertically aligned beautiful asses.

 It is interesting to see the differences between them.

 Kyoko’s crevasse was darker in color and had larger petals, while Kurosawa-san’s crevasse was lighter in pigmentation but had smaller petals. And Akira’s petals seem to be still undeveloped, perhaps because it is the least frequently used one. And yet, all of them were soaked wet, and bewitchingly shiny.

 (It’s bad… they are very erotic!)

 I had to think about Shiratori-san, the three girls in Okinawan, and about Sankon and Monkey.

 There are many things to think about. Especially, there seems to be some movement on the three girls in Okinawa, and Lili seems to have been in touch with someone, but I’m going to forget about that for the time being.

 Because I don’t have time to worry about that for now.

 ”Ahhh, Fumi-kun, you’re teasing me too much… Give it to Misuzu…”

 ”Confinement King-sama, give me your big one!”

 ”I-I don’t really care… but if you want to fuck me, just go ahead and do it”

 The girls look at me with desperate eyes, and mouth off to each other.

 And despite Kyoko’s impassive words, her expression seemed to be greedy.

 The three of them were all blooming in different ways, and the scent of a bitch’s lewdness was thick in the air. As the three of them shook their hips as if they were showing off, my rationality was easily shattered by their shameless lasciviousness.

 ”Well, let’s start with…”

 I dropped to my knees and thrust my cock into the most mature crevasse at once.

 ”Nnnhh! M-Me!? Ah, ah, ah! Hyiii, aah! S-So sudden!”

 Kyoko screamed in surprise. At the same time, a disappointed voice came out of Kurosawa-san’s and Akira’s mouths.

 Still, I grabbed her well-ripened hips and slammed my hips into her furiously from the beginning.

 ”Haah! S-So intense! O-Oi, ah, ah, ah, ah, noo, ahh, amazinggg!”

 I know all about Kyoko’s weak points. So, even though she was a bit stubborn, a few thrusts were enough to make her start moaning with a look of intoxicated debauchery on her face.

 (As I thought, Kyoko is so comfortable… her vagina is so soft and tender that I feel like I’m going to fall in love with her just by putting my thing inside her)

 While I was enjoying the comfort of fucking an adult woman, I heard the other two complaints, who folded on top of each other.

 ”Geez, Kyoko-san is cheating all the time! Please do it to me, too!”

 ”Me too, I can’t stand it any longer!”

 ”Okay, okay, just a minute!”

 I pulled out my manhood with a bitter smile, and Kyoko let out a disappointed voice “Oh…”

 I stood up and inserted it into the topmost Kurosawa-san without a pause.

 ”Ahhh! It’s here, the cock’s here!”

 She screamed sweetly.

 I grabbed her hips firmly and gave her a quick thrust, and she let out a high-pitched squeal and drooled from her half-open mouth.

 ”Ah, ah, ah! Fumi-kun, this! This is good, it’s hitting me right in my back! Ah, no, I’m going crazy! It feels so good I’m going crazyyy!”

 Kurosawa-san’s long black hair is swaying in disarray, and her beautiful face is shining with pleasure. Naturally, I was very attached to her.

 Her vagina, which was so tightly squeezed me when I first met her, is now ripe enough to take my cock into her womb. My own girl, she’s so good that her goosebumps rub against me every time I move her, and I get such a pleasure that I feel like I’m going to fall off my back.

 ”Fumi-kun, please thrust me more, and more! Make it intense! Ahhh, so greatttt! It’s good, Fumi-kun, I like you…”

 I felt Kurosawa-san’s vagina twitch with a light climax, and I pulled out my pole again.

 ”Here you go, Akira!”

 ”Ah! As expected, it’s big!”

 After penetrating deeply to the deepest part of her body, I grabbed Akira’s slender waist and gave her a sudden and devilish piston.

 ”Aaah! Ah, it’s too intense, ah, ah, ah, ah! It’s too hard, I’m gonna break, ahhh! Oh, you’ll break me, don’t, stop it, ahhh! Ah, ah, ah, ah, no, ahhhhh!”

