Confinement 413

Chapter 413 Form of Happiness

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 [Lolisla’s POV]

 ”Uhh… ugh…”

 Through the window, I looked down at the cab carrying Ichida Sanae leaving the hotel’s driveway, and I stretched out my arms wide.

 But what is this strange feeling? It’s been a long time since I changed my appearance to Kiyoka Yamauchi, but I don’t feel right at all.

 Because it’s not cute at all. Because the real me is cuter.

 I transform into my usual Lolisla form and look into the mirror of the dresser in my room.

 I smile, and I’m cute.

 (Yes, this is the real me, after all)

 A cute, beautiful, top gravure idol who has captivated the hearts of big brothers all over the country. Legally speaking, there is nothing wrong with this. After all, I am an adult girl. And my family register as Lolisla Yamauchi has been falsified.

 ”Anyway… call President Chihiro first…”

 I shoved my hand into my chest, pulled out my phone from inside my body, and pressed the name of President Chihiro in the address book. After a couple of calls, I heard the connection.


 President Chihiro’s voice was extremely unhappy. Well, it was already late at night, so it was to be expected.

 ”Hey, are you still awake?”

 [I’m still working as usual. So, what’s up? I’m busy]

 ”Yes, just as Master feared, the new girls were attacked. I’m here to tell you.”

 There’s a breathtaking sound over the speakers. Then President Chihiro asks me as if trying to stifle a laugh.

 [So… what’s the damage?]

 ”The maid took care of everything and they’re fine. The culprit was an employee of Frontier Productions. President Chihiro has met him before, right? He was with Master and President Kitou.”

 […The salesman from that time, huh? Then, how do you know that?]

 ””Because I ate him””


 I thought I could see President Chihiro’s face twitching behind the phone.

 Well, the maids aren’t the only ones who got more power in the demon world. I had also gained new abilities in the demon world.

 One of them is the ability to make the other person’s memory mine by eating his/her brain.

 I had told President Chihiro about this ability, but it seems that normal people are not comfortable with the idea of “eating”.

 Still, it is a very useful ability, but it can be used only for those whom I am allowed to kill. After all, they will surely die because they are going to be eaten.

 [Okay… You’ve talked a lot about the frontier-pro stuff. Did you learn anything?]

 ”Well, almost everything. First, Ichida Sanae is confirmed as the one who injured Master’s sister. In order to frame this Nitani girl… the truth is just as I’ve heard before without any twist.”

 [And… what’s the connection to Kitou?]

 ”That part’s a little complicated.”


 ”Yeah, it doesn’t affect us very much, but it’s hard to explain. We’ll talk about it later”

 [So what happened to Ichida? Did you… eat her?]

 ”I thought about doing that but I thought Master might want to punish her himself. So, I tricked her into thinking their plan had worked and put her on the plane to go home. The other two are under the protection of the maid”

 [Yes, that’s good. Then, I’ll contact Ponpoko-san and Danna-sama]

 ”Yes, please. And there’s a little bonus”


 ”The guy, who I ate, called a call girl yesterday, and she mentioned Master. I think her name was Hikari.”

 [What did they talk about?]

 ”At that time, the guy, who I ate, got carried away and said he could introduce her to KKO if she wanted to become a celebrity, and then they started talking about Misuzu… It’s about selling Misuzu as a special news or something…”

 There was a brief silence on the other end of the line.

 [Lolisla, you are coming back tomorrow, okay? You’ll tell Danna-sama directly about it, so please be prepared for that.]


 I shouldn’t have said that.

 I don’t want to see Master if I can help it.

 After all, I’m afraid of him.

 When I’m in his presence, fear and love make me emotionally confused.

 I am scared to death, but I love him, which is probably a feeling that no one but me has ever experienced before.

 I hang up the phone and swallow the phone into my body, pressing it against my stomach.


 Master has no mercy for his opponents, for anyone who messes with his girl.

 Perhaps Ichida Sanae is in for a rough time. The source is me.

 But if she is a woman, it can’t be said that she is unhappy, which is the mysterious part of Master. That too, the source is me.

* * *

 [Asuka Nitani POV]

 After a sleepless night, the morning came.

 The pink-haired maid takes me to the next room, where I greet the morning and I recall our exchange last night.

 The pink-haired maid is the dark side of KKO. She claimed to be a member of the anti-scandal department “Zukkyun ☆ Maid Starlight.”

 (I mistakenly thought she was a member of a maid cafe…)

 But she said that she had been alerted to the recent incident of the thugs because she had seen the signs before the incident.

 Since it is a scandal, she says, this incident will not be reported to the police, but to set up the ringleaders in Tokyo and make them take responsibility in secret.

 [Nitani-san, you will be assumed to be wounded and incapacitated in order to catch the other party off guard. Are you understood?]

 [That’s… yes, I’m also annoyed that I’m being attacked at that time…]

 I nodded, and the pink-haired maid smiled with a surprisingly friendly expression.

 [The president said that she wants you to come in and finish the job after she has trapped the mastermind and put him in a bad spot.]

 Before I could reply, Doremi leaned forward.

 [Ahaha! That sounds so good! And? Does this mean that guy is in real trouble? Can I join in too?]

 [Hey, Doremi! Umm…isn’t that dangerous? I mean… you will be attacked, right?]

 [Everyone, it’s all right. We, Zukkyun ☆ Maid Starlight, will be guarding the place with all our members]

 And then, here I am. When I wake up, the pink-haired maid is gone, and I find Doremi sleeping in a sloppy outfit. I also found Ponpoko-San on the sofa by the window.

 ”Good morning. I heard you had a hard night last night.”

 Ponpoko-san says with a somewhat apologetic look on her face as I sit up.

 ”Um… where’s the maid?”

 ”Maid? I was instructed by President Kijima to protect you since you have been evacuated to this room…”

 (The maid said “the dark part”… I wonder if Ponpoko-san keeps the maid’s secret…)

 It seems that the entertainment industry is much darker than I thought.

 ”What about Ichida?”

 ”I heard that Ichida-san was sent home first because the situation could have become a scandal.”

 I raised my eyebrows, and Ponpoko-san cleared her throat.

 ”More importantly, President Kijima has asked you to leave the hotel in secret. And I have been instructed to take you to KKO’s dormitory in Tokyo, not to your home. Is that okay?”

 Of course, I can’t say no now.

 But it is an opportunity.

 I may be able to take this opportunity to appeal directly to President Kijima that I want to move to Tokyo and concentrate on modeling.

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