 Compared to the previous two, Akira’s inside was a little harder. That’s why the tightness is tighter and more stimulating. I felt as if I was forcibly raping her. And as I rubbed her more vigorously and focused on her weak points, she immediately started to scream in a desperate voice.

 ”Ahhhh, that’s too intense! Ah, ah, ah! Ah, ah, ahh, ahhhhhhh!”

 Seeing her panting incessantly with her hair tied in twin tails and tears in the corners of her eyes, I couldn’t help but want to torment her.

 (Like this, to the end…)

 Just as I was about to penetrate her even harder, Kurosawa-san and Kyoko shouted accusingly.

 ”Fumi-kun! Come back here! You’re driving me crazy!”

 ”Hey, you’ve got to be kidding me! This is like killing a live snake!”

 They shake their hips seductively.

 ”But you said I could do whatever I wanted!”

 Kurosawa-san’s lips twitched when I teasingly said that with a mischievous smile on my face.

 ”I did say that… but this is too much…”

 ”Kyoko too, you told me to do as I please, didn’t you?”

 ”Even if I said that I have a hard time, you idiot”

 ”Then, maybe I’ll have Kyouko beg for it in your customary childish tone”

 ”Damn… you’re looking down on me…”

 Kyoko stares at me with a terrible glare. But then the corners of her eyes drooped weakly.

 ”O-Onii-chan…I’m sorry. Kyoko-tan has been a bad girl. Please forgive me. Please… please… please give Kyoko-tan some punishment…”

 I look down at Kyoko, who is gritting her teeth in frustration, and smile.

 ”Ahaha, you’re so cute, Kyoko. Yes, I’ll give it to you”

 ”Hey, F-Fumi-kun, what about me!?”

 Kurosawa-san panicked, but I ignored her and pulled out my rigid dick from Akira and penetrated Kyoko in one breath.

 ”Aaahhh! It’s here! Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ahhhh!”

 As I continued to thrust into her hard, she was rushed up the pleasure ladder in a single bound. And then…

 ”C-Cumming! I’m cummmmming!”

 She climaxed with a violent shudder.

 Then, I pulled my dick out of Kyoko and thrust it into Kurosawa-san.

 ”Ahh! Ah, ah, Fumi-kun, you finally came back, I love you, Fumi-kun, I love you, ah, ah, ah, ah, a, I love you, I love you, ahhh!”

 Kurosawa-san screamed her love for me as her body shook in time with my thrusts. Soon after, she turned herself over and screamed aloud.

 ”C-Cumming, I’m cumming! Come! I want more, I want more, I’m cummmmming!”

 Kurosawa-san’s head fell limp. Akira looked back at me with fascinated eyes as she brushed her drooping black hair out of her eyes.

 ”…Confinement King-sama, I haven’t cum yet”

 ”Yes, you were the last to cum, so I’ll give you a reward…”

 ”I’m so happy… please give me plenty in Akira’s womb”

 ”Yes, I’ll give you plenty”

 In fact, I was close to my limit. I thrust my cock into Akira, which was swollen up to the point of almost exploding from being rubbed up and down inside her vagina.

 ”Ah, why, it’s even bigger than before, ah, ah! Oh, it’s amazing, oh, no, I can’t take this!”

 I thrust quickly with short strokes, and Akira’s beautiful face contorts and her eyes widen.

 She drools from her sloppily slack mouth and lets out a high-pitched moan.

 ”Don’t be shy, you can cum”

 ”Ahhh, Confinement King-sama, that’s too much! Oh, God, ah, ah, ah, I’m cummmmming!”

 With a short cry, Akira reached her peak and the narrow walls of her vagina squeezed my cock hard.

 At that moment, a stream of boiling white spunk rushes up my urethra and is unleashed on her womb.

 *Spurt! Spurttt! Spurtttttt!

 ”Aaahhh! It’s so hot, it’s coming in, ah, ah, ah… Ahhhh…”

 After I had poured all of my cum into Akira, I slowly pulled out my rod. Then, looking at the girls folded over each other, an indescribable sense of accomplishment flooded my heart.

 Thus I had conquered the big white (hip) tower.

